(Almost) Sudden Death: Chinese New Year Parade!


Forty people went out to share their faith at the 2010 Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown over the weekend—but something amazing happened that I would call a miracle….

One member of our team, Shawndra Hartman, was walking down the parade route handing out Gospel tracts to parade-goers when she noticed a woman slumped over in her chair. Being a nurse, this roused her curiosity. She turned toward the woman and called out, “Hello! Hello!” trying to get her attention. When the woman wouldn’t respond, she bent down to shake her.

Still no response.

Immediately she had her husband Steve call 911 while she checked the woman’s pulse. There was none.

Shawndra laid the woman out on the street and performed CPR and gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Time was running out. She continued to work until the woman regained consciousness. “My name is Shawndra. Can you repeat it?”

“Shawndra,” the woman replied.

“God saved your life today,” Shawndra gently explained.

The paramedics arrived and took over from there.

As an evangelism team we are used to going out together with the intention of saving souls. This time however, due to Shawndra’s diligence, a life was saved.

And yes, she got a Gospel tract.


  1. That was such a fun day out together, long but so worth it! If you have never gone out with our team it is such a blessing. The people involved are some of the most loving people you will ever meet. I believe every member of our church should at least go out once with us and experience the joy of fellowship and spreading the gospel.

  2. I was at Mcdonalds. I gave an optical illusion tract to a man. He said, “what? Oh thank you.

  3. I was at a Chinese new year parade. I gave a tract to Antonio Via Gerosa. He said thank you.

  4. Next time I got with the team, I’m making sure I stay close to Shawndra & Steven; just in case I pass put. I miss you guys!

  5. WOW! How GREAT is that?? Wonderful story! If this woman isn’t already saved, then I hope this experience will be what gets her there! God bless Shawndra!

  6. I’m very glad to hear that this woman’s predicament was noticed and she was taken care of.

    I wonder why God took such an interest in saving her life though, as oppose to the multitude of others who don’t have such good fortune?


  7. Matt,

    Please get back to ignoring the misses and counting the hits, ok?

  8. To GOD be the glory! He is awesome!

    Please take it upon yourself to learn CPR and get AEDs installed at your churches. We can’t forget a 150,000 people die a day. You never know when God might use you to witness to someone, and preform CPR, and shock them to bring them back to life. GOD is in control of who and when they go, we just need to be prepared to have Him use us according to His will! Amen!


  9. Steve and the team it was awsome to meet and watch all of you hand out tracts and open air to the people in China Town. I wanted to translate the Chinese sign that is in the Team picture (Repent and Believe in Jesus)also the side not visible reads (Thou shall not bow down to Idols). May we keep our eyes on the Cross.

    In Christ alone,
    Jason Roberts

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