The Odd on the Promenade


The Third street Promenade is a world class shopping haven for the rich and liberal. It is also home to many street performers and kooky people with many strange beliefs (us included). Part of the adventure of evangelism is the interesting people you see and meet.

This man was of the Universal Realization. We hoped he would realize that he was headed for Hell and needed a Savior.

This Jehovah’s Witness hid his face every time I looked at him. I looked again; he covered up. I acted like I wasn’t looking at him—then I’d turn to meet his eye; he’d cover up again. What was he hiding? Certainly the truth of the Gospel.






And this guy? Your guess is as good as mine.









This man from Romania understood the value of the freedom we enjoy in this country. Under authoritarian dictator, Ceausescu, it was illegal to hand out Gospel literature. My paraphase of his sentiments: “What a country! What a country!”







Join us this Saturday at the Third Street Promenade for a great adventure. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. Email me if you’d like to meet up with us. 

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