Imperfect Record


My goal for The Everyday Club was to not miss one day in 2009 in handing out Gospel tracts or witnessing to an individual. It’s a do-able goal; it takes a little discipline, though, to keep my mind on the straight and narrow, to focus on the prize.

I will not miss one day. I will not miss one day.

At 11:20PM Wednesday night I was having a little snack at the kitchen table, having had a long day at the office. It suddenly dawned on me: I had not handed out one Gospel tract; I had not spoken to anyone about the Lord. What about my goal? My plans? My, my, my….

I went to bed.

It’s kind of ironic… If I had gotten up to leave the house to hand out a tract, or force a conversation with someone, it would have been my flesh, my pride, not the glory of God motivating me to fulfill my commitment. I wanted a perfect record. I wanted to be able to say that I went the entire year without missing an opportunity to witness of Jesus Christ. No more. I will have to settle with missing one day out of the entire year. No more perfect record, but a little more humility.

At 11:30PM Friday night, head on my pillow and half asleep, I woke with a start.

Make it two missed days in 2009.

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  1. i believe we are often harder on ourselves than the Lord would be in certain instances. but that’s what’s so cool about our Abba, He never condemns but often times allows us to check our hearts and realize how grateful we are to have a Savior.

    perfection can only be done by the One who is perfect…so that let’s me off the hook…sigh!!!

  2. Hmmmph!

    And to think I thought you were better than perfect. Well thanks anyway, Steve! I’m just gonna dropout and use the rest of my tracts for fire kindling and use my preaching stool to change household lightbulbs on the ceiling.

    Pop the popcorn, honey! There’s a real slick tele-vangelist on TV with a fancy hair-do promising miracles if we send him money. I’ll betcha he’s committed!

  3. Ah, the MOTIVE issue ! Long story I won’t get into, but I left a $50 item on the train due to trying to EV for an egotistic motive. I would like to see more discussion on this, more input from fellow evangelists.

    For example, my main fishing hole is the train – I be much more active if I had a spy cam – is that bad ? It would just be a tool to motivate me more like the ‘once-a-day’ club. I wouldn’t be watching the videos, saying to myself, “Aren’t I wonderful, look at all I’m doing…”

    But I do deal with checking my motive too . . . .

  4. Paul –
    Pass the popcorn please. I’m out-a-here. Since PASTOR Steve ain’t gotta perfect record, why should I even try? I heard the guy at my local convience store thought the $1,000,000 was real, so I’ll go ask for change and, I’ll be set for life.

    Oh wait, this same Steve said in his class to “go and make MISTAKES”. Guess he’s human too…..
    See you Saturday.

  5. i’m worried gentlemen, i hope it’s just a little sarcastic humor i’m dectecting here from paul & tom.

  6. Not sure where to post for the every day club. Please let me know. Thx!

    It has been an INCREDIBLE week. I’ve kept my daily goal and gone actually way over. My daughter had a recital last night and couldn’t go to Pastor Steve’s class and tomorrow I have to take my car first thing to to the mechanic and get a new clutch. Got has made my car work even with a really bad clutch. Praise God. I’ll go out with the team next Saturday for sure.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. Dear Pastor Steve,

    thanks for being honest.


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