Evangelism Gone Wrong, Part 11: My Big, Fat, Huge Mistake


I love WW2 vets! Every time I meet one I thank them for their service…and try to give them the Gospel. William Stokes is a believer, in fellowship, and he wished me the best in my church plant at JiffyLube. He loved is Giant Money Gospel tract, too. This encounter went well, very well.

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The next encounter, not so.

When I used to teach my evangelism class I would start the first week off by saying that the motto was: “Go and Make Mistakes!”Well, I took my own advice and made one. I made one.

Yep, I went a little too far.

shameAt Jiffylube, after talking to the WW2 vet and having a great conversation, I went over to a businessman, who, like me, was waiting for his car to be serviced. I offered him a trillion dollar Gospel tract and invited him to church.

He showed extreme disinterest, barely looking up from his iPhone to acknowledge me. I told him about the “Good Person Test” on the back, saying that if he passed I’d like him to come to my church.

He interrupted me with, “Not interested.”

I pressed a little harder, reminding him that he could end up in Hell if he ignored the information.

To that he replied, “Get out of here.”

And this is where I blew it, not in pushing too hard, but in allowing my pride to get the best of me. “I don’t have to get out of here,” I replied, somewhat defiantly.

Frustrated, he had nowhere to go because I was right: He had nowhere to go.

But I was wrong.

As an ambassador of Christ I am making my appeal as if Christ were speaking through me. I’m a minister of reconciliation, not a “stand by my rights” defender.

So what did I do next? What would you do? If Jesus could make a mistake (He can’t), what would He do?

This is what I did: I apologized to the JiffyLube worker who witnessed the whole thing, then I got in my car, and drove away, shaking my head with disgust for “getting in the flesh.”

Then I pressed on and witnessed to about ten more people.

And I did it a whole lot differently, thank you very much.

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