Mad Mike: Volley-Bawling


The adventures continued as I trailed Mad Mike, The Long Island Loudmouth, to another location on the Huntington Pier after he preached—from the pier—to surly surfers between sets during a recent Ambassadors’ Academy evangelism bootcamp….

He now spotted some guys on the south side of the pier engaged in a very fevered volleyball match.

Undaunted by the abuse heaped upon him previously by the surfers when he preached the Gospel, he now did the same thing by asking the players below, by way of a too loud shout, if they had kept God’s Law.
He then warned them to flee from the wrath to come by repenting of their sin and putting their trust in Jesus.

What was the response?

Applause. And more applause.

Mike now has a standing invitation from Paul Latour, an evangelist trapped in the wilds of the liberal frozen North:

“Hey Mike! Get on way up here in Canada for our winter season. You could ride ski lifts on our mountains and preach the gospel to line-ups of skiers way below!”

See him witness to Frankenstein here!



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