Discount Evangelism


This was a different type of witnessing encounter:

I was at Souplantation with my friend Mark Jacobs, and used a Smartphone coupon which gave us a really huge discount. After paying, I asked the couple behind us if they had a coupon.

They didn’t.

I told them they could use my coupon.

The cashier frowned and gently reminded me that I could only use the coupon if I knew them.

I turned to them and asked them their names.

“Joey and Carol,” they replied.

I shook both their hands, smiled back at the cashier, handed her my iPhone and declared,  “I know them!”

Joey and Carol saved about eight bucks and got a couple of Gospel tracts as well.


  1. You’re too much, Steve! I could just see you doing that. 🙂

  2. That is a great story. Steve I am happy to read that you are still taking every opportunity to spread the Gospel. I hope Joey and Carol were atheists and have now accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and are now ex-atheists. The world has too many atheists and Satan is claiming too many souls.

    Keep up the good work Steve and keep steering people in the RIGHT direction, which is toward our loving Savior, Jesus Christ who died for the undgodly.

    To the ungodly atheists please keep reading this blog and hopefully you will be converted and saved from an eternity in Satan’s housing development which is Hell.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. That was great, Steve! When I am in line at a store, I will let people get in front of me. I start a conversation or give them a tract after they make their purchase. They are willing to take the tract from a “nice” person.

  5. Great encounter, great idea!

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