Hypnotist Hell


A few weeks back the evangelism team visited the Palos Verdes Street Fair in the wealthy section of town. There was not one Christian booth represented in the entire festival but plenty of New Age adherents, palm readers, and alternative medicine booths were at hand.

This very friendly interview with hypnotherapist Duncan Tooley gives a little insight into non-traditional therapies, and shows how God’s Moral Law, the 10 Commandments, does its work in the heart of a sinner. Even though Duncan was not favorably disposed to the Gospel presentation, God’s Word does not return empty…

Read two reviews from viewers on YouTube below to gauge how people responded to this video… and post yours, too!

This is from: abundantuniverse (4 days ago)
“Here Satan owns and uses his microphone to entrap good people in his classic, circular thinking and position that God is unforgiving and thus all are destined for hell… if you don’t agree with him. This is a shameful video and a clear example of rigid bible-thumbing and is sickening to watch. The hypnotist should have struck Satan out of righteous anger.”

jacnmkc (1 day ago):
Wow!!! Good job Steve. I think he was starting to get little nervous near the end.”


  1. I must give you credit for raw guts, Steve. Talking to such an articulate skepic (wearing a suit, at that!) is enough to chill my courage. I think maybe you should have tried to pop his bubble of “my good deeds cancel out my bad deeds” before pressing on to the question of judgment, but hey, like I said, you did more than I probably would have, so I’m not going to be picky with you!

  2. Wow! that was very powerful Steve, Praise God for your courage and your boldness. Press on brother….

  3. Once again not sure what those who claim you are “hating” that guy is talking about. You basically gave him open air to tell what he believed and you didn’t in anyway laugh at him or blast him. You simply went with your turn about what you believe after he had a chance to speak.

    So that is what it comes down to and its been the fight all along. They get their turn but don’t want you to have yours.

  4. That would be a very difficult assignment to keep asking the right questions. I wish I were that fast on my feet! I found it interesting to hear what a hypnotist believes.

  5. Steve,

    Hey, perhaps (and I say this not knowing if you have a place for this) you could tell us how you started out. Was it a slow go? What did you do to get the ball rolling? Surely you didn’t just jump right in and there you were even from the start of your work.

    I know listening to Way of the Master they seem like old pros but where did they begin and what advice is there for us who want so bad to give it a go but feel rather inept in it.

  6. Jason,

    Believe it or not, I just jump right in after a few words to Duncan that we’d like to film him and ask what he does/believes.

    I start out with most everyone by handing out a million dollar bill Gospel tract then ask: “Do you know the million dollar question? If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” Then I converse just like you see in the video.

    I hope that’s helpful.

  7. OMG !, it looks more like pushing him to the edge of a cliff, lol.
    The old man seems like he’s very annoyed with all those questions.
    Way to go Steve !
    Oh, and could you please be kind enough to write an article about the Jehovah’s Witnesses? I was so curious about it because my mom is one of them, and I’m so in doubt about “they’re the ones who are worthy enough for an earthy paradise bla bla bla. Are they trully on the right track?

  8. Thanks Steve.

    I probably am making it more complicated than it needs to be.

    Here is another question if you don’t mind. What is the typical response? Do you usually get them to listen or do they generally see you as just another peddler?

  9. Jestia– If you’re serious about this, just type in “Jehovah’s Witness” in the blog search bar; you’ll find all you need.

    Jason– The typical response is one of concern. Believe it or not, over 90% of the people listen all the way through. It’s amazing, but that is the power of the Biblical Gospel.

    Click on all the videos under the category of E-vangie Videos and you will see how the majority of the people listen to what I am saying. Good questions!

  10. Wow, seeing the video was a trip!!! The power of the word of the Lord hits him and you see it so clearly. What a great and awsome God we serve!!!! I wonder if that guy is getting any business from the popularity of this video? lol!

  11. Steve, I think you did a great job. I might have done things differently, but I think that’s more of a personality issue than anything else. Keep up the good work!

  12. It was interesting to discover this video that captures Duncan in a honest and candid manner when faced with someone who, unknown to Duncan and his journey through life, placed judgement on the responses that he provided. As brief as the responses were, they could not possibly disclose all life events that compile the christian lifestyle that Duncan has lived. We are independently responsible for our personal spiritulity with God and in living the word of God we should refrain from passing judgement on others and instead lead by example to show through your actions that you are a Christian. It is greatly disturbing that someone is capable of accusing someone of passing judgement and proclaiming that it is in and of itself sinful and then proceed with the next sentence and do the very thing by passing judgement on Duncan.

  13. dm. I just want to reply to your statements. I see your intentions here are good. But I think you misunderstood what you watched. Steve, was asking questions such as “have you ever lied?”. If a man says “yes I have lied”, then steve could reply to him that he is a liar without passing judgement. You see, you only need to tell one lie in life to become a liar. Just like you only need to murder once in life to become a murederer. If steve calls Duncan a liar its only because duncan had admitted to lying. So steve was not technically passing judgement. Furthermore, steve was only sharing what the bible teaches. Therefore, he is not “passing judgement”, but is actually just relaying a message based on someone else’s standards ie = God’s standards. God is the one who judges and has clearly told us “all liars will have there part in the lake of fire” Rev 21:8. Soo who is the one passing judgement here?? hmm. One other thing you said disturbed me. You said “lead by example to show through your actions that you are a Christian.” IF I am correct, your implying that we should not warn people about judgement day and your also implying that we should share “the gospel” ONLY through our actions. Don’t get me wrong, our actions are very important and we should live holy lives. But on top of that Romans 10 is very clear that leading by example is not enough, someone must preach or harold the gospel if people are going to hear it unto salvation. Read Romans 10:11-17, also Ezekiel 3:18-21.
    Thats about all for now. dm, if your a Christian or not, no hard feeling here from me. I just wanted to share a biblical perspective on what you saw. ps, check out 1 Tim 1:8.

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