Denying Brian Sapient

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Who’s Brian Sapient? Good question. No one would know him if it weren’t for “The Blasphemy Challenge.” He is the less shrill half of the Demonic Duo that created this YouTube phenomenon, and who is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of eternity.
null An evangelist friend, Kevin Williams, created a My Space account called “I Deny Brian Sapient.” Since it is easier to deny Mr. Sapient than to deny God (Have you ever really seen Brian Sapient?), he thought it would be a great idea to devote a website to this imaginary transitional form. But there is a method to his madness…

He writes: “In just the last 3 days the site has had 1400+ views, 1025 blog views, and 113 blog comments. I’ve had countless emails, plus I’ve been able to send bulletins out to atheists, who have left comments. Brian Sapient has sent a bulletin to his 2400 athiest friends to visit the site. All those people are going to hear the Gospel. Apart from all the videos and tract blogs, as soon as they go on the page they get to hear the last 10 minutes of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” on auto-play. Please pray for these people. One 16-year-old girl has left repeated messages of ‘I hate God.’ It broke my heart.” Check out his site by clicking here!

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  1. Thanks Steve. An atheist just emailed me on it “All your videos that you post say basically the same thing” to which I replied “What do you reckon is the cause of the similarities? Evidence of a Common Designer? or one changed into the other through random change over millions of years?” ;0)

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