“Mad Mike” on Ambassadors’ Alliance Radio


You may remember “Mad Mike;” I met him at the Ambassadors’ Academy training last September. He’s the guy who shouted the Gospel to surfers from the Huntington Pier; he’s the guy who also shouted the Gospel to volleyball players from the same pier; he even witnessed to Frankenstein before Halloween. The guy is nuts and unafraid. Listen to what he plans on doing next! Click here to listen to the podcast.


  1. Mikes a great brother in the Lord. Listen to the podcast to hear how I described the scene of having “Mad Mike” and “The Pusher” working side by side. 🙂

  2. It was a pleasure witnessinf along side Mike here on Long Island for the past few months. He will be missed during his cross country Evangelism trip, but I know God has bigger plans for him. What a mighty servent for the Lord.

  3. Steve – I didn’t know about your links with “Mad Mike” until today.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mike in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I and my ministry partner had gone down there to evangelize for a few days during the festivities.

    Mike came up to me while I was holding my “Are You Ready” cross and asked if he could hold it awhile. I said sure and then he jumped up on a retaining wall next to the river and started preaching like nobodies business!

    He hung out with us all the next day while we handed out tracts and street witnessed.

    We lovingly called him “Mike the Beast”.

    Here is a link to my site where I filmed him witnessing to a guy on Bourbon Street.

    He told me that he would be helping out with the Ambassador’s Academy…..which is real cool since I will be at the August Academy.

    Can’t wait to see him again!

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