Destinations: Venice Beach


We will be heading to the strangest place on earth this Saturday: Noooo, not Washington, D. C., but Venice Beach.

In the past we’ve made it a habit to preach in front of the outdoor beer garden first thing, but last time we tried it someone threw a beer glass. at us. Fortunately it hit a pole right in front of where we were standing and sprayed glass all around, yet didn’t hit us.

Another time, a waitress brought out the largest set of cowbells I’ve ever seen and started banging them to drown out the preaching; when that didn’t work she turned on a boom box and held it over her head.

And way before all these incidents someone splashed me with the entire contents of his water glass. (See that video here.)

I think we’ll skip the beer garden this time. Hey! But there’s always the Kush Clubhouse!

Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. Returning by 5:30.


  1. It hurts their business, Steve. I’m sure even you can agree with me that many people will go on the other side of the street to pass you. People just don’t like confrontation, especially about something as personal as religion.

    Now, the waitress’s actions seem like a bit of a…passive aggressive way to get you to leave. I will admit that. You can’t be THAT unreasonable as to ignore a request to go elsewhere if someone asked politely.

  2. I can’t edit comments, so I wanted to add something as my previous comment sounded harsher than I intended. I meant YOUR GROUP is what people will take extra steps to avoid. Not you personally.

  3. Pastor Steve, we preached to the folks in the “beer garden” today. Unfortunately, no one threw any beer at us. We didn’t get people mad. I better check the message we’re preaching. I might have too much, God has a wonder plan for your life, in it.

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