E-vangie Tales #44 The Jesus Guy, Skye and I


Just who is that “Jesus Guy” with the “Jesus Truck” festooned with old Christmas tinsel and a million Jesus signs? And why does he leave his similarly decorated “Jesus Bike” in front of a parking lot in South Redondo for all to see? At Trader Joe’s I asked the checker, Skye, about him…

“You mean Robert?” she replied.

“Yes. Does he really live out his truck?”


“How does he get by?”

“He collects bottles and cans, then recycles them. He never panhandles. People don’t like him ‘cause he preaches Christ. I say to these people, ‘Look at that panhandler! Those others just want your money, but when the cops show up they disappear, but not Robert.’ They don’t like him ‘cause he preaches.”

“Yes. When you talk about Jesus people will persecute you. Skye, do you believe?”

“Yes I do,” she said in a lower voice. “They told me I couldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas’. I said it anyway.”

“Do you go to church?”

“No. I used to go to Rolling Hills Covenant, but I work two jobs. You know, a kid was over here and got all excited ‘cause he just got saved and people didn’t like it. He was excited for what the Lord did for him.”

“Yes. It’s pretty exciting when you think of all the eternal benefits of believing in Jesus.”

After purchasing my items I walked over to the “The Jesus Guy” to bless him with some cash. I was touched that this man didn’t panhandle but apparently trusted God to provide for him.

With wild eyes he peeked out from behind a blind that partially covered the driver’s side window. Dressed in a white-collared shirt, he looked a little like Robert Duvall from the movie, “The Apostle”, and kind of sounded like him too. I tried not to look too surprised at the large Jesus Tweety Bird attached to the truck door.

“Where do you go to church?” I asked.

“I don’t believe in organized religion. They’re all demon followers.”

After he rambled on for a good ten minutes I asked if we could sit down for coffee some time.

“I don’t drink coffee.”

“We can get something to eat then,” I persisted.

“I don’t eat. Just the Word of God, brother.”

Walking away, I noticed “HE IS HOLY” painted on the front bumper.

Click here to see some photos of this dude.


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