On Vacation Till Thursday


I will be enjoying a few days with my family in a San Diego Bed & Breakfast, but will be back on Thursday, June 28 to post an interview I had with a hypnotherapist who got a bit perturbed at my line of questioning; it’s called “Hypnotist Hell.” In the meantime, enjoy some of these evangelistic adventure favorites:

A Great Cloud of Jehovah’s Witnesses We invaded a Jehovah’s Witness convention with near catastrophic results.

Hollywood Babble-On While evangelizing inside a Scientology building, all Hell broke loose when their Security guards chased us down on bikes!

The Academy Awards Meets the Savior We open air preached right across from the red carpet and Oscar!


  1. Hey Steve, Vacation from what? (….Just kidding) I didn’t you you needed a vacation. you’re telling me you just going to chill with your family? yeah right?
    Have fun

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