What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #39


UPDATE 7/24/10: About 60+ students are still hanging in there after the halfway point!

WOW! Over 80 students signed up for our summer class (not all are pictured)! Revival? Possibly. A move of the Holy Spirit? Most definitely. Ahh, but how many will survive the entire 6 week course?

Every other week I’ll bring this post back to the top of the blog. Remember students, you get one bonus point for every three sentence adventure that you write about.

Even if you are not a student in my class I welcome you to share your own evangelistic adventure in the comments section.

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  1. These are all from new student, Jerry Zell:

    Jerry Zell says:
    July 8, 2010 at 11:46 pm
    I was out this evening for dinner with a few friends. we were eating at “The Four Daughters” in MB. I thought when I asked “have you got one of these yet?” I would get a reply such as: “Yeah, too many.” Instead, I was told by our waitress “J.C.” No, I never have gotten one of those yet.” (Million dollar bill) I gave it to her, and I suggested she read about the “Million Dollar Question”. I hope she reads it and realizes she must repent. (Follow up soon? I hope to.)

    Jerry Zell says:
    July 9, 2010 at 4:25 pm
    I went out today (07.09.10) and stopped at two places first without any tracts. Stupid! So later I stopped at Restaurant Depot and gave a gentleman sampling some packaging material a $1,000,000 bill. When I asked “Did you get one of these yet?” he responded that he had seen something like it, but with Washington crossing the Delaware on the front. I told him this was special, because this $1,000,000 bill has a $1,000,000 question. He started to read it as I left.

    Jerry Zell says:
    July 9, 2010 at 4:28 pm
    Later today (07.09.10) I picked up some take-out Hawaiian food at L & L BBQ. I gave out two $1,000,000 bills. One to the manger Wing, and another to Trisha. I encouraged them both to read the back. While I took off to eat my BBQ & Katsu Chicken.

    Jerry Zell says:
    July 9, 2010 at 4:31 pm
    Still even later today (07.09.10) I was at Henry’s market doing some shopping. I handed out $1,000,000 bills to a woman sampling cheese curls (organic), my cashier, and the box-girl, who bagged my groceries. I encouraged all of them to read the $1,000,000 question. Not one person stomped on my face or even called me a bad name! Go figure…

  2. WOW, Jerry! You are out & about everywhere! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Steve,

    Please remember to take a picture next week. I would love to see what a class that size looks like and you need to do it BEFORE that notorious Drop Out period hits the class.

    Praise GOD for all the fishermen he has blessed you with instructing!

  4. As a grocer, I get a tract or two every couple months. I don’t stomp the person’s face or call them names. Granted, it’s not good for my career to stomp on the faces of customers, but I like to think I do it as a personal courtesy.

  5. Another from Jerry Zell:

    Outside of Henry’s Market (07.09.10) I was eating (sneaking?) a very small Cherry Garcia ice cream in the car while waiting for my father to finish shopping. A woman with a small cardboard sign approached. She requested money (the sign said as much, but her English was bad). I gave her two dollars, along with a $1,000,000 bill. I told her to read the million dollar question. I told to her to take care, bit after she left I realized I could have said more

  6. 7/8/2010 I went to Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription. I handed a Million Dollar Bill to the Pharmacist. He took it, and looked at it questioningly. “It’s a Gospel Tract” I told him. “Thank you” was his reply.

  7. 7/8/2010 After buying eggs and milk I took out a Million Dollar Bill. I said, “this is for you” and handed it to the Cashier. She took it, but she didn’t say a word. I’m not sure, but it looked like she put it a drawer under the cash register… to be read later?

  8. 7/9/2010 After work I went to the market. There were a couple Cashiers open, so I picked one that looked friendly. After he rang up and bagged my groceries I handed him a Million Dollar Bill. He said, “Thank you”.

  9. 7/8/2010 At work I occasionally take deliveries to businesses. Two days ago I took a delivery to the local children’s hospital. There were six people sitting outside, and I was able to give an “Are you a good person” tract to each one. I was especially pleased that they all received them, especially given the fact that one was an Amish man, and two were tough looking guys with tattoos. Perhaps their hearts were softened by whatever had brought them to be sitting outside children’s hospital.

  10. Wednesday, 7 July 2010: After the Sharing your faith class, I stopped by the Ralph’s off of Pacific Coast Highway and Palo Verde on the way home. As I was making a purchase of water, I gave the cashier a million dollars say that it was for her. She smiled and thanked me. I told her that there was a very cool message on the back. It looked very encouraging.

  11. Thursday, 8 July 2010: At work around mid morning, I gave my colleague three million dollar bills and said it was for him, his kid, and his ex – wife. He laughed and thanked me. He and I started talking about spiritual things and I continued to encourage him to at least attend a good, Bible – teaching church near where he lives. He is one of three men that I’m praying for as an assignment from my men’s discipleship group that I attend as part of my growth for God and Hope Chapel. I was so greatly encouraged that I also gave him a hundred dollar bill to give to his kid and ask him to check out the puzzle on the back.

  12. Friday, 9 July 2010: After work, on my way to serve the saints at Hope Chapel, I had realized that I haven’t given out any million dollar bill and so I needed to do something about it. I stopped by a McDonald’s on the way to Hope and I gave both the cashier and the second window cashier a million dollars. Both smiled and thanked me for them. As I parked my truck at Hope, I had forgotten about the China outreach “Eat at Chong’s” fundraiser. I quickly went to Chong’s and ordered my usual. After I ordered, I noticed that the Asian gentleman seemed to be a new hire. I wanted to give him a million dollar bill but I ran out and I was losing time. I figured I will try tomorrow, with God’s help.

  13. Saturday, 10 July 2010: Went out and have breakfast with Jerry Zell, Steve Peck, and Kim Jordan. Went to Playa del Rey to have breakfast. I was able to give the waiter/cashier a million dollars and he laughed and thanked me profusely. As we waited at the table for our ordered food, the waiter/cashier delivered our food to all of us. It was then that Jerry tried to give him a million dollars but told Jerry that he already got one from me. I beat Jerry to the punch. Jerry was able to tell him about the message on the back.

  14. Saturday, 10 July 2010: Stopped at Hope Chapel to serve the saints again and I remembered the China outreach fundraiser. I stopped by Chong’s to order my usual and hoped the Asian gentleman was there so that I can give him the million dollar bill. He was not there so I tried to give the bill to the lady. She said that she already have one (which is to be expected this close to Hope) which she received from her daughter. I told her about the Asian gentleman and wanted to give him one. She told me that he was a Jehovah’s Witness. I told her that that’s okay, it’s from me as a gift and would she please give it to him. She said that she will (praise God). I thanked her so much for her help.

  15. Well, I was kinda thinking that I need to pick up the slack from the million $ bills my mother used to hand out. (She would regularly hand out over 5 tracts per restaurant visit, but hasn’t lately because she had a fall and hasn’t been going out.) Today (07.10.09) I attempted to hand a million $ bill to our waiter at a restaurant in Playa Del Rey, but Robert Sugino beat me to it. (Also in this current class) So today at Carl’s Jr., (I got a salad) I gave out one. I also suggested she read the million $ question. More later today? I hope so.

  16. Hey Steve, why did you remove the comment of the week post?

  17. I didn’t want to violate Matthew 5:22. After thinking about, I was wrong. Thanks for asking, Azou.

  18. July 8, 2010 I went to get my allergy shot and on the way out I stopped at the reception desk. I gave a Million Dollar Bill Tract to the receptionist. Said “Here have a million dollars.” She smiled and took the bill. I told her there was a million dollar question on the back. She turned it over and started to read.

  19. July 8, 2010 Following the previous episode, there was another person at the desk. She seemed to want a Million dollars also. I gave her on and told her about the gospel message on the back. To be sure to read it all the way to the end because that was the Good News!

  20. July 8, 2010 As I started to leave the medical building, I notices and older woman with a walker. She had seen me give the other two ladies a million dollars and seemed very curious. So….. I gave her one, also. She was delighted. I mentioned to be sure to read the gospel message on the back and was on my way.

  21. July 10, 2010 Had to go to the store on the way home to pick up some last minute lunch ingredients. As I was checking out at the Ralphs I gave the cashier a million dollar bill. She still made me pay with my credit card but was delighted to accept the bill.

  22. July 10, 2010 As I was leaving Ralphs, I gave a million dollar bill to the bagger man. He smiled and accepted the tract. I indicated there was a million dollar message on the back and wished him a blessed day.

  23. July 10, 2010

    I went to the Hawthorne Car Show with the Evangelism Team. We started out for the car show from Rosecrans. It took us about an hour to finally get to the car show because we passed out tracts at the gas station, at the liquor store, and met several people along the way who we were able to have valuable one on one and two with one conversations. We were able to pray with some and help another get a meal and to know that he was not invisible. I also had the opportunity to speak to the Islam people who were there. I had a long conversation with an Islam woman regarding scriptures that she could read written 483 years before Jesus entered Jerusalem for His last week, in the book of Daniel as well as scriptures in Isaiah. She listened and discussed. I told her of the JAMA article and the science behind Jesus’s death on the cross, again of Isaiah saying He will be pierced for our iniquities, and the blessing of Jesus taking on the payment for all our sins, and more… His appearance to the disciples and the virgin birth. I was bless with the gift of grace and the Holy Spirit to guide me. Wishing her blessings, I went on to pass out some more tracts and left feeling very on fire for the Lord!

  24. I got a Triple! Later on Saturday (07.10.10) I stopped at In-And-Out for a burger after church. I gave an I.Q. test to the order taker out in line, a million dollar bill to the cashier, William – being stuck in line at that point, decided to encourage him to think about the million dollar question. He read it and replied: “That is something I must think about”. And then last I gave a coffee trivia to the young woman who handed me my burger.

  25. Sunday evening I took a walk on the pedestrian path overlooking Redondo Beach. I intended to take $1,000,000 bills with me and forgot them on my kitchen counter when I was leashing up my dog for his evening walk. As I entered the walking path I asked the Lord for somebody to share the gospel with even though I did not have a tract with me. Guess what? He sent me 2 eager young Mormon missionaries. I had an awesome time sharing with these 2 misled guys about the true word of God and the true Jesus. I believe that I caused them to think seriously about the fact that Jesus and Satan are not actually elder brothers. We also talked about spirit beings “angels”, and I explained to them that Jesus was never an angel any more than my dog was a human. I told them the Bible was 100% true and they needed no other book. I encouraged them to keep reading the true Word of God and ask God for divine revelation and ask to not be deceived by Satan. I told them about the Ten commandments and the only way to have assurance of salvation. They thought their good works would help their eternal destiny. I explained that only the blood of Christ and the righteous robes of Christ were good enough to get anyone into heaven. Pray that God will open their eyes and truly draw them into His Kingdom.

  26. On July 9th I had the opportunity of sharing a $1,000,000 bill with my massage therapist. To my surprise she was not 100% sure of the fact if she would go to Heaven. She considers herself a born again Christian yet she was not really clear about what “got her into heaven or what kept her out of hell. We discussed the Ten Commandment’s and God’s provision of His Holy Spirit to give us the ability to obey God’s Law. I think she is clearer now about the Biblical “road to salvation”. I will continue more biblical conversations with her the next time we see one another.

  27. Sarah and I went to Ralphs today and attempted to hand our cashier a 1,000,000 dollar bill. She giggled and said, “oh, you can keep that” to which Sarah asked, “what, you don’t want a million dollars?” Guess I missed my chance to ask if she had ever read the back of one.

  28. Today was a bit disappointing. It all comes down to preparation. I did have my million $ bills with me, so I had some opportunities to hand then out, but didn’t have them with me. Later, I went to go see “The Karate Kid” movie – I was able to hand out million $ bills to the order-taker, the ticket-tearer, and the person at the snack bar. I did encourage all of them to read the million $ question on the back.

  29. On Thursday, last week I stuck up a conversation with a non-Christian work friend regarding the new class I’m taking. She seemed interested enough to ask a couple questions. One of her questions was, “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to offend someone by sharing your faith?” I responded “I think the bigger issue is if I really believe that not accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord will result in a life in hell, and I have friends and family who have not accepted Jesus Christ, that should be more concerning to me that wondering if I may offend someone… Of course, I hope I don’t offend someone. It’s not meant to be offensive.” She nodded like she understood. Then I ran back to my office, grabbed a gospel tract, and handed it to her. I told her there was a gospel tract on the back, and she stuck it in her purse. I hope to have another conversation with her again soon, and she’s been in my prayers. This was my first attemp to share my faith with her, even though we’ve been close friends for 3 years.

  30. Saturday, 10 July 2010: Forgot to add this encounter. On my way to Hope Chapel, I stopped at Sprouts to pickup some supplements. I gave the cashier a million dollar and she enjoyed it. I told her to check out the cool message on the back of the bill. She said she will look at it later.

  31. Saturday, 10 July 2010: One more thing I neglected to mention. In addition to going to Sprout’s market, I also went to the OSH store to purchase a LED lamp to replace my burned out incandecent bulb (think green). As I went to the cashier to make my purchase, I was hesitent in giving the cashier a million dollars because she was Asian knowing that there’s a cultural querk in that whatever gift, no matter how insignificant or trivial, there is a sort of obligation in reciprocation. However, when I presented the bill and said that it was for her, she laughed out loud and thanked me for it (thank God I prayed that all the tracts I give out will be blessed) and said that this was a neat gift.

  32. Sunday, 11 July 2010: I usually have breakfast with Jerry Zell on Sundays and this was no exception. We went to Buster’s restaurant in Long Beach. This was a difficult thing in giving out tracts in that Jerry’s mother usually beats both him and I out in passing out tracts to everyone in the restaurant. The waitress that served us already had one and so did the manager. I was lucky in that the hostess did not get one and I gave her one as we were leaving the place. Again I beat Jerry out in giving out a million dollar. She laughed and thanked me and told Jerry, after I had left the building, that she already received one from me.

  33. Sunday, 11 July 2010: Coming back from breakfast, Jerry and I went to the OSH over in North Long Beach to pick up additional supplies. I gave a million dollar to the cashier and she laughed, thanked me, and said that the bill was cool. I told her to check out the message on the back.

  34. 7/10/2010 Was blessed when I stepped out in faith this Saturday. I went to a local Arts & Crafts festival, and was able to hand out 115 tracts and talk to 6 people, though I had to go alone. 🙂

  35. On Saturday 7/10/10, my husband and I went to the Hawthorne Car Show on our own and not with the group. We went on our own because we decided to go at the last minute since we live right down the street from there. I took some tracts with me and decided to try and hand them out. It was tough at first but I did it. We ran into Richard and then into Steve. Steve handed my husband more million dollar tracts and handed me some huge hundred dollar bills and challenged us to hand then all out. With a deep breath and God’s strength we went and handed them all out and it was the most INCREDIBLE experience!! It was not as frightening or difficult as I thought it would be.

  36. On Wednesday, 7/7/10 after the class after I parked my car I saw one of my neighbors. This guy is a quiet guy and I never saw him smile ever since. I approached him and asked did you get one of this and he said what’s that and I handed him the million dollar. He got it and the first time I saw him smile 🙂

  37. On Thursday, I went to a business meeting. I sat at the back of a guy and a gal who were talking. When I had a chance, I said hi and handed them the million dollar bill. They were so amazed and said – Wow – I am rich now. I said, there’s a million dollar question there which is even better and they read and smiled at each other. I handed another one to a guy who approached them and to the others who were coming and they all look at it and saying – we’re millionaires now. I saw the guy put it on his suite and the gals on their purses.

  38. On Friday, July 9 we had dinner at LA Foodshow in Manhattan Village. I gave our waiter with the check the million dollar bill. He went to his cash register and I saw him look at the million dollar bill and smiled.

  39. On Saturday, July 10, I went to a home meeting and birthday party. I gave all the guests (around 35) the million dollar bill. They were all smiling and saying we’re now rich and I told them, there’s more than that, there’s a million dollar message. They even pose for a picture showing the million dollar bill. I went to the other group and handed also the bill and one of them asked me if I am a Christian and said that’s a Christian tract. He knew about it as he is also a Christian. The host, mother of the celebrant liked the million dollar bill and asked if she can have some so she can also give to others as she doesn’t know where to get tracts to give away, so I gave them almost what I have and just left something for me to distribute until Wednesday. Glory to God!!!

  40. On Sunday, July 11, since I don’t have enough anymore million dollar bills to give away, I gave away the invitation for the Harvest Crusade when I went to the store.

  41. On Monday, July 12, I went for my car maintenance at Toyota Southbay. I handed invitation to three people. One of them – an old guy came to me and asked me where is the venue of the Harvest Crusade. I learned he is a Muslim. I asked him if he dies where will he go. He said he doesn’t know. And I asked him, have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior. He asked who is Jesus and he is telling me that Jesus is not God and he has a lot of questions. I shared him John 3:16 and John 14:6 and I invited him to go to our church so he will get the answers to all his questions.

  42. This morning at breakfast, I gave a million $ bill to Shannon, my waitress. I encouraged her read the back. I also gave her a good tip. She was busy, but seemed interested. I hope to follow up next week and ask her what she thought about the million $ question. I am praying for her.

  43. After breakfast, while stopped at a red light, I was approached by a homeless person. He was in pretty bad shape. I gave him all the loose change I had – maybe 2 bucks. I feel really sorry for him. I DID NOT SEE HIM AS AN ANNOYANCE – I REALIZE HE IS A PERSON WHO NEEDS GOD!!! I also gave him a million $ bill, and encouraged him to read the million $ question. May God save this man.

  44. At The Trader Joe’s in Manhattan Beach later I was encouraged by my cashier – Daniel. He had not yet received a million $ bill. Wow! I told him the real deal was to read about the million $ question. Lord, save this young man.

  45. Monday, 12 July 2010: After work, I went to see a movie at the Regal Cinemas up on the hill (the mall up in Palos Verdes). After purchasing my ticket, I gave the ticket taker a million dollars. He smiled and I encouraged him to read the back. Hope he at least read the message.

  46. Monday, 12 July 2010: After seeing the movie, I met up with Jerry Zell and Steve Peck and we all went to the California Pizza Kitchen ASAP over in Redondo Beach for some dinner. When I ordered my meal I didn’t have any million dollar bills on me, but I had the large hundred dollar bills. I gave them to both the manager and the cashier. Both laughed and was really excited about them. I told them to read the back and solve the puzzle. They wanted extra so I gave them a few more. I was greatly encouraged because the manager was an Asian lady and I’m seeing more Asians responding to the tracts compared to the last time I’ve taken the class quite a few years ago. Praise God. By the way, the manager is going to post the hundred dollar bill in their office/break room.

  47. Today at breakfast I find myself out of million $ bills – and no other tracts! So later at lunch (Carl’s Jr.) I gave out three of the big hundred $ bills. They all accepted them with great enthusiasm. I told them to read the back.

  48. Later today I asked my mother if she had any million $ bills. She did – re-stocked! I gave one to our waiter at a Chinese restaurant. He look at it a little suspiciously, but I was ready to “go armless” if he wanted to take it back. May the Lord reap a harvest from all of our seeds.

  49. Last night, I was invited to join a contractor’s meeting. I saw my big $100 bills so I thought of bringing it to the meeting which I needed a bigger purse. They have a guest from Union Bank who did a presentation. I happened to be seated beside them. After the presentation, they left, and one of the members who arrived late thought I was with them. Jokingly he said, I thought you are with them as you are seated beside them and look like you have plenty of money. Right then, I was led to take out the big $100 dollar and handed it to each one of them and said – here you go. Everybody wants one or even two. And I emphasized to them, there is more than money, please read the message.

    I went to the bathroom and another member came in and gave him another one and he was so happy to get one too and told him also to read the message and that if we TRUST GOD, He will take care of us.

    After the meeting, we went to eat at Golden Pheasant. Before we left, I approached one table with 4 people. I handed them the $100 bills and they were all smiling. They read both sides and asked me, are you a Christian? I said yes and asked them are you? They said they are and one of them is a Pastor and he said God bless you. Because I already gave away all my the bills, and I learned they were Christians and I saw another group of guys on the other table, I asked, is it ok if I get back the bills so I can give it to them – pointing to the other group. One of them gave it back and I handed it to the other group. The Korean guy was smiling as he accepted the bill. Glory to God for all the things He is doing!

  50. 7/14/2010 Today I had a conversation with a co-worker about the Coffee Trivia tract. I exaplined what the Gospel was, and also shared my testimony about how becoming a Christian has changed my life.

  51. Early this morning at McDonald’s I gave a big hundred $ bill to the cashier and the order taker. I encouraged them both to read the back. They were very glad to receive the big bill. I go there frequently, I will follow up with them soon.

  52. After McDonald’s, there were these guys selling car wax at the gas station. Each of them received a million $ bill, with a smile. They wanted to sell me the wax, but I declined. I asked them to read the million $ question. I told them I would think about the wax and check back later – (but not about the wax – about the million $ question).

  53. At Subway I gave the manager a million $ bill. He looked at it dubiously and put it in the tip container. When I told him he should read the million $ question, he ignored me.

  54. Tuesday, 13 July 2010: Not much was going on. I went to my usual laundry mat where I had already given out million dollars to the cashier and the attendant that works there. She was always cheerful and always grateful in seeing me there. While my laundry was being washed, I went to the local Rally’s burger place for some dinner. I gave the cashier there a million dollar bill and he laughed and thanked me for it. I told him to read the back carefully. As I left, it looked like he was reading the back. Praise God.

  55. Wednesday, 14 July 2010: Very somber time today. My father had died this morning and I had to leave work to help my mother and brother. While I was there, I gave a couple of million dollar bills to the authorities that assisted my mother, brother, and I during this sad time. I don’t know what to do during this critical time, but decided to be obedient to our Lord and continue to give out tracts. Afterward, my mother, brother, and I went out to lunch to celebrate my mothers birthday (talk about weird). Fortunately, my mother, brother, and I are followers of the Lord and somehow we managed to enjoy lunch together during this crucial time. I was able to give the hostess a million dollar bill at the restaurant we ate at and she didn’t seem to know what to think about it. I told her just to read the back and it will explain everything to her and it is a gift for her. At least I was able to give out some of the bills and attend tonight’s class as a servant. This seems to give me peace during this difficult time. Thank you Lord.

    • Robert,

      I am so sorry for your Dad’s passing. You are a faithful man, and I appreciate that you continue to serve our Lord Jesus despite difficult times.

      May God bless and comfort you through this time; I know he will.

  56. At breakfast I gave out four of the big hundred $ bills. I hope I piqued their curiosity as I told them about the trivia question on the back. I also said there was some interesting info on the back. I left with them all reading and smiling.

  57. For lunch I went to the In-And-Out in Torrance. I gave my order taker a million $ bill and (deep breath) asked him if he were to die today would he go to heaven or hell. Long pause. He seemed like he was really thinking about it. (I hope so) I had to move along. Follow up next time. I also gave the cashier and the food handler person a million $ bill.

  58. Robert,

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. But take comfort in the fact that he is home with the Lord.

  59. Went to Ralph’s Wednesday to return Coke cans. Gave the guy working the Million $ tract. Told him thanks for having that goo that cleans your hands ’cause mine had gotten really sticky and I wanted to show my appreciation. He smiled and then I said it was a Gospel tract on the back. Enjoy and have a great day. Then the guy who was putting in his cans on the other side of the open doors had parked his car next to mine so I thanked him for having used that goo stuff ’cause I’da never known it was there and I wanted to show my appreciatiion by giving him a Million dollar bill. He smiled, chuckled and I told him it was a Gospel tract and to have a great day. Then I went in the store to get my can money and a few things and laid the last tract I had on the checkwriting counter as the items were rung up. As I was getting out my ATM card, the cashier grabbed the tract and gave it to the Baggirl and said here was a $1000 bill. I looked up and the girl was going to give it back and I said, oh no, you can keep it. But it’s a Million $’s, not just $1000. I was having trouble with my ATM card working and started to get frustrated until I looked over at the girl and here she was reading the back! I thought, OK God! Thanks for letting me see that. Wished them all a good day and left.

  60. 7/15/2010 Went to the grocery store to get the makings for Burgers. After the grocery clerk rang up the total, I paid and handed him a Million Dollar Bill. I said, “this is for you… it’s a Gospel Tract”. He thanked me.

  61. 7/16/2010 after we had dinner at The Canteen Grill I handed the cashier a Million Dollar Bill. I said, “did you ever get one of these?” She looked at it, wondering what it was, and I told her, “it’s a Gospel Tract”. She said, “Thank you”.

  62. Robert, you are an inspiration to us. May the Lord comfort you at this difficult time. Hold on to the wonderful memories.

  63. This morning at breakfast in Seal Beach, I gave our waitress a BIG 100 $ bill. Robert Sugino gave out a million $ bill. They were both accepted with a smile and a “thank you.” We encouraged them to read the back.

  64. For lunch, I went to KFC. I gave my order taker a million $ bill. He really got a big laugh from it. I encouraged him to read the back.

  65. Thursday, 15 July 2010: I got up this morning late and decided not to go to work as I continue to be in bereavement. After reading the Word, finishing reading the book “The Way of The Master” (up to chapter 17), and cleaned up around my house, I decided to go see a movie. I was able to give a million dollar to the ticket taker and asked her the million dollar question. She smiled at the bill and said she was going to heaven. I told her to read the rest of the message on the back and it will help her confirm her convictions on whether she truly will go to heaven or not.

  66. Later at Target, a lady in one of those electric shopping carts caught my eye. I told her “you look like a million”, and handed her a million dollar bill. She really had a great smile. I told her it was from Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach. I encouraged her to read the back.

  67. Thursday, 15 July 2010: I was able to give the concession stand a million dollar bill at the theater before I went to see the movie “Despicable Me”. I ask the guy the million dollar question and told him to read the rest of the message on the back. I’m not certain if he did or not because the movie I wanted to see was going to start. I pray that he will read it and either be convicted or encouraged. Lord knows.

  68. For a small snack later, I went to McDonalds. I handed out another million $ bill. My order taker was pleased to accept it. I told her to read the back and drove away.

  69. OK – too late, but got a burger from Carl’s Jr. My order taker, Francisco really liked it. I told him to read the back when he had a chance. I am trying to keep a mental note of the people I give these tyo, and ask them later about the million $ question.

  70. Thursday, 15 July 2010: After seeing the show, I decided to eat lunch at Jerry’s Famous Deli nearby. The hostess sat me down but I wasn’t quick enough to give her a million dollars (rats!). I enjoyed my lunch and was about to give the waiter a million dollars and ask that question, but he walked away before I had the chance. I decided to take a chance and to place the million dollar bill in with my payment for my bill and made sure I gave at least 20 % tip. I hope God blesses it.

  71. Note to those who read about the loss of my father. I want to strongly encourage those the reason for taking Pastor Steve’s class and “Do Something! Do Something!! Do Something!!!” My father is a nominal Buddhist and for the last few years he was going through depression and anxiousness. I just talked with him the day before he passed on. My brother and I know in our hearts that my father didn’t believe in Christ, though we are both uncertain. There wasn’t any fruits that we saw. All I can say at this time is that he is in the Lord’s hands, for good or for ill. Now I understand the need to do something or else the blood will be on our hands. May the Lord forgive me and my brother and may He give both of us the strength to go on, peace to endure, and comfort to my mother during this time of grief. My admonishment to all who is currently taking this class and to those who plan to take or have taken that class, do something, do something, do something!!! God bless to all those who work in the harvest field and thank you for your concerns and prayers.

  72. Friday, 16 July 2010: Went with Jerry to have breakfast this morning in Seal Beach, CA. Jerry beat me to one of the waitress by giving her the large hundred dollar bill (rats!). However, I was able to give a million dollar to the waitress that served us. She laughed and thank us profusely. I pray that God will open both waitresses eyes.

  73. Saturday, 17 July 2010: Went to see a movie at the AMC Rolling Hills Theater. Gave a million dollar bill to the ticket taker/usher and ask the million dollar question. He looked at the bill and smiled and I told him to think about what I asked and read the back of the bill for clarification. Hope he reads it.

  74. Saturday, 17 july 2010: After seeing a movie at the theater, I went to OSH, in the shopping mall, on the corner of PCH and Anza. I gave a million dollar to the cashier there and she said that she already has one and has placed on her refrigerator. I told her to keep the one a gave her and give it away. I thanked her profusely for doing that and she said okay.

  75. Saturday, 17 July 2010: As I was getting ready to go to church to serve the saints there, I made a stop over at Sprout’s Market. I started to give a million dollar bill to the cashier and she laughed and thanked me. One of the managers, Jessica Kuzmunich, saw what I was doing and was very excited about what I did. I ask her if she ever attended Pastor Steve’s class on evangelism and she said that she hasn’t yet. I encouraged her to take the class. She said that she will. After which, I gave her a stack of million dollar bills to pass out in the store. She was really excited and said okay. May God bless her.

  76. This morning at McDonald’s, I gave the cashier an “I.Q.” Test tract. She smiled and thanked me. I encouraged her to read it on her break. I am encouraged by my brother Robert, who in spite of adversity has picked up the “do something” X3 from Spurgeon that is so very important for us all to heed.

  77. At breakfast with a friend I gave our waitress a million $ bill. I hope she will read the back and the Holy Spirit will convict her. She didn’t seem very enthused, but I did give her a good tip in “real” money. May the Lord save her.

  78. In the afternoon I was a Home Depot. I was asked to take a survey. After that was over I asked him if I could ask him the million $ question, after handing him the million $ bill. (Second big breath) I asked him if he were to die today would he go to heaven or hell. Long pause….. silence. I told him to read the back of the million $ bill and consider it. I then left.

  79. Later getting some take-out BBQ, I gave my waitress a million dollar bill. She thanked me and smiled. I don’t think she ever got one yet. When I asked her: “Have you got one of these yet?” She said no. I encouraged her to read on about the million $ question. Then I left.

  80. After Saturday service at Hope, I went to Ralphs to get some groceries. I gave my cashier a million dollar bill. She thanked me, accepted it and smiled.

  81. On Thursday, July 15, I had cold so was not able to go outside. I was thinking on how I can distribute my gospel tracts, then I peep on my bedroom window and saw the Fedex guy. I went to get my tract right away so I won’t miss him and went outside fast. However, the guy went in to another condo-complex. I saw this black-african guy getting something from his truck. I approached him and handed him the million dollar tract. He took it and smiled. Then I asked him – when you die do you know where will you go? He replied – nowhere. Since I got cold, I didn’t talk to him further but told him read the message in the bill.

  82. On Friday, July 16, I went to the bank and handed the million dollar bill to all the persons that I get close to and to the teller who helped me . They were all smiling and thank me for the tract and told them to read the message on it.

  83. On Saturday, July 17, I dropped off my son to his friends place in Fullerton. While waiting for him, I prayed where I can go and drove around the area and the Lord led me to the shopping center. I went to Target and hand all the persons in the parking and inside the store that I can get close to, the million dollar bill and the Harvest Crusade invitation. As always, they all smile and thank me as soon as they receive it, except for a couple who said that they are just visiting and returned to me the invitation so I can reuse it as they are also Christians already and another lady who was checking the jewelry and said, she’s fine.

  84. On Sunday, we went to Ralphs and distribute again the million dollar and the invitation for Harvest Crusade. The last person I hand the bill was the cashier. He smiled and jokingly asked the other cashier if she got some change for it.

    Before Ralphs, we went to Costco and I distributed the million dollar and invitation for Harvest Crusade. I am enjoying it. Thank God.

    At home, around 9:00 pm, I went down to throw the garbage and saw my teenager neighbors hanging around to cool off. After I throw the garbage, I hurriedly went back and got my $100 bill tract and hand it to five of them. They all smiled and thank me. I told them to read the message.

  85. On Saturday, July 17, I went again to a business meeting. I distributed the millon dollar and I told them to read the message and told them that’s the most important thing that we must know.

  86. Robert,

    Though I haven’t known you personally, the Lord comfort you during this time. He is your peace and His love endures forever.

  87. These are from Celia Werker:

    Celia Werker says:
    July 19, 2010 at 2:24 am

    Went into Home Depot, gave one of the clerk the Million $ bill. Asked him if I could ask him the million $ question: If you were to die tonight, would you go to heaven or hell. He said heaven. I said really? Why is that? He said he was “Cat-o-lick”. I said, Ahhhhh. Just smiled and said that was a Gospel tract. He might want to read the Gospel on the back. Then I told him to have a nice day and left.

    Celia Werker says:
    July 19, 2010 at 2:30 am

    Went into some store called Home Goods. Never heard of it before. Asked one of the clerks for some help with an item. Thanked her for her help and gave her a Million $ tract and asked if she’d gotten one of them before. She said, Oh yeah. Really liked them. Asked if she’d ever read the back. She said, No. Recommended when she had time to read the back. It actually was a Gospel tract. I smiled and then turned and left.

  88. Sunday, 18 July 2010: Went out with Jerry Zell to have breakfast at the Bread Crumb, Ohana Restaurant in Orange County. Gave the hostess a million dollars and gave our waitress the large hundred dollar bill. Both thought the tracts were really neat. I also gave the hostess the “Think You’re Smart?” tract and told her to enjoy the quiz. I pray God will open both their hearts.

  89. Monday, 19 July 2010: Went out to have dinner with my mother. We decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen in Torrance at the Rolling Hills Plaza near the AMC theaters. Gave a million dollar tract to our waitress and she said that it was really cool. God reveal Yourself to her and let her realize her need for Your Son. I enjoyed my mom’s company and hoped she enjoyed it.

  90. Monday I had another triple-play at In-and-Out Burger. A million $ bill for the order taker, one for the cashier, and one for the food handler. They all accepted the million $ bill graciously. I told them to read the back.

  91. Later Monday, I handed out an “I.Q. test to the cashier and food handler at McDonald’s. They accepted them with a smile. I thanked them and left.

  92. Monday at breakfast, I gave a gentleman at Maxwell’s Cafe in Culver city an I.Q. Test. He and spoke for some time. I encouraged him to read the rest.

  93. Tuesday I gave the cashier at Carl’s Jr. an I.Q. test. He accepted it with a smile. I encouraged him to read it on his break. I took my food and left.

  94. A guy selling home improvements stopped by the house. I did not need any. I did give him a million $ bill. I was about to ask him the million $ question, when he read it out loud. He said he believed in that if someone was sincere, belief in God was all that mattered. I tried to tell him more, but he left.

  95. On Friday, July 9, since I was still sick went to pick-up medicine and fruits at Ralphs. Distributed invitation for Harvest with the million dollar inside the invitation. I was checking the medicines when a a Black African guy came to check wine which is across the rack of the medicines i was looking. I handed him the million dollar bill and told him to read it. He accepted it and fold and put it in his pocket.

  96. Today, Tuesday, I didn’t go out and I was thinking whom to give the million dollar. I was in my office and I thought right away that my nephew had his former schoolmate visit him. Right then when I thought about it, they are coming down to go out and get something. I handed him right away the million dollar and he said, what is this and smiling oh million dollar. I told him there’s more than that – read the message. Thank God for giving me the chance to share His message.

  97. I went to downtown LA for breakfast – a place called the nickle diner. My waitress Shyla had never seen this particular million $ bill, as I ask her: “Did you get one of these yet?” She took it with a smile. I told her to make sure to read the million $ question. Good breakfast.

  98. Getting lunch at a Quiznos, I gave my order taker a million $ bill. She accepted it with a smile and said: “Too bad it isn’t real!” I told her to read the back and then left. As I type this, I ponder – Are we too busy to be about our Father’s business? I seem to run from place to place, doing stuff – but people are what’s really important. Food for thought.

  99. Tuesday, 20 July 2010: Went to the South Bay Galleria to pick up two pairs of pants that I had tailored there at the tailor shop next to the shoe repair place next to the B of A automated teller on the third floor that connects to the parking structure. The tailor there is always very good at alterations and charges reasonably for her service. As I was ready to leave, I gave her a million dollar and she laughed and thanked me for it. I told her that it was a tract and she said that she is already a follower of Christ (I could tell that she is because of the Korean/English Bible on her table and I do catch her reading it on occasions when I visit her). She wanted to keep the bill so I gave her another one to give away. She said that she would and I thanked her. God bless her.

  100. Tuesday, 20 July 2010: After leaving the South Bay Galleria, I went to have dinner at Island’s in the Rolling Hills Plaza. I gave a million dollars to the hostess and my waitress. They both thanked me. I pray that God would open their eyes.

  101. Wednesday, 21 July 2010: While at work today, I attended a retirement luncheon for one of the directors within our division. I went to him to congratulate him and gave him a million dollar. He looked at it with a sort of ‘what do I do with this’ look and ask if it was some kind of religious article. I told him that it was a tract and has a unique question. He didn’t want it at first, but I told him that it was my gift to him and if he didn’t want it, he has to give it to someone else. I pray that God will at least tickle his curiosity to at least read the back and if he doesn’t read it to give it away without throwing it away.

  102. Thursday, 22 July 2010: I was getting ready to meet my brother over at the Olive Garden in Manhattan Beach mall area. I went to the Trader Joe’s off of Rosecrans Ave. in Redondo Beach. As I was leaving the store, I was accosted by those people that ask for donations to some cause. It was a medical relief effort and they were asking for a pledge. I didn’t know much about them so I told them that I wasn’t interested, however, I told them that I have something for them. I handed her a million dollar bill. She looked at it and started laughing. As I was about to leave she said that she got two bills instead of one. I told her to give it to her partner. I pray that God would open their hearts.

  103. Thursday, 22 July 2010: Met my brother at the Olive Garden in the Manhattan Beach mall. Had a wonderful dinner and gave a million dollar to our waitress. I told her to read the back and she thanked me. I pray God will open her heart.

  104. Friday, 23 July 2010: Didn’t get a chance to give out any million dollar bills today (rats!). However, I did have one of those credit card envelop that I received the other day. I decided to take Pastor Steve’s advise and to mail back a million dollar bill to the credit card company. At least I gave away one million dollar bill today. God please bless that bill.

  105. Hello new class members. Don’t give up on sharing Jesus, depend on Holy Spirit power.

    Robert Moss “Tractman”

  106. OK… playing catch up. Thursday (07.22.10) I gave I.Q. tests to the manager at Jack in the box. She said “thank you”, and took it with a smile. I encouraged her to read all of it, especially the hard questions.

  107. Still Thursday (07.22.10), I gave million $ bills to the staff at L&L BBQ. They all said thank you as well. I told them to read about the million $ question. I hope to follow up and ask them about their answer to the million $ question, as I get food from there a few times a month.

  108. Friday (07.23.10), I gave coffee trivia to the order taker and the food handler at McDonald’s. They said thank you. I will ask them the million dollar question the next time I go there. If I have the time, I will read them the back of the bill.

  109. Friday (07.23.10), I gave the I.Q. test to the owner at a little place called the cozy cafe. He took it, sort of shrugged his shoulders. I told him it was a Gospel tract. I encouraged him to read it. He took off with it. I hope he reads it. I then gave one to the bus boy.

  110. Friday (07.23.10), Once again at the in-and-out, I gave a million $ bill to the order taker, the cashier and the food handler. When asked: “Have you got one of these yet?” They all accepted the bill. I hope I can follow up with the million $ question with one of them soon.

  111. Today, I gave Shyla at the nickle diner the I.Q. test. They were very busy. I told her to read it and answer the questions. I also gave her a decent tip. I will follow up with her when they aren’t so busy. I will also pray for her.

  112. I gave a million $ bill to the cashier at a local KFC. When asked: “Have you got one of these?” The bill was accepted with a smile. I tried to say “Read the million $ question”, but he closed the window on me. I am realizing more and more how often I am not prepared, and have no million $ bills on me. Oops! I will stock up and try not top miss any opportunities.

  113. I just got home from a business leadership meeting. There were about 50 people there. It was so great. After the meeting, I handed out the million dollar tracts and they were all smiling as they received it. They all said I am rich now. I said, there’s more than that – read it. And I mentioned about “what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul.

  114. Early today, I went to a business presentation meeting. I handed the tracts to the people I was seating beside me and to those I am able to talk to. They were thankful and I reminded them to read the message. Most of them I saw read it right away and the rest keep it.

  115. Wednesday after the class, I dropped by at Albertsons. I grabbed some of the million dollar tracts. In front, I saw the firefighter truck, and I was reminded of the firefighter video. I saw the firefigther grabbing some fruits and handed him the tract and told him to read the message at the back. I handed everyone at the store including the cashier on my way out.

  116. Thursday, I went to Walmart. I distributed tracts from the parking lot and on my way to the Walmart and everyone I come close to as I shop. Thank God as He is making tract giving a part of my daily activity. Glory to Him.

  117. Friday, we went to watch a movie -Inception. We happen to be close to a family, father and 2 teenagers. I handed them the Harvest invitation and the million tracts. While my son was getting the ticket, I went out to a group of teenagers seating outside and I handed them million dollar tracts and the Harvest invitation.

    After the movie, on our way out, I gave million tract to two Black African guy who was looking at the posters. I all reminded them to read the message.

  118. Saw a fella looking very troubled. Introd myself, gave a bill+ prayed with him. Turned out he is homeless and in need of food etc. We prayed for that and directed him to Hope for assistance+service+worship. Please pray for Craig!!!

  119. We went to The Habit to pick up food for my daughter, my son’s girlfriend, and ourselves. The cashier gave us beverage glasses, and Fred paid the bill. I quickly opened my purse and said, “did you ever get one of these?” She said, “no”, so I handed her a Million Dollar Bill. The looked at it and said, “thanks”.

  120. Sunday (07.25.10), before going to the Picnic, I stopped at Ralphs for some meat to BBQ. I gave a million $ bill to the cashier and the person who bagged my groceries. I told them both to read the back, and the million $ question.

  121. Sunday (07.25.10), after the picnic, I picked up some food at the same Ralphs for my parents. I gave a million $ bill to a different cashier and food bagging person. I encouraged them both to read the back and the million $ question.

  122. These are from Eva Ho:

    June 17, 10, I was invited to the stable center outreach with Hope Chapel Team. I was so excited to be able to pass out more tracts, but little did I know I was ask to an open air preach that I never done it before. I first say NO, b/c I was scared, didn’t know what to say. And because Steve S. and Tom both are pros in open air preach, which made me even more nervous. Everyone did the open air, except me, so somehow, Tom handed me the microphone and I read from the million-dollar bill tract out loud, almost word to word. After I finish reading the gospel tract out loud, I was shaking so bad, even though Tom gave me the encouragement. I STILL couldn’t believe I did the open air preach, never in my life I thought I can and am going to do this. God did give me the courage and boldness to do it 2x, even though I have had the experienced. I am STILL scare. God would have to do more work thru me by give me the courage to do so soon.

    While at the health clinic, saw 2 young men, both playing around with each other. I look at both of them, the oldest guy saw me, point to the younger one to be careful. I kind of kidding around saying “ you guys are BORED, right? The younger said yes. I hand him a gospel tract” He wasn’t serious about reading it, I told him to read from beginning to the end, and give his brother a tract too. The younger one started reading it and I was praying for him. When he got called in, he gave me a sweet smile.
    When I am about to leave the clinic for home, I gave my dr. Dobbs a gospel tract told her is a long over due gospel tract before she leaves the clinic and move on. She thanked me. I also gave another lady a gospel tract, she also thanked me, I told her after reading it, give it to someone who DO NOT KNOW Jesus.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:06pm

    She said ALL religion leads to heaven; I corrected her saying that NOT all religion leads to heaven. And plus I said to her, what I have is NOT religion. It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I ask if she have a bible, she said she have a bible. I ask if she goes to church. She said her friend invited her to go to church, I said good, but later found out her friend is not the best example cuz he goes to 2 differ church: Christian church & catholic church. I told her, that is not ok for him to go to 2 differ church, but mentioned CCSB, even though I don’t like that church, but is the closest to her. When we were engaged in a conversation, the lady in front of us started to say, she goes to that church too, which is CCSB. She pretty much testify EVERYTHING I said is BIBILCAL, long before she and her father got call in, in strongly suggested her to start reading the bible, start in book of John, talk to Jesus, repent her sins, put her trust in Jesus Christ and go to church for fellowship.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:05pm

    Went to the dr. sitting there, waiting to be call. I kind of generate a small talk with the lady next to me, when the time are right, I told her that I am grateful and give her a gospel to read. She sounded polite and finished reading it fast. She even showed her father the gospel tract. I was curious and ask her what she thinks of the tract, she said she is open to ALL religion. I ask if she is a Christian, she said she is a catholic, doesn’t go to mass, have a bible but don’t read the bible. She said the bibles are the same, no different.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:05pm

    Went to Evans Upholstery store looking for throwaway fabric in the color of coffee/dark brown. I told Tracy later on that everyone wants to go to Heaven and give her another gospel tract, she recognized it, I didn’t ask if she read the tract or not, I just said read it. I also ask the young man in front of her if he is a Christian, because I was going to give him a gospel tract, he kind of stumble and don’t want a tract. He paused for few second, later answer YES. I asked if he read the bible, he said no, I didn’t ask further if he talk to Jesus, I just told him to repent of his sin and start reading the book of John. He and Tracy were SHOCKED by what I told him when I left the store. Because Tracy said the throwaway is to give to the Church, but didn’t say if is Catholic Church or cuz there are a lot of building carrying the name “Church” but in reality is NOT a God given church.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:04pm

    I went to Gas station at ARCO at a particular station (God ordained), saw a young man wearing a shirt full of the picture of skull. And also saw the van he is driving has a Jesus sign. I asked if he is a Christian, he said he is. I told he that the dark and light don’t mix, meaning he can’t drive a van with a Jesus sign and wear a skull shirt. Gave him a gospel tract, told him to read it. I explain skull resemble of Satan. I asked him can Satan symbolic of Jesus? He paused. I told him, when he drove a van stating that he is a Christian but he is wear the skull pictures shirt is given people mix signal.
    I also ask if he read the bible and talk to Jesus. He of course said no. I told him before I leave that he need to start reading the bible, starting the book of John, pray to Jesus, repent of his sins, put his trust in Jesus and stop wear the skull picture shirt, if not, he WILL go to HELL. After hear what I told him, he was SHOCKED all I can hear was “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:04pm

    On Tuesday, 6.08.10, went to ECC for my nutrition final, after the final, gave my note taker, Nikki a gospel tract with the title “How To go to Heaven”, figure is more eye catching and also put one in the final test booklet. When I am at special resource center, Brian’s office, I gave Brian a gospel tract with the same title, said is a gift from me. He look at the title told me he already knows he is going to Heaven, but he started reading the gospel tract anyway. I pray that the Lord will save him and his wife from HELL.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:04pm

    Called Ling berg Nutrition store to find out if they carry tri-flex for repair cart ledge, spoke Mitchell, I told him I was referred to their company by a friend said that they are a Christian company and also ask if he is a Christian, he paused a little said he is saved but he doesn’t read the bible nor talk to Jesus. He told me he is surprise that the store is open on Sunday, being a “religious and all” I told him religious has nothing to do of having a relationship with the Lord. I told him he need to OWNED a bible, he cannot go into heaven b/c his parents is a Christian. He need to read the bible, repent of his sins, put his trust in Jesus and pray to Jesus. He said he would get a bible and start reading it and do all the things I told him in order to go to heaven.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:03pm

    The other day, when I was eating my late lunch or so, someone call for survey but use the name of promotion and want to give me gift. Since I do not want anymore of junk especially from marketing business, and since I do not like to answer any survey, I ask the lady million-dollar question, such as: is she a Christian? She said yes. if she were to die today, would she go to heaven or hell? She reply: heaven. I asked her why? She said because she is a good person. I told her good person would not get her into heaven but send her to hell. She then doesn’t want to answer my questions but want to hang up the phone, I insisted further my question by asking her saying: wait a minute, I didn’t call you, you CALLED me. You asked me a question and now my turn to ask you question, you have not answer my question yet. She then feels obligated to answer my question by brush me.

    I ask to give me example that will let her go to heaven. She said she is doing good to me by interrupted my meal and asking me whole bunch of question for give me JUNK. I asked if she have a bible at home, she said no. I told her she need to get a bible and start reading the bible, talk to Jesus, repent of her sin. She didn’t answer my question. I told her being good will not get her into heaven but send her straight to hell and hang up the phone. This call has encouraged me so much that if someone else telemarketer call, I’d do it again to ask them the million-dollar question. I told the Lord I’d welcome this type of call, just hope I don’t get into the flesh and argue with them or hang up the phone on them. I told the Lord to prepare me at ALL time, in and out of SEASONS, w/ grace.

    Submitted on 2010/07/26 at 4:02pm

    6/3/10, Thursday afternoon, we came back from the hospital to visit my sister and their 2nd baby, new born and we all went to have lunch. Before lunch my nephew, Noah said preschool prayer for everyone. After we finish lunch and Cheryl talk to me about Todd and Jeanne said their family is now complete, but later I added their family is complete only if they know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

    She added and agree with me quickly, said “Yes, Yes…” but in reality I know she just want to brush me off, doesn’t understand anything I am talking about, at least I brought up the name of Jesus Christ in front of her stating that Todd, Jeanne, Noah and now Chloe need Jesus Christ more than anything and more than ever to save them from HELL!! The next day went to see how my nephew is because he is sick with a temperature of 105, the in law, Cheryl, kind of avoiding me may be because I mention the name Jesus Christ. She doesn’t like to talk to me but like to kiss up to my nephew’s behind, which is not wise as a grandmother.

  123. Sunday (07.25.10), at Taco Bell I gave a million $ bill to the cashier. I encouraged her to read the back, and the million $ question. I told her it was very important.

    My attitude is changing about handing out the million $ bills. Before, I was very much as Pastor Steve mentioned: “Hand it out and run away.” But now I realize that this message is not merely important, but life and death. It could very well be an opportunity to save souls. I knew this before, but maybe it didn’t “sink in.” The Gospel, preceded by the Law is more important than anything else I can do. It is wayyyyy more important than my “self esteem.” So don’t run away – realize you are an ambassador of Christ.

  124. My 2 kids an I were at the McDonalds on Torrance Blvd and after we ate on our way out, we each passed out a million dollar tract. It was a dad and his 2 kids. I handed mine to the dad and each of my kids handed theirs to his 2 kids. My son used a line he heard from Lisa Anders at one of her concerts. He said, “if you take this and plant it in your back yard, a money tree will grow!”. The dad didn’t have a smile on his face when I handed him the tract, but when his kids received one and he heard my son say that, he got a big smile on his face. Didn’t have a conversation with him, but hopefully his kids asked him to read it to them.

  125. On 7-23-10 I was walking my dog above Redondo Beach and I approached 2 young Asian ladies and what appeared to e their Grandfather who was sitting in a wheel chair. They also had a dog, a darling fluffy Pom puppy. They let me pet their dog and were very friendly. The Lord opened the door for me to give “grampa” a $1,000,000 bill. I warmly patted his arm and shoulder and I asked him the million dollar question. His answer was “Iup I hope” (using a thumbs up signal with his left hand. I cheerfully told him he could know with assurance which direction he was going. I encouraged him to please read the back of the tract to learn the good news. I was AMAZED by his response. He smiled and said,”thank you very, very much. He face was all light up like I had just given him the best present he’d ever received. Well actually perhaps it was. The 2 young gals wanted to see it also. I was bummed that I did not have 2 more with me to give them. I sang the Lord happy songs all the rest of my walk. I was flying high! What a privlege to be an ambassador for Christ!!!

  126. Last Tuesday my closest girlfriend from Hope Chapel got together again to pray for the Tuesday evening men’s prayer meeting. Yes Steve. The we have been praying for more men to rise to the call of intercession. God did a miracle in our opinion and increased the numbers 4 fold. Pray works. Anyway, before we went to Catalina Coffee to pray, we passed out 2 piles of million dollar bills along the beach in Redondo. All of the tracts were warmly received with friendly “Thanks” and smiles. Doing evangelism with my closest sister in Christ was a blast.We will pray again tonight for the men’s prayer meeting.

  127. Last Mon., the 19th I had to go to Workers compensation court in Anaheim. I got my first rejection from a lady who refused the million dollar bill. I often try to begin a conversation with a circumstantial or relevant comment. This time I guess I goofed. I was there to have the judge rule on how much money I would be receiving on my injury settlement; so I asked her “are you here to get money too?” I thought I was being warm and friendly, but she looked over at me in a rude offended tone and defensively said, “no.” Little did she realize that she could have gone home rich. Her loss. I’ll keep trying.

  128. Last Sunday evening, just after sunsetI was walking along King Harbor in front of the Portofino Inn.with Chavo, my dog and encountered a family with an older grama using a cane. She liked my dog and asked lots of friendly questions. I felt led to give her a million dollar billl. I told her it asked the million dollar question on the back.. Thinking she could related, I added, “kind of like that really old TV sho the 64 million dollar question.” She was ticked pink to get it. She said she couldn’t wait to get it into the light to read it. God is good! He is showing me elderly people are eager to hear the good news. Also He is using my dog as a little ambassador.

  129. I handed out a tract to a couple outside a pizza parlor one evening. Upon receiving the tract they “demanded” that I stay a while, have a slice of pizza, and explain what the tract was all about. I tried to just quickly explain the tract because I was late getting home for supper. But they persisted that they hear the entire gospel, and wanted answers to all their follow-up questions. I found out that the lady had tried unsuccessfully earlier in the day to explain the gospel to the man. He was not convinced, so she welcomed another person to do so. I “reluctantly” submitted to their requests, explained the bad and good news, and answered their questions. After all, what’s a few extra calories for the kingdom?

  130. Saturday, July 24, in the morning I went to a business meeting. I handed people the million dollar and they were all smiling and happy to receive it. As I hand one to the person beside me, the other one is waiting to get his. I kept telling them, there’s an important message to read in the bill.

    In the evening, I went to a leadership business training. After the training, before everybody left, I gave almost everybody (around 70 attendees) the bill. They were all would like to get one and claiming it would be real. I reminded them, there’s more than that in the bill – a million dollar message.

  131. Sunday, July 25, I went to the store and handed everyone I get close to. Sometimes, I get so excited in giving away tract that I already forget what to get from the store. They all accepted the tract.

  132. Monday, July 26, I had an appointment with counselor in the Dept. of Rehab. At the parking, I saw a guy getting his wheechair out of the car. I approached him and handed the bill. I walked with him going inside and started the conversation. He took the elevator and I had the stairs. I had a chance to talk with him again and asked him, the question, so when you die where will go and he said – with his head motioning – I don’t know. I continued – have you lied, and we got already to the room where we need to go and told him to read the message in the tract.

    I had a chance to share the tract to the counselor I met and we discussed about having a relationship with God. He mentioned thathe tries to be careful in what he does to please God as he do his job to help others.

  133. Monday at a local restaurant, I handed my waitress a million $ bill. She thanked me, and accepted it with a grin. I encouraged her to read about the million $ question on the back. She said she would.

  134. 7/28 went to the Credit Union (we call it Credit Onion) and a woman was waiting to talk to the clerk who was helping me get my new ATM Card (the other one was compromised, to the tune of $1250.00, which was thankfully returned to me). I said, “Have you ever gotten one of these?” and handed her a Million Dollar Bill. I added, “it’s a Gospel Tract… you can read it later”. As I was entering my new PIN number and such, the Lady was reading it. I looked over at her and she said, “thank you”.

  135. 7/28 still at the Credit Union: After getting my new card I asked the clerk if she had ever gotten a Million Dollar Bill (she was not at her desk when I’d given one to the other customer). She took it, but didn’t say anything. I again added, “you can read it later”.

  136. I gave million $ bills to three people at a grocery store. (Two men, and one woman) Instead of telling them to read the million $ question, I read it to them. One of the men, and the woman were (jokingly) saying that they were on their way to hell. The other man was silent. I asked them if that concerned them. It did not. I told them that hell was real and that heaven was real – and that hell was the worst possible place. I hope some of this got through to them.

  137. 7/28 yes, still at the Credit Union: as I was leaving 2 people were talking (in Spanish) in the outer lobby area. I went up to the woman and handed her a Million Dollar Bill (at arm level). She looked at it very strangely. I told her that it was a Gospel Tract. She said, “Oh”. I got the feeling that she had first thought it was a joke.

  138. 7/28 last Credit Union tale: I handed a gentleman a Million Dollar Bill. He had head what I said to the (previous) woman, so he knew what it was. He did say, “Thank you”.

  139. Saturday, 24 July 2010: Today is a somber day. We go and pick up the ashes of my father (cremation) from the mortuary. We also schedule the burial/gravesite service for my father for next Saturday, 31 July 2010. After scheduling with the cemetery, getting a Buddhist Monk (per our father’s request), and paying for the whole thing, we went out to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant (Fu Yuan Low) up at the Palos Verdes Mall (also to setup the luncheon/wake for after the service next Saturday). I was able to give a million dollars to the bus boy. He smiled and thanked me for it. I pray God will bless him.

  140. Sunday, 25 July 2010: The Comic Com convention is today. Ash Wyant, Joshua Carlson, David Carlson and I went to San Diego convention center to attend the international comic convention. I knew this was a huge event so I stocked up on million dollar bills (at least five stacks) and quite a bit of the large hundred dollar bills. We couldn’t keep up with the demands. We gave away everything. I pray God will pierce this darkness regarding this genre. Ash, David, Joshua, and myself gave out the tracts first before we did anything else. In the course of going to this event, I threw my neck out and started having a little motion sickness. Near the end of the day, Ash was having a little trouble in that he ran out of oxygen and he was out of breath a lot. But God was gracious in helping us getting to the car and getting us home safely. Thank you, God.

  141. I gave some money to a homeless person begging on the middle meridian. I also gave him a million $ bill. I told him he should read the million $ question. I hope he does.

  142. Sunday, 25 July 2010: Highlight of some of the things that happened at the Comic Con (aside from giving away every tract we had in our possession). While we were walking to registration on the third floor of the convention center, Ash decided to let one million dollar bill drop from the third floor to float down to the first floor. Usually Pastor Steve wants us to hand these tracts to someone, but, on this occasion, it worked out pretty well. The bill happened to land next to someone’s foot (God’s providence). That person bent down to pick up the bill and read it (praise God!).

  143. Sunday, 25 July 2010: Another highlight of some of the things that happened at the Comic Con (aside from giving away every tract we had in our possession). After registration, Ash decided to stand right where people enter the convention from registration. He was passing out the million dollar bills as fast as he can and he wasn’t fast enough. A security guard came by and ask Ash what he was doing. Ash showed the guard what he was passing out and the guard said that he could only pass them out behind the yellow line. So Ash moved himself behind the yellow line and continued to pass out the bills as fast as he could. Another guard came by and asked Ash what he was doing and he said that the other security guard told him to stand behind the yellow line to pass out the tracts. That guard said okay and continued on his way. A third guard came by and ask Ash the same question and the second guard and Ash responded the same way. The third guard said that he could not hand out the tracts unless it was authorized. Ash said that the first guard said about standing behind the yellow line. The third guard looked a little puzzled but said okay and Ash continued to hand out million dollar bills like there was no tomorrow. God bless Ash for his efforts. What was I doing during all this? I was handing out the large hundred dollar bills as fast as I can and I was out before I knew what had happened. Praise God.

  144. Friday, 23 July 2010: I had forgotten that I left early from work to go to Verizon to get a replacement cell phone. While I was there, I gave the lady helping with my replacement phone a million dollars and gave another one to her coworker. Both were excited and laughed about them. I told them to check out the back. I guess today was not a total loss after all. Thank You, Lord.

  145. Monday, 26 July 2010: since I threw my neck out yesterday at the convention, I decided to stay home from work and get my neck corrected at the chiropractors. Once I felt much better (after much realignment), I went to the post office to pick up my certified mail. While waiting in line, a lady needed to have a letter mailed overnight. Since it was getting close to closing time and she looked as if she really needed to have the letter sent as quickly as possible, I let her go ahead of me to the counter. She thanked me very much for the courtesy. While I was waiting to pick up my letter, she was busy filling out the necessary information for her letter. It was then that I checked to see if I had any tracts on me. I forgot that I ran out of tracts yesterday and the only tracts I had left were the Michael Jackson tracts. So I shrugged my shoulders and gave her one of those tract. She looked at them perplexed and I explained that they were a million dollar bills with a caricature of Michael Jackson on it with a cool message on the back. She looked surprised and smiled and thanked me for it as well as letting her go ahead of me.

  146. Tuesday, 27 July 2010: I got a call from a good friend to go have dinner with him after work. I told him that I needed to do my laundry today and afterwards will join him. I had already given out tracts at the laundry mat so it was difficult to give out any million dollar bills (found some in my truck). After doing my laundry, I met up with my good friend Steve Peck to have dinner together. Jerry Zell also came along. We ate at a mexican restaurant in Redondo Beach (forgot the name of the place) and Jerry, as usual, beat me in handing out tracts. We went to Trader Joe’s afterwards and I was able to give a million dollar to the cashier there. He smiled and thanked me.

  147. Wednesday, 28 July 2010: Need to get to church today to setup for the class tonight. I stopped by the Ralph’s over in Manhattan Beach Village and gave a million dollar to the boxgirl. She smiled and thanked me for the gift since I said I have something for her. I pray God would open her heart to read the message on the back.

  148. Went to the nickle diner in downtown LA for breakfast. I gave my waitress a large hundred dollar bill. She got a big kick out of it! I told her to read the big money question on the back. Even thought the service wasn’t very good,I still tipped 15%. I hoped to follow up with another waitress I gave the million dollar bill to last week – but she was off. Next time.

  149. Later, on some errands with my dad, I gave a donut shop operator a large hundred $ bill. She really got a great laugh. She asked: “So what’s this all about?” I told her it was a gospel tract from Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach. She said thank you, I’m sure still not knowing what a gospel tract is.

  150. Later on Thursday, I gave a million $ bill to the order taker at In-and-Out (well, yes,… I do eat there quite a lot – my mother likes the burgers, OK me too.) as well as the cashier. I told them to read the million $ question on the back. I hope and pray that either with them or maybe someone else who gets the million $ bill, it will produce fruit. That, however is in the Lord’s hands. Besides giving out the bills, we can ask questions using the W.D.J.D method – and past that we should also pray. Pray before and after handing them out – that the enemy wouldn’t snatch it away from them.

  151. I met new employees at the McDonald’s here in Lomita. I gave both of them a million $ bill. I told both of them to read the million $ question on the back of the bill. I hope and pray they will.

  152. Thursday, 29 July 2010: After work, I met up with my brother, Jerry Zell, and Luiz Rodriguez for our usual Thursday night discipleship group. We decided to go out and have dinner instead of meeting at Luiz’s home. We went to the Mediterranean Restaurant in Hermosa Beach for dinner (a new place and cultural at that). I gave a million dollar to the cashier/waitress before Jerry had the chance to. She gave me a kind of strange look and I told her that it was for her and it had a cool message on the back. I hope and pray God will open her heart to at least read the message.

  153. Out with Robert Sugino for breakfast, we double-teamed the staff at the Nickle Diner in downtown LA (near Skid Row). I gave out a few of the large 100 $ bills to the waitress and the bus-boy. I noticed a lady sitting next to us “eyeballing” the large 100 $ bills, so I gave her one. Later her friend showed up, and she got one too. Robert was busy handing out the million $ bills too.

  154. Thursday, 29 July 2010: After dinner in Hermosa Beach, Jerry Zell, Luiz Rodriguez, and my brother decided to walk around the block from where the restaurant was to where Jerry parked his car to sort of walk off the meal. While walking we came across a new store that sold salt water taffy, unique candies, and unique soda pops. I gave the cashier/owner a million dollars and he laughed and thanked me for it. I told him that his store is unique in the South Bay since they closed Marcie’s Ice Cream shop in Torrance some time ago that sold unique candies and sodas. The only one left that I know of is located in Long Beach. He was excited about what I told him and I said to check out the back of the bill. May God open his eyes and his heart to hear the good news.

  155. Later at a KFC* I gave the order taker a million $ bill. He took a little reluctantly. I told him to read the back, and the million $ question. Got home, the order was messed up – I called and spoke with him – he agreed to fix it the next time I go in. Tomorrow, I think I’ll ask him the million $ question, and use the W.D.J.D. method. May the Lord save him. (*Kentucky Fried Chicken)

  156. Friday, 30 July 2010: Had breakfast with Jerry Zell today at a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant is called the Nickel Diner. While ordering and waiting for our food, Jerry beat me out in handing out a hundred dollar bill to a lady next to our table. She tried to refuse but Jerry, God bless him, was persistent without being rude or obnoxious (like as if he’s not that way). He told her that the tract was for her because she kept on eyeing it. She acquiesced and Jerry told her that if she didn’t want it to give it to her children. Darn it, asleep at the wheel. As the food came and we started to enjoy our meal, another lady came to join one lady that Jerry had given the tract to. That lady needed some seasonings (i..e., black pepper) from our table and Jerry decided to offer some of my condiments as an alternative to what the restaurant has on the table. While that lady enjoyed the fresh black pepper from a portable grinder, I gave her a million dollars. That lady laughed and thank me for the bill (Jerry gave me a stern look). To top me he gave her the large hundred dollar bill. I in turn gave the original lady a million dollar, though she tried to refuse. I told her that it didn’t seem fair for her friend to have both tracts and her only having the one. She consented and I told her that she can give it away if she wanted to. Both ladies thanked us. I pray that we weren’t overbearing, but God will bless them both.

  157. Friday, 30 July 2010: One more thing to add to the adventure at the diner in downtown Los Angeles. I was able to give our waitress a million dollars to which I was surprised that Jerry didn’t hand one to her (I beat him out, yeah!!!). As she received the bill, she laughed and thanked me for it. I didn’t see Jerry’s expression regarding the exchange so I don’t know what he thought about it considering that he’s been at this restaurant a number of time within these two weeks. God bless her and the other ladies.

  158. Yesterday, I went to Huntington Beach, getting there a little ahead of the evangelism team. My first try at handing out a million $ bill turned out to be a member of Ray’s team. Oops. I hung around the first part of the pier watching what (I assume) was one of Ray’s team rather vehemently discussing with another person the Law of God. I handed out a few million $ bills, and moved further up the pier to see Ray Comfort surrounded by large crowd of people. Handed a few more million $ bills, and decided to get away from the crowds. I have always loved fishing, so talking to fishermen is like second nature to me. I handed out million $ bills to many fishermen, being snubbed by a few. I asked a couple the million dollar question, only to have them turn out to be Christians. Asked them to pass on the bills. Later down toward where Ray was i I had a rather disturbing discussion with a fellow team member and a young man. He (The young man, not the team member) was very difficult to nail down, changing the subject constantly. He wandered off. I sat in the shade for a while, offering million dollar bills to whoever was passing by – and probably handed out 50 or so. I went up & down the pier, but was getting snubbed. So a thought came to mind – I asked passerby’s to take a picture of me with the beach in the background. After they did, I said “Thanks a million!” and gave them a bill. No one refused. Went home a bit early to get a late lunch for my folks. All in all a blessed day.

  159. Today at Albertson’s market, I gave a million $ bill to the cashier and the box-girl. When I asked: “Have you got one of these yet?” They responded that they’ve seen many fake bills like these. I told them that this bill was special. I told them a very important question – aka the million $ question was on the back. They seemed uninterested, but I told them it was very important. They still had the bills in their hands as I left.

  160. Saturday at a local place to get take out for my folks and myself, I got into a good conversation with the owner’s son, Johnny. I gave him a million $ bill. He told me he is a Muslim. As he read the million $ question, he told me he really isn’t a very religious Muslim. I asked him what he thought. He said he really doesn’t think much about heaven or hell. I wanted to get out “Do you think you’re a good person?”, but didn’t. He and I discussed his religion a bit, then he got a call and had to go. They have good food – next time – I’ll be ready, and prayed up.

  161. On July 28, I had a meeting with an insurance broker who is a Korean. After the meeting, I handed him the million dollar and I told him to read the message. I feel I wanted to give everybody I talk to and see the million dollar. I feel God’s love for them. I thank God He is making it a a part of my daily activity.

    On Friday, July 30, I had a chance to join the evangelism group led by Eric. We handed almost everybody from the parking to those who are fishing, having picnic, just talking and walking. I had a chance to talk with Filipino ladies who are having a picnic. Was table to talk to their mom and share through the WDJD. She was listening and pondering the questions as she eats. She thank me for sharing the million dollar to her and the other 2 ladies.

    I was able to give also a tract to a Hispanic family. I spoke with the mother and shared WDJD and thank God, she was led to repent of her sins and pray to the God. Yes! Thank you Lord.

    Saturday was a W O W !!! I witnessed how exactly how Ray Comfort did the WDJD with the 4 Atheists. Instead of the Atheists proving their faith that there is no God, they were actually proving themselves wrong by answering the ten commandments questions asked by Ray. Another Atheist who was in the crowd can’t stop himself while Ray Comfort was asking questions to Ted, an Atheist, who said are you telling the people there is no God or you are just proving THERE IS ONE. I saw how man’s wisdom was a garbage as the Lord’s truth is revealed through the ten commandments. I learned a lot by listening on how the different evangelists do the WDJD. I actually had a business meeting that Saturday but deep in my heart I want to go to the adventure to see how to do the right way of evangelism. Praise the Lord, for giving me chance to go to Huntington Evangelism Adventure. It is an excellent, unforgettable experience of my life.

  162. Saturday, 31 July 2010: Somber time today. The burial/gravesite service of my father where we intern him. The service was held at the Green Hills Memorial Cemetery and Mortuary. This is a difficult time for my mother, brother, and I, yet those who attended humbled my brother and I and my mother was deeply grateful. Pastor Alan (representing Hope and himself and his family), Rabbi Faye, Bobbi Chalakeian, Lisa and Andy Anders, and others from Hope attended which surprised my mother. It is definitely a reminder to my brother and I to be diligent in sharing our faith while we observed the Buddhist ceremony. I was deeply proud of my brother when it came time to offer incense that he walked up to the portable altar and offer only the incense to honor our father, yet he did grab prayer beads nor bow down to the false idol of Buddha. I did the same thing in offering only the incense. I was deeply proud of all the Christians attending in that they did not participate. My mother understood why they did not participate and she was okay with it. It was enough for them to show up to the service. Afterwards we all sent to Fu Yuan Low for the wake/lunch. I was ashamed of myself for not giving a million dollar to the Buddhist monk before he left. I didn’t even give away any tracts to my relatives who were present at both the service and the luncheon. However, I was able to give a million dollar to the busboy at the restaurant. We had a wonderful time in fellowship and friendship with those who went with us at the luncheon. I do believe that because of the family called Hope, both my brother and I are able to go on with our lives knowing that God is with us and will comfort us.

  163. Saturday, 31 July 2010: Sometime after the burial/gravesite service and the wake/luncheon afterwards, I went out to put gas in my truck and went to work to clean up my area and to be alone with God. After leaving work, I went to have a simple dinner at a restaurant and I was able to give away two million dollar tracts there. Once I was finished and returned home, I decided to watch both the firefighter lesson and the WDJD lesson online at Way of The Master website. I was moved to press on and continue to at the least give out the tracts. May God forgive me for not being diligent.

  164. I met up with a gentleman who works at a grocery store I read the million $ bill to last week. We didn’t have much time to talk, but as he greeted me and we had some chit chat, I could tell that he was pondering the message on the million $ bill. I mentioned in passing that I really liked the cool weather, and couldn’t take the hot stuff. He actually blanched. Since our discussion last week was mainly about hell – and he said jokingly he was going there. I guess he took my remark about hot weather to be about hell. (God uses us – even when we don’t know it!)

    I will continue to seek out opportunities to talk to him (and his co-workers) in the future. I guess this proves that we should always be “on our toes”, ready for God to reach someone through us. I will continue to water this seed, and will be praying for others. Praise God!

  165. Sunday, 1 August 2010: Breakfast with Jerry and Steve Peck again. This time we went to Dad Miller’s Golf Course to eat at the restaurant there in Orange County. While there I was able to give both waitresses a million dollars (beat Jerry again, yes!!!). One seems to be a new hire and was being trained by the older waitress. The new hire laughed and said that the bill was neat and thanked me for it. The other waitress smiled and thanked me for the tract. I pray God would open their hearts to hear the message they read on the back.

  166. Monday, 2 August 2010: After work, I decided to go see a movie. However, Steve Peck contacted me and was wondering if I would join Jerry and him for dinner. I said okay. We went to Lazy Dog at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance. Art Taylor and Kim Jordan joined us at the restaurant. I was able to give both hostesses a million dollar tract (I beat Jerry again). I also gave a tract to our waitress. All three smiled and thanked me for the tracts. I specifically told them to read the important information on the back.

  167. Tuesday, 3 August 2010: After work, I wanted to go to Johnny Reb’s for dinner because of the special do over program they have. I purchased my meal a month ago and saved the receipt. If I were to return and order the exact same thing that I ordered a month ago, I will have the meal for free. As I was on my way to Long Beach, my mother called and said that she would like to join me for dinner. I told her that it would be great. So I turned the vehicle around and returned home to pick up my mother. I was able to get to Johnny Reb’s in Long Beach around 5:10 PM before the madhouse gets under way (usually does during the do over program). My mother had a wonderful time and I messed up in that I didn’t have any million dollar tracts on me or the hundred dollar tracts. I started to panic until I found the coffee tracts. I was able to give the trivia coffee tract to our waitress. I hope God would open her heart as she reads the tract.

  168. Wednesday, 4 August 2010: After work, I decided to go to McDonald’s (alright, that’s enough), for an early dinner before heading to Hope and Sharing Your Faith class. I gave the cashier a million dollars but she gave me a look of don’t bother me. I respected her since she was taking orders and I left. However, when I came to the window to pick up my meal, I gave the guy a million dollars and he laughed and thanked me. I pray that both would read the back side and God would open their hearts.

  169. Went to a Long Beach restaurant favorite of mine: Chuck’s coffee shop near the Belmont pool. I looked for a favorite waiter of mine, but he was off today. I gave my waitress a million $ bill, asked her if she had ever got one of these yet. She said she had seen many “joke” bills before. I told her this was different. This bill has a very important question on the back – the million dollar question.

    On the way out, (million $ bills sticking out of my short pocket) a couple of gentlemen saw the bills and said that I should be more careful with my money. I gave both of them a million $ bill. They said to me: “Oh, this is a Gospel tract! We’re both Christians!” They said that this is an especially important thing to be doing now, since we don’t have much time. The both thanked me and I left.

    I pondered what they said about not having much time while on the drive home. What were they talking about? Do they know something I don’t know? Well, anyway it just goes to show, that even if I forget the million $ bills sometimes, with them hanging out of my pocket – they get noticed – and it’s all too easy to hand one out.

  170. Thursday, 5 August 2010: After I got off from work, met with my brother, Mark, to have our usual dinner together (brotherly fellowship). We decided to dine at Outback Steakhouse. After dinner, before we left the restaurant, I gave a million dollar to our waitress (almost forgot). I had to flag another waitress to let her know that I needed to see her. She thought there was something wrong and she came by. I told her there was nothing wrong and that I only wanted to really tip her good with a million dollar tip. She looked surprised and laughed. She thanked me for the tract. My brother added that there is an important message on the back. I also gave the other waitress for helping me flag our waitress that served us. God bless them both.

  171. Friday, 6 August 2010: After work, I was on my way to Hope Chapel to serve the saints there (I’m the leader of the multimedia ministry). On my way to church, I was a bit peckish and decided to stop at a McDonald’s. When I paid for my meal at the drive-through, I gave a million dollar to the cashier at the first window. She smiled and thanked me for it. At the second window where I was to pick up my food, I gave another million dollar to that lady. She looked a little perturbed and mumbled thanks to me. I pray that God would cause her heart to look at the back and the Holy Spirit to convict the heart.

  172. Saturday, 7 August 2010: Had breakfast with Jerry at The Lighthouse in San Pedro. Gave a million dollar to our waitress (beat out Jerry again). She laughed and thanked me for it. May God open her heart.

  173. Saturday, 7 August 2010: Decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier to meet up with the Evangelism team. Got to the pier way ahead of the team. While waiting for them, I started to handout million dollar bill tracts on the corner where Colorado Ave./Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Ave. meet. I was able to handout some of the bills until I got a call from Pastor Steve saying that they have arrived safely and started to evangelize on the pier across from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant. I walked from the corner down to where the team was trying my best to hand out the tracts. However, majority of the people I encounter had tracts already (darn). I met up with the team and got to work handing out tracts and watching/listening to Pastor Steve start open air preaching. I was truly in awe of Pastor Steve’s fearlessness as he started to preach out and started asking questions of some folks that were dressed up. I was starting to enjoy myself but, unfortunately, I had to leave early to honor my commitment to Hope Chapel in my ministry I’m in charge of. At least I was able to experience the evangelism team and share a small portion of the action.

  174. Saturday, 7 August 2010: As I was leaving the Santa Monica Pier early, I started to hand out million dollar tracts as I walked back towards Colorado and Ocean. I went to the Lobster Restaurant where I parked my vehicle, I gave the valet a million dollar and the guy that drove my vehicle to me a million dollars. Both thanked me and I went on my way. It was after I stopped by a fast food restaurant that I realized I didn’t received my change from the valet parking (that was a $40 dollar lesson). Oh well, I guess sometimes we need to make sacrifices in order to save some for the kingdom. Jesus gave his own life, how can I complain and feel in some small way cheated. All I can do is pray for those at that restaurant that somehow their hearts would turn towards God. I now can understand what both Ray Comfort and Pastor Steve say when you go and give out tracts, I was dragging my feet when I started and I’m back at church clicking my heels, serving God with joy.

  175. Last Friday I met a new person at a local fast food place, while getting breakfast for my parents. I offered her a million $ bill. She accepted it graciously, and thanked me. I told her to read the million $ question on the back. I took my food and left.

  176. Later Friday, I picked up some take-out food. I offered the person at the counter a million $ bill, asking “have you got one of theses yet?” He said that he hadn’t, and accepted the bill. I mentioned to him that while this was a “joke” bill (i.e. not spendable), I told him there was a very important question on the back. I encouraged him to read it.

  177. Sunday, out for breakfast with Robert Sugino, while waiting to be seated – there were a lot of people also waiting as well. One gentleman was taking up a bench that obviously had enough room for two. I asked him if I could sit down. He smiled and said yes. I offered him a million $ bill, with the line: “Thanks a million!” He took it with a smile. Then all of his friends (maybe 5) wanted one as well.

    We talked about the bill shortly, before his conversation went back to his friends. Robert handed out a million $ bill to a man, and also read it to him. Good job Robert. I think I am going to get more tracts, and especially the “Illusion” ones. It seems if you can get someone interested – they will take the tract from you. Now, everywhere I go – I see opportunities. Praise the Lord!

  178. Going to a different place for breakfast this morn, I gave my waitress a million $ bill. She said “Thank you” as she took it. I explained to her that there was a million $ question on the back. She turned it over and began to read it.

  179. Sunday, 8 August 2010: Went to have breakfast with Jerry Zell in Venice. Ate at a restaurant called Maxell’s. While waiting to be seated, Jerry beat me out in handing out a million dollar tract to a group of African – American (to be politically correct, I guess). Nearby, a man with a young child in his arms was looking on at the exchange between Jerry and one of the black gentleman. I hand him a million dollars and he kind of was fumbling around, trying to hold the child, some papers, and one toy (Rubik’s cube) while I was trying to give him the tract. I asked him if it was all right if I can read what was on the back of the tract. He agreed so I read the message on the back. He looked like he didn’t care for the message but I gave all of his other children (two boys and one girl) a million dollars. His wife didn’t want it and he told his wife that it had religious significance. I didn’t get a chance to share anymore although I was able to talk a little with his older son about his toy to ease the parents and to show I mean them no harm, but was concerned for their salvation. They were seated before I got a chance to some more dialog. Oh well, God will draw them in according to His will. Thank You God for the small opportunity.

  180. Sunday, 8 August 2010: When we were at the restaurant in Venice called Maxwell’s, we were seated near the rear of the restaurant. I was able to give our waiter a million dollars and the waitress that knew Jerry a million dollars (I was surprised that Jerry didn’t give her a million dollar tract). Both laughed and thanked me for the tracts. I got to beat Jerry out again in handing out tracts.

  181. Monday, 9 August 2010: After work, I decided to go see a show at the Palos Verdes Plaza up on the hill again. As soon as I got my ticket, I gave a million dollar tract to the ticket taker. He looked at it, smiled, and thanked me for it. I pray God will open his heart.

  182. Monday, 9 August 2010: After entering the lobby area of the Regal Cinemas and after going to the restroom, I went to the concession stand to order my usual small popcorn without oil (they haven’t served real butter in popcorn since I worked in a movie theater back in the late 1970’s). After paying for my popcorn, I gave the cashier a million dollars. He laughed at it and thanked me for it. May God open his heart to the gospel message.

  183. Tuesday, 10 August 2010: After doing yard work for my mother (since my father is gone), went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Torrance off of Hawthorne Blvd., near the Cost Plus Imports. Jerry joined for the buffet there and I was able to give our waiter a million dollar tract (beat Jerry to the punch again). He smiled and thanked me for the tract. Not bad considering that the waiter was Asian and I usually find that most Asian don’t like to accept things like tracts on a regular basis. I made sure that the waiter gets a good tip so that I don’t detract from the gospel message.

  184. Wednesday, 11 August 2010: As usual, as I was going to Hope to attend Pastor Steve’s class, I stopped by the Taco Bell on Sepulveda Blvd., a bit north of Hope. I gave the cashier at the drive through a million dollars. He looked puzzled at it but thanked me none the less. I pray God will open his heart to the message.

  185. Today, I stopped by the Ocean View cafe for a great breakfast. I gave my server an “I.Q.” tract. He thanked me. I left a good tip.

  186. Started out the day by giving I.Q. tests to a family group sitting next to me (and Robert S.) at breakfast. They took them thankfully, but soon returned them to me. They said that they all went to Calvary Chapel. I asked which one, chatted a bit, and asked them to keep them – to give to someone else. No dice. I’m not sure if this was because of the use of the Law…. or what?

    Later at lunch, I gave a million $ bill to the cashier at a local fast food place. He accepted it but didn’t seem “all there.” Maybe that’s why the order got messed up.

    Later going to Albertsons, CVS, Target & Arby’s, I handed out a million $ bill to everyone I had contact with. Only got snubbed once at Albertsons. What humiliation! What horror!

    Oh, yeah – yesterday – Thursday – I gave out a million $ bill to the cashier at L&L BBQ – a Hawaiian place.

    Gotta keep goin’

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