LA Anti-War Protest (Part 6): Reverend Wrong

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The essence of the type of person we encountered at A.N.S.W.E.R. LA’s anti-war protest in Hollywood was distilled in this man. Listen to his self-justification, the rabbit trails, his refusal to see clearly who he is in the mirror of God’s 10 Commandments; then pray for him.
(Please read the start of this series by clicking here.)

My M.O. for this interview was to get the word out. I didn’t have much time because the protest march was drawing near and this man had his own agenda; you will see that he wasn’t tracking with me very well. I had to trust that God’s Word never returns empty, that why I had to preach to him a little bit.

Now, click here for part 7 to see the interview with the “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” guy.

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  1. Steve, WOW! and sad. People will believe anything. Continue doing what you are doing!

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