“Fireproof” Whups “Religulous”


In it’s second week, the CHRISTIAN THEMED film “Fireproof”, coming in at #8, beat the foolish new “comedy” by Bill Maher, which barely made the top ten, coming in at #10. This is good news for retailers, since that means that there will be another new video title just in time for Christmas.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that the conservative, pro-America comedy, “An American Carol” (which has been completely ignored by the Mainstream Media), also beat out Maher’s anti-Christian, anti-faith gruel. Hmmmm… think God may have had something to do with it? I’ll just bet if there was a fourth installment of a Barney movie, ole man Maher would be trembling at the competition….

I’m looking forward to some sharp Christian filmmaker to do a doc on the anti-God set. Maybe he could call it “Atheidiots.”


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