1. I really liked how Ray brought up during his discussion that she may die tonight, I must admit when I’m handing out tracks and talking to people it’s something don’t seem to ever mention.
    I bring it up because thats so true. A friend of mine died 3 weeks ago without warning. His son told me he was reading his bible, he called out to his son telling him he didn’t feel right, with in a couple minutes he fell to the ground dead, brain aneurysm.
    He didn’t know it was coming or even what was happening at the time!

    We always assume we will live until we are very, very old.

  2. Ray using the parachute analogy was a good lesson. I can’t wait to try it. I also, was encouraged by the fact that he asked so if you were to die tonight would you be going to hell or heaven.

    Great training video.

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