The Everyday Club Report: For March


Happy Atheist’s Day!

This is your monthly reminder to report on your evangelistic activities for the month of March. And I’m not fooling!

Unfortunately, of the over 50 who have signed up not many have been reporting; that’s understandable in these economically depressed times. (HEY, we can blame the economy for everything, can’t we?)

If you’ve forgotten about your commitment, here’s your reminder. If you’d like to bow out, please send me an email ( ) and I will remove your name from this list and from the original blog post, no questions asked.

God bless you as seek and save the lost!

(This is a club where you make a daily evangelistic commitment; click here to join.)


  1. Here’s my report for March.

    My goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or to have one personal witness a day, and open air preach when I can.

    Fortunately, I was able to fulfill my commitment everyday. Here are the stats:

    Tracts handed out: 870+

    Open air preaching: 11 times to over 1200 people. (The war protest allowed for this amount)

    Personal witnessing encounters: 59 (At the college I go to, I can witness to groups of people at the same time.

    Inner air preaching: 4 times to approx. 90 people. (I preached the gospel at two funeral services I officiated at; at a Muslim Club; and at a Christian school to three sets of students, from kindergarten to eighth grade. Trust me, not all are Christians.)

  2. Here is my March report.

    I did miss the mark on my goal of 3 tracts and/or 1 personal witness per day two days this month. However, there were some great blessings as well. I open air preached for the first time, 3 times actually, and did some stoplight preaching as well. I was able to do a much greater number of personal witnesses than in months past and estimate my tracts distributed somewhere around 500+ for the month. All in all it was a good month.
    Glory to God!

  3. Hi! I’ve given out at least one tract every day,since signing up, except one day! I’ve given them out personally to people and have left them on counters in restrooms,telephone booths,near the computers at the library,etc.! The tracts I’ve used are the Million Dollar Tracts,What If Tracts,Curved Illusion Tracts, and others! Be Encouraged! Don’t give up! Keep Pressing On!
    “Don’t Close Your Eyes and pretend the Job’s done”-Keith Green
    Remember Mark 16:15 !! Go out and Witness! Share your faith!
    Pray for me! Every area of my life! Health! Wisdom! Etc.! As God leads you! Thanks soooooo much! 🙂 I love you all!! xxxxooxx

    A follower of Jesus,Craig

  4. Report for March

    I’m improving. Only missed 1 day in March. I really don’t keep track of numbers as Steve does. I think the most interesting was witnessing to a group of Zoroastorian teenagers at the Persian New Year celebration March 29 at Mason Park in Irvine. Deception goes a long way back, over 3,000 yrs ago, and continues to today.
    Pray for vulnerable, young minds particularly those fooled into thinking they are good enough to please God and go into eternity with Him. The law & gospel truly is what all need to hear. Keep spreading it!

  5. My goal is one witnessing conversation each day. On average it was much higher than that, but I did miss four days this month. This is a big improvement over before where I would go for several days straight without sharing the Gospel and then catch up all at once. I want to make it a part of my everyday life. Like I said before, the longer I wait, the harder it is to “break the ice” in starting a conversation, and I want to always be ready to witness as the Spirit leads.

  6. because i am a housewife, mom & part-time employed outside the home i have to re-state my “everyday” comittment to “when i’m out of the house” committment. i frankly do not leave the house everyday, too much to do at home but, when i did go out this month i…

    left tracts everywhere i could.

    placed tracts every time i went to work on the stairs 4 floors up leading to my work area & upon leaving.

    upon heading for a grocery store run, i stopped to pass out tracts to 2 van loads of road workers and had a conversation with one of them.

    trying to get my weekly Bible study to do the WOTM basic course.

    i had the prvilege to explain the WOTM basic course to a pastor in a nearby town. i was recently saddened that he is postponing this outreach around the summertime. oh well, all God’s timing.

    went out with like-minded friends and passed out a pack of the new Presidential million dollar tracts (that wasn’t hard to do).

    had a conversation w/ a mormon.

    no open-air (I’m working on this- i believe April will be different).

    God bless saints…keep fighting the good fight!

  7. Exams have unfortunately gotten in my way of late.

    I spent about 5 hours outside the student union on St Patric’s day helping hand out hot chocolate and witnessing to revellers, and a few opportunities to discuss the gosepl with friends have presented themselves, but not nearly as much activity as I’d have liked.

  8. I can not claim that I have kept my comitment to speak with someone every day about eternity. There were two Sundays in March that I did not have any personal witnessing encounters nor hand out any gospel tracts.
    Last weekend I did get a chance to open air to some colleage students on Spring Break and passed out 200 tracts in 3 hours. I went to Coca Beach Pier, Fla. Spring Break is here! I am so excited sbout the oppurtuinties. I am so fortunate our Lord has put me in smack dab in the middle of Spring Break Central of at least the South East United States.
    I have been Bless with a tough Instructor who is teaching The Way of the Master Intermediate Course I am attending. Praise The Lord, Her home work asignments every week are to have a least ten, one to one winessing encounters per week and hand out 10 Tracts. This has helped encourage me to keep up on my comitment to have at least one witnessing encounter per day, hand out at least 10 tracts a day, and to open air when the opportunity comes up.
    The month of March, I Handed out 560 tracts, Had atleast 34 personal one to one witnessing encounters, and open air preached twice.

  9. Report for March:

    Met or exceeded my personal goal 26 of 31 days.

    I had the joy of leading Ambassadors’ Academy #8.

    I started open-air preaching on the campus of Cal State Northridge.

  10. My kids and I are involved in evangelizing together usually. We homeschool and are home a lot. So we waited for people to walk by our house. We ran out and gave many people tracts. Lots of teenagers. There were 3 girls that said they didn’t want any tracts. One said she wanted to go to hell and that she was a demon. I told them that there really is a place called heaven and there really is a place called hell. I encouraged them to come and talk to me if they want to have heaven. These are neighborhood girls that we see often. This bothered my kids and rightly so. It was a time for teaching that many reject Jesus and not to take it personally. We prayed and prayed. Still praying.
    My kids and I are learning how to witness with the 10 commandments. It is awesome to do together as a family. This is a normal way of life for them.

  11. I have pased out 1 or more tracts per day since I started some time in the begining of january.

  12. 500+ tracts

    27 personal encounters

    This month we are teaching 2 classes so I found that preparation for those classes has somewhat captured my focus. Lord give us a burden we can’t escape!

  13. My goal: 10 tracts or 1 One2One a day and praying by name for those I do One2One with.

    I didn’t reach my goal about six days this month.

    But I passed out ~1500 tracts this month
    One2One – ~30 people
    Open-air – 1 attempt (no sound system)
    Prayer – Better, needs improvement, because no comes to the Father unless the Father draws him.

  14. I am bad about keeping track of tracts.
    Gave out over 500 tracts in March.
    I was involved in at least 25 great one2one conversations in March.
    My goal is to do as much as I can for His Kingdom. . . and it is not enough.
    My next goal is to keep a better record.

  15. I’m with Dede…my committment has to be when I’m out of the house. Since I live outside of town, and I don’t go into town often, I pass out tracts when I’m out and about. I am however leading a women’s Bible study on Tuesdays and discipling two brand new believer’s in the basics of their faith on Thursdays.

  16. So glad I checked my spam folder~yikes, Pastor Steve was in there!
    I haven’t kept track of my tracts, but have handed out at least one a day. This “group” has inspired me.
    Did first street ministry with some other WOTMers last Fri.nite–it was AWESOME!!
    Had a great 1-2-1 with a young man at a snowboard shop and gave him a NT which I know he will read. He very humbly took the good person test and now knows that worshipping the mountain is futile and that the Creator of those mountains sent His son, Jesus Christ for him.
    bless you all, fellow evangelists!

  17. Very good, all of yu. Thanks for honoring your commitment!

    Great job!

  18. 1 tract a day, some days not able but would make up for it when I could.
    1 witness

  19. Sure was a hit and miss month for me.
    Open air: 1
    One-2-one: 10
    Tracts: : 358
    Hope to do better in April.

  20. Hey Steve! Can you please add me to the Everyday Club?


  21. Hello, loyal yoke fellows of the Lord Jesus Christ and to him be the gloria for ever. I missed four days during the month of March. To you be much success in the Lord’s fishing ground. Amen.

  22. This month was a pretty good month praise and thanks to God

    I was able to have one 2 one with about 10 people, and 2 were’s amazing the Lord makes plenty of opportunities available especially with friends or co-wokers that i’ve missed before and i’ve seen that I must be sensitive and ready in all seasons. I even spoke with a jehovahs witness -wow was my heart going out of my body or what when that happened!!

    I also was able to hand out approx 200 = tracts
    Drops/cars- 30
    open air-none

    I didn’t hand out a tract every day although some, I’m still working on that and I admit that for me it’s a pride issue that I’ve got to pray through, I’ts hard doing it by myself sometimes. However God is always with me and is faithful and I’m inspired by others posts…all for the glory of God. Believe me when I say that jehovahs witnesses are out like crazy during this month it seems and I don’t want 2 be out witnessed by them.

  23. I did not meet my personal goal of 10 tracts per day or 1 personal sharing of the Gospel per day. I did do better than last month, so that’s encouraging, but i still need to be more intentional about my goal. Thank you Everyday Club for being accountability.

    Praise God for one conversation I had with an old buddy from high school, connected on facebook, and that led to a phone call where I was able to share the Gospel with him! I pray the Lord works on Brock’s heart and regenerates him!!!


  24. I wasn’t very good this month. I joined the group on March 8th. I think I missed 5 days even with starting late. I did do my one outing a month and went to the anti -war protest. I am still continuing to learn the open air speech.

  25. Goal: average sowing at least one seed for the Gospel every day.

    March total: 48

    Got kicked out of somewhere for the first time (a public place, nonetheless!).

    Weather is slowly warming up in Cleveland, so looking forward to more opportunities!

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