Your Thoughts? What About This “Jesus Guy”?


If you live in the South Bay and shop in the Riviera Village, then you’ve seen him. If you live in another area, you’ve seen them, too… y’know, the “Jesus Guys”.
They’re a little off, a little kooky, and certainly a whole lot strange…
This is the “Jesus Guy’s” home—a truck that is never moved and is always festively decorated.

And here’s the man himself!
You can read about him by clicking here!
null His name is Robert. I asked him what it is he’s doing and he said, “It’s all about Him!” as he pointed upward to the sky.

My question: Does he do any good for the cause of Christ? Explain. I’ll let you know my thoughts next week.

Click here to read an interview with “The Jesus Guy.”


  1. He might be reaching someone, but overall I think he is hurting the cause. People like him tend to preach without ever engaging in a meaningful dialog. The approach you use and are teaching engages people. It still gives the opportunity to preach the gospel, but I feel it gives people options.

    As a non-believer this guy would have lost me. I would have written him off as a kook. You on the other hand I might not have accepted your message, but I would have given you the respect of listening.

    Just my humble option …

  2. Well, i have seen this guy. And when you go to talk with him, he won’t carry on a normal, relatable conversation. How is that helping the Kingdom of God?

  3. Everyone,

    I want to ask you to do one major thing concerning Robert (whom I’ve met and had conversations with):

    PRAY for him. Don’t judge him. Read Romans 14.

    Yes, Robert is a little out there; but I think that has more to do with his mental state, then his belief system…

    Two things I know about Robert:

    1. He is sold out to His Jesus (hopefully it is the real one, but He does get his stuff from the Bible). Yeah, his theology is off, but who here can claim to be the perfect theologian?

    2. He is lonely. Again, self perpetuated? You bet. But I’ve made a commitment to be his friend, because in a sense, he is an outcast, and I know that God has a special place in his heart for outcasts…

    As to wether or not what he does has a negative impact on non-Christians?

    Let me pose to you some scenerios:

    1. Is what Robert is doing worse than what Ted Haggard did?

    2. Is what Robert is doing worse than the Christian who is not living a holy life (talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk) and his non-Christian friends and co-workers know it?

    3. Is what Robert is doing worse than the Christian who never preaches the gospel ONCE in their lifetime, but simply believes all you have to do is live a good life?

    I could share about a girl that I just met, who does not know the Lord, who visited a certain church and before she was even really ‘welcomed’ into the church, was confronted with the “are you a good person” routine and was completely turned off. She wasn’t out on the street, mind you… she had come to a church, because she knew from her childhood that church is supposed to be a place you can go if you need help and you will be welcomed with open arms…

    She felt judged, she felt condemned… she did not feel loved.

    How is this helpful for the kingdom? Does this hurt the cause?

    We need to be careful of a “one size fits all” approach to preaching the gospel…

    AND we need to be careful of judging others who do not do it the “way we do it…”

    Jesus said (Luke 9:49,50) basically, “he who is not against Me, is for Me”

    If you have not prayed for Robert, or if you have not taken the time to get to know him (love never fails), I would be careful not to just judge his “techniques” or God forbid, even judge his heart or his motives…

  4. Powerful Doug…

    I agree, pray for him. I’ve met him, he said when people look at him, they know exactly what he’s about. He makes no attempt to hide his faith or excuses about why he is dressed that way.

  5. Pastor Doug. You are absolutely right. It seems like he loves the Lord and he’s not ashamed of it. The Lord knows his heart. How many people can say that they live their life 100% for Jesus, even to live out of your car. I think this guy Robert has taught me something.

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