Evangelism Gone Wrong? Pt. 10: Avoid Weird Guys & Pointing Fingers


In this continuing series that tens and tens of people are reading, I want to offer a few more situations that can go wrong if you let your guard down, especially in this age of Internet popularity where anyone can video your actions and put them on YouTube. (Start at part 1 of “Evangelism Gone Wrong” by clicking here.)

At the Hollywood anti-war protest we attended (Read the war-protest 2011 series here),  there were some strange black men claiming that they were the true Hebrew Israelites.

Dressed in garb reminiscent of a bad small church Christmas program, these guys were loud, angry, profane and quite perturbed. One of our team, Ed Lee, got a little carried away, entrapped in the argument, especially when they started calling him a devil. See it yourself:

Part 1 (2 minutes)

Part 2 (30 seconds)

May I suggest that you not try to reason with these types? Anything you say will be twisted and used against you, ultimately resulting in a shouting match that does nothing to elevate and promote the Christian message of peace with God through His Son Jesus.

If you should choose to tangle with strange cult members make sure you stay in control and keep your hands neutral. It’s easy to point a finger at the Strange Ones, which never works, though it will emphasize your points. (Remember when your mama did that?)

Another factor to consider when you blow it: the ubiquitous camera. Every mistake you make in the street will most likely be recorded by a third party for all the world to see.

Thanks to my faithful Gospel partner Ed Lee who graciously gave me permission to post these two YouTube videos of him violating all these rules when he went toe-to-toe with the Black Hebrew Israelites. (And yes, I found these on YouTube filmed by a third party observer.)

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  1. Steve,
    So they are the strange ones? Oh i mean as you quote it,”strange black men.” And they are Cult members? To me it seems they are doing the same thing you do….spread their beliefs. I don’t agree with either group. But why are you so quick to judge these men and make fun of their attire…and then question or wonder why people argue with you about your methods of preaching? You guys are such hypocrites. I think you’re just jealous because they probably got more attention than your group did. I dunno…he did have a pretty cool chart and visuals…i mean…all you got is a loud annoying microphone and a big cross.

  2. Thanks Steve, good advice. Gotta love the “Christian” who jumped in during part 2 with “we shouldn’t judge”! Wow, I guess their Bible is missing most the New Testament.

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