Atheist Tuesday: The war on Christmas continues…


The atheists are in denial that there actually is a war. If there isn’t, how do you explain these:

In Palisades Park in Santa Monica, display boxes normally used for Christmas messages were almost all claimed by atheists. One read: “37 million Americans know MYTHS when they see them. What myths do you see?” In the display is a horned devil,  Santa Claus, a guy with a trident and…Jesus.

This billboard, according to the American Atheists website, is reserved for the Lincoln Tunnel.

An atheist group in Pitman, Pennsylvania, criticized a “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner over the street. A mayor in the Western part of that state barred the same group’s “there are no gods” banner from the town’s nativity display.

Yes, atheists are in denial about the War on Christmas—or they are just plain lying. Could it be both?

Rational Wiki defines this battle thusly: “The so-called “War on Xmas” is a right wing demagogic neologism referring to secular progressives’ attempts to keep the December solstice holiday shopping season culturally inclusive.

One person couldn’t take it anymore. When an atheist display was set up in front of the Leesburg, Va., courthouse depicting a skeleton in a Santa suit nailed to a cross, a lady took matters into her own hands, not unlike Gideon when he destroyed the idols that were set up in his town.

Was she correct in doing this?

“I think that it’s just extremely, extremely sad,” Leesburg council member Ken Reid was quoted as saying, “that somebody in this county would try to basically debase Christmas like this. This really crossed the line.”



  1. It doesn’t really change the fact that … Christmas/Soltice/Chanukah/Quansa/etc etc etc… has been celebrated by a variety of people, pagan and Christian alike for centuries. In fact it was Christians who banned the celebration of Christmas numerous times throughout history and some Christian sects don’t celebrate it at all because its too secular of a holiday due to affliations with consumerism and Pagan traditions… such as Christmas trees, carols, etc. etc.

  2. The word “war” is greatly hyperbolic.

    Yes, atheists are in denial about the War on Christmas—or they are just plain lying. Could it be both?

    Or, could it be neither? Could it all be hyperbole?

    I think it’s all just hyperbole. We hear about the controversial news items, and not about the hundreds of towns/cities where everyone is getting along.

    • And even in the towns where people aren’t getting along, like the town in the Fox story, they have to resort to characterizing a letter as an “attack.”

      You know those vicious atheist letters! Why, before you know it, people might be writing books and speaking!

      Truly, a war to surpass all others. The eeeevil atheists are out to GETCHA!

  3. A mayor in the Western part of that state barred the same group’s “there are no gods” banner from the town’s nativity display.

    So, is the nativity scene okay, but the banner not okay?

    Should only Christians be allowed to express opinions on matters religious?

  4. Depends on how much you need to water down the meaning of ‘War’, apparently you’ve watered it down to ‘I’m not getting my way, so that means it’s a war’.

    Oh you also forgot to list this under “cool persecution” tag.

  5. Steve, you seem to be suggesting that taken matters into your own hands and just ripping down displays is acceptable behavior. I imagine you would be throwing a fit on here if a nativity display got taken apart by atheists, rowdy kids, or whichever. So I’m hoping I am wrong when I get the impression that you support this person’s actions.

    And no, there is no war. You are making a mountain out of a molehill so you can feel like some holy warrior in a divine war. Sorry Steve, it’s just the typical seasonal kerfuffle.

  6. Note to atheists who feel oppressed by nativity scenes… put a helmet on!

    • There are none. They just don’t want their tax dollars funding the things.

      Note to Christians who feel oppressed by the very existence of non-Christians: put a helmet on!

      • ‘Christians who feel oppressed by the very existence’

        Show me these Christians. Or stop being silly. You forgot your helmet.

      • Sorry it took me a week to get back to you. I took Christmas off (heh).

        Anyway… hmm, show you these Christians who seem overly-concerned with the Evil Atheists?

        Well, the easy answer is “look around,” but I guess that might be taken as me being flippant again.

      • Nameless, Thanks for the links. I will use some of them in a future Atheists Tuesday posts.

  7. Oh, sorry, Steve-o. Too many links? OK, let’s see if just the information is acceptable – sources available on request. (Or you can just look it up for yourself, I suppose.)

    It’s sad that you feel that there’s a war on Christmas, Steve. I suppose it goes back to our Founding Fathers, really, since Christmas was actually illegal in many parts of colonial America. (In 1659 to 1681 in Massachusetts, there was a five-shilling fine from anyone caught “observing any such day as Christmas or the like, either by forbearing of labor, feasting, or any other way.” Christmas Day was deemed by the Puritans to be a time of seasonal excess with no Biblical authority.)

    And I thought you didn’t watch Fox “News,” since this artificial “War” is primarily an invention of that station. What’s your evidence? Two groups of athiests admitting their lack of faith publically, and one banner which would have been fine if they’d kept it on private property?

    And I’ll go further. Why do you want to exclude between 150 million and 250 million non-Christian Americans from the feelings of joy and good cheer that really are “the reason for the season”?

  8. The only time that Christmas was banned in North America, who was behind the ban?

  9. So, taking up almost all the land in so nobody else can use it is NOT an act of war? They said they wanted “even handed”, so they monopolize.

    • Yes, legally taking up the slots for seasonal display is totally an act of war. If you are paranoid to the point of neurosis.

      For the rest of with a clear head on our shoulders, you can even read the article to see that it’s been monopolized by Christians for decades, so one year where someone else takes over is hardly outrageous. You can bet that next year the Christians will just come in larger numbers to get their slots back.

      If you think that’s an act of war, then I think you need to seek some professional help for that paranoia of yours. Doesn’t sound healthy.

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