Destinations: The El Camino College Murder Artist


We have resumed our outreach to El Camino College where we meet the strangest people.

The young man below is taking an art class. And what he is holding up is, well, his idea of art; it’s a house where apparently, a mass murderer lives. A cemetery is in the front, a mound of human bones in the back.

What’s shocking is that this man calls himself a born again believer.

Now, can a Christian make morbidly shocking art? I suppose so, but I would ask: Does it glorify God? I’ll tell you more and show you his  other art (Warning! Graphically gross!) by clicking to read the rest.

Here’s a close up of the back.

Here’s the front view. Lovely.

We gave the guy a Gospel tract and tried to explain to him that his art didn’t really measure up to his faith. We shook hands and he moved on.

I saw him again last week, where we started back at the college for the spring semester. He was carrying another “work of art.” I asked him to come over so I could see it.


All I could say to him this time was, “Dude, you gotta get right with God.”

Join us every Thursday afternoon in front
of the Library Lawn from 12:30-2:00.


  1. Will Ray be doing another of his mock funerals? Where he dressed up with a dog collar while men drag about a bloodied fake body?

    Morbidly shocking? Good for some, but not others I guess.

  2. Where he dressed up with a dog collar while men drag about a bloodied fake body?

    I have never heard or seen that! That would be… shocking!

  3. It’s not Gory or anything but it’s the same idea of using death to shock.

    And it’s weird to see to Ray dressed as a priest.

  4. gotta admit the house thing is on the wierd side. however being in the medical field i can appreciate the anatomy of the arm.

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