LA Anti-War Protest (Pt. 5): My Protest Banner Limbo


Ridiculous! That’s what I thought of these naive people’s silly ideas and political stances at the big anti-war protest we attended. Our purpose was apolitical: preach the Gospel!
(You must read the start of this series by clicking here.)

Still, when confronted with large obvious banners declaring untruths, (people actually believe that the horrible events of 9-11 were caused by our government), I had to do something: a little gentle mockery was in order.

As far as this part of the protest was concerned—y’know, all those 9-11 mysteries that just didn’t add up—I did the “9-11 Mysteries Limbo!” The protesting zealots didn’t mind, they thought I was one of them!

How low can ya go? How low can ya go?

I’ll bend over backwards to get the Gospel out.

Click here for Part 6, where I interview a very strange “Reverend” who participated in the protest march.


  1. Just curious sir, why do you think it is SO ridiculous of them to believe that our government was involved in 9/11?

  2. I, like amanda, would like to know why you think it’s so ridiculous that our government could have been involved in 9/11? We have, after all, become a godless nation. Putting your trust in the government to be morally grand is also idolatry, you know…

    If you are trusting the government to not do anything wrong, maybe you should refer yourself to the millions of abortions being supported by it. Or, perhaps, the japanese internment camps we had going on over here during WWII.

    Trust in God alone, and keep watching. Do you not think He’s coming back? Do you not think things are going to get WORSE before He comes back?
    Please think about this, and in the meantime, keep spreading the Gospel. 🙂

  3. To Amanda and Candra:

    Here’s a link to a slew of articles disputing the conspiracies with hard facts:

    Start with the article from Popular Mechanics.

    The best reason that proves that there was no conspiracy: The people who believe that there was a conspiracy (like the director of the video “Loose Change”), are still alive. Think about it.

    God bless you.

  4. Thanks for the site Steve. I was actually trying to probe into what your reasoning was, because a lot of Christians are under the impression that “our government could NEVER do anything like that” and while I expect that thinking from the world, Christians should know better. Evil can come from all places, even (and perhaps especially) here.

    I’ve researched 9/11 for years, along with all sorts of other political things that you would probably call ridiculous (I used to be crazy about politics, but after I got saved I was worried that I was going to cause people to associate Christ with a “Conspiracy Nut” so I’ve backed off a bit and refocused on the gospel – it’s the only thing that will really change anything anyway!)

    But yeah, after all the research I would still not be surprised if our government was involved with 9/11 – yes even after hearing the rebuttals from the mainstream media – and as for your best reason… if those people were to turn up dead, do you know how much attention would be brought to their ideas/videos etc? It would definitely be an unwise move IF the accused were in fact somehow responsible. Besides they’re doing just fine convincing the majority that the minority is crazy.

    Anyway, my biggest reason for commenting was that a lot of people call conspiracy theorists (a term which has been totally demonized despite the fact that conspiracies DO happen) “naive” when in fact it is their own naivete that blinds them to the depths of the evil around them. I just think Christians should know better.

    I appreciate your faithfulness in spreading the gospel, and I also would let you know that God uses you to challenge me and help me grow (in more than just evangelism!) and I appreciate that.

    Take care :o)

  5. Thanks Amanda!

    I am very political; I just don’t let politics influence my evangleistic message; that’s why I rarely, if ever, get political on my blog. You can take a clue about my politics from the only blog that I feature, Instapundit.

    God bless you!

  6. Thanks for the site.
    Amanda’s comment pretty much hit the nail on the head, and I don’t really have anything else to add! lol
    Again, thanks for the evangelistic encouragement. 🙂

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