Now He Knows: Kim Jong-il, Dead at 69


North Korean dictator and anti-Christian who brutally tormented the people of his country and especially those of the faith, is dead after a heart attack.

Alternately known as  “supreme leader”, “Dear Leader”, “our Father”, “the General” and “Generalissimo”, he is now in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

If this man could come back from the dead, he’d be shouting to all unbelievers, “It is true! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!”

Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. (Romans 12:19)


  1. The atheists must be very sad. In just a few days they have lost two of their most beloved spokesmen Christopher Hichens and Kim Jong Il.

    • You sir, are a true Christian; lying for Jesus.

    • Riiiight Kim Jong Il is to Atheism as David Koresh is to Christianity.

    • Kim Jong-il is not beloved by me, and somehow I think you knew that, Carl.

      Christopher Hitchens was never my spokesman.

      Carl, all other things aside, and let’s say you and I made up and are buddies. Okay. Why do you tell other people what they think? Just between the two of us; I’m incredibly fascinated by this.

    • And you claim atheists are the rude, insulting ones?

      It is really that hard for you to simply be a decent person? Nobody of reasonable mind appreciated Kim Jong Il. I hated the man. He was a bully, a murderer, and a horrendous dictator.

    • Spoken like a True Christian ™.

    • Jim is right on this one.

      I post these for informational purposes only. I can’t imagine many people appreciating this dictator, atheists or otherwise.

    • Right Carl… because the smiling and winky face makes it any less insulting when you’ve proven time and time again to be contentious. Steve I think I’ll get you a can of troll repellant for Christmas….

  2. Hello Mr. Diver,

    Really? empty claim? would you mind giving some evidence for your claim?

    Every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • Dr. Donny, Jim is saying that claiming “If this man could come back from the dead…” is an empty claim.

      Are you asking him to give evidence for that?

      Simply stating your belief that every knee will bow is not persuasive or convincing.

  3. Wow Carl, that’s a pretty strong claim. I expect a rebuke from Nohm soon. I sincerely doubt any atheist on this board claims Kim Jong-il as a spokesman.

  4. Another Atheist showing the world what a great world view Atheism brings to the table, no fear of God , no love of fellow man, no fear of accountiblity. Free to commit mass murder , starve a few million to death without conscience while living in high luxury-no fear of justice whatsoever for the evil done in this life….

    • You… don’t appear to know much about Kim Jong-il.

      What does atheism have to do with loving your fellow man, accountability, and so on? All atheism is: “I don’t believe in any gods”. Anything else, and that’s on that particular individual.

      For the record (and my goodness I can’t believe I have to make this clear to you, Ryan):

      1. I don’t fear God, since I don’t believe in any gods. You were correct on that one.
      2. I love my fellow man.
      3. I do not fear accountability (my recent promotion at work should lay that idea to rest).
      4. I am not free to commit mass murder, nor would I want to, due to #2.
      5. I do not want to starve anyone.
      6. I do not live in luxury.

      Maybe each atheist (and I question your knowledge of Kim Jong-il’s beliefs) is a completely different individual, and should be treated as such, just like Christians and Jews and Hindus and so on.

      • Nohm says:
        December 20, 2011 at 5:16 pm
        You… don’t appear to know much about Kim Jong-il.

        Nohm, aren’t you failed mind reading?

      • No, Nohm said that it APPEARED that he did not know much about the man. And if you are making a false claim about him, then you too would appear to not know much about him.

        Quit grasping at straws, carl.

      • Carl, you seem to not understand what failed mind-reading is.

        Me saying, “you don’t appear to know much about Kim Jong-il” isn’t failed mind-reading due to my use of “appears” (although that helps), but because I’m not telling Ryan what he believes or what his opinions are; I’m saying that I think his opinions are wrong.

        Not failed mind-reading: “Your understanding of Dawkins’ book is mistaken.”

        Failed mind-reading: “Your understanding of Dawkins’ book is mistaken because you hate Dawkins so much and you want him to look stupid so you can convince yourself that you’re right.”

        See the difference?

      • Another example:

        Not failed mind-reading: “You don’t appear to know much about Kim Jong-il”

        Failed mind-reading: “ou don’t appear to know much about Kim Jong-il because the only book you ever read is the Bible because you think all other books are of the devil.”

    • Live in luxury. . . All I can say is I wish I was part of the Comfort/Living Waters clan.

      • Hayzoose says:
        December 20, 2011 at 5:48 pm

        “All I can say is I wish I was part of the Comfort/Living Waters clan.”

        Amen. I am glad to see that you are coming around. I have been praying that you would accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Praise be to God that Ray Comfort and Living Waters have shown you the way.

        God bless.

      • I echo that. Y’know, there are some, like Hayzoose, who seem so far out of reach, but God can save even hardened atheists like him. Amen, somebody?

        Let me know if you need a Bible, my friend.

      • Josie, I think you misunderstood.

        Hayzoose was stating that he wishes he was part of the Comfort/Living Waters clan so that he could live in luxury.

        Not due to the religious beliefs of LW, but due to the money they make.

      • I sincerely doubt that Hayzoose is “coming around”.

  5. He’s dead? I knew he was Il…

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