Salvation Vacation 1: Neckin’


My family and I went down to San Diego for a few days last week and spent some time at the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. Over the next several days I will post photos of some evangelistic encounters (no, I couldn’t stop!), including the BIG mistake I made when I didn’t heed my own advice!

null This zoo worker and his nosy (necky?) buddy couldn’t help but smile when presented with a Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tract. I didn’t stick my neck out to see if he would swallow the Gospel message written on the back. I sure didn’t want to shove it down their, um, throats either!

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Fun Animal Facts That Have Nothing to do With Evangelism:
A group of giraffes is called a Tower or Corps.
A group of owls is called a Parliament.
There is an Ostentation of peacocks, an Unkindness of ravens and a Murder of crows.

Do you know what you call a group of Christians who don’t share their faith? DISOBEDIENT! (Also possibly False Converts.)

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