“Fireproof” Whups “Religulous”


In it’s second week, the CHRISTIAN THEMED film “Fireproof”, coming in at #8, beat the foolish new “comedy” by Bill Maher, which barely made the top ten, coming in at #10. This is good news for retailers, since that means that there will be another new video title just in time for Christmas.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that the conservative, pro-America comedy, “An American Carol” (which has been completely ignored by the Mainstream Media), also beat out Maher’s anti-Christian, anti-faith gruel. Hmmmm… think God may have had something to do with it? I’ll just bet if there was a fourth installment of a Barney movie, ole man Maher would be trembling at the competition….

I’m looking forward to some sharp Christian filmmaker to do a doc on the anti-God set. Maybe he could call it “Atheidiots.”


  1. I was happy to hear that Fireproof did well. I hope that Christians are taking their friends to see it. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I’m planning to go very soon. We need to move fast as it may not stay very long. Regarding Bill Maher, what if we all started praying for him to get saved. I’m asking God to open his eyes and touch his heart. I wonder how he got so bitter?

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