Heart Attacks and Hospital Hallelujahs!


My wife had a heart attack scare!

I rushed her to the Emergency Room after getting a call that she was experiencing chest pains while taking a walk on the beach. During the 10 hours we were there, I watched her endure multiple blood tests, electro-cardiogram monitoring, nuclear studies, and a treadmill test, all ultimately showing us… nothing! Her heart appears to be working properly, and there is no damage to the heart walls, but we still don’t know what caused the pain in her chest… and she’s still experiencing them.
We prayed and called out to God for wisdom and healing. We thanked God for our insurance, the attentive hospital staff, and the fact that we have great health care in America. We thanked God for being who he was, and is.

Then I wondered about what atheists do in their time of trouble. Who do they call upon? They trust in the wisdom of science, and facts, empirical evidence, and empty philosophies that provide no hope. Oh Scientist help me!

I mused on all the others who don’t know—who don’t care—that there is a God who demonstrated His love for them by sending His Son to die on a cross so their sins could be forgiven, so that they could be healed of their worst disease, sin.

And I was thankful that I had my Million-Dollar Gospel tracts with me…

Did you ever notice that the hospital is filled with sick and hurting people?

After a day spent in the hospital with my wife, I realized once again how many opportunities there are to share the Gospel. Though my attention was focused solely on caring for my Karen, I made the most of every opportunity during bathroom breaks, food runs, and coffee replenishments.

To the hard-working hospital volunteers I would say, “You are doing a great job; here’s a million dollars!” They’d laugh, smile, and ask for more. Everyone loves to be appreciated.

The doctors would thank me when I assured them that what they did was worth millions, while handing them a tract, too.

I gave the nurses “raises,” telling them that they deserved their millions for putting up with all the guff from grumpy patients and bossy doctors.
null Patients in the waiting room, janitors, visitors, and elevator riders all received the good news printed on the back of a phony million dollar bill. Every single person was grateful to get one!

The friendly Security guards—three of them—heard of their future if they didn’t repent.

The cashier who gave me change for a newspaper guffawed in delight when she was handed a tract.

And I actually “bribed” our nurse to let us out early once we were cleared to go.

Next time you are waiting in the emergency room for a doctor, take advantage of the time by telling others of the Great Physician…
null …who heals everytime.

(Please continue to pray for my wife. As of this morning, she is still experiencing chest pains and has an irregular heart beat. She will try to see a cardiologist next week.)


  1. Steve, Awesome outcome for wife and great story.
    I was also doing the best last time I found myself in the Hospital about two months ago. My mom had a heart attack as well and I was there with her and also found myself passing the MDB tracks to the nurses. One of the actually asked “If this going to be religoius topic, I don’t want to talk about it” I said, wait a minute, your telling me you’re working for Saint John’s Hospital and there are saints all over your hospital and you are a nurse her and you don’t want to talk about it!!! She laughed and I continue…
    She actually happened to be a nice nurse and I think she appreciated my baldness! I passed them around I gave one to some guy that looked like owned the hospital…It was fun and I was filled with the spirit. I also took this time to witness to my sister, niece and others….
    Hospitals are ripe for the Harvest!

    Sorry no pics.

  2. Praise God Steve! I am so glad that everything worked out and that God got to use you in spite of a terrible circumstance. We prayed for you guys in mini church and truly God does answer prayer.

  3. Steve, I’m so sorry to read about Karen. My mom had a similar thing about 3 or 4 years ago. She only experienced the pains when she did some sort of exercising, like walking, or even taking in a deep breath. She ended up having to have a stint (sp?) put in (I think it’s called angioplasty) and now she’s fine. She had an excellent doctor and I’m sure you’re getting reccommendations all over, but his name is Dr. Averill and he works out of Torrance Memorial, if your insurance takes that hospital, he’s excellent!!!! I thank Karen for being so wondering with her kind words and hugs last Sat. on my “debut” singing!!! She’s the best!!!! I will continue to pray for her, you, and your beautiful girls!!!

  4. Steve,

    My prayers go out to Karen for her healing my the great physician, our Lord Jesus Christ. My all be a blessing to you and your family during this time. Let me know if I can help in anyway with anything. Yes, the hospital is a great place to let all that wish to receive the “Good News”. As you may or maynot know my mother also, just underwent another open heart surgery about a 1 1/2 months ago in Alabama. She is doing better, thanks to all the prayers. Eventhough our prayers are heard, we are always to continue to pray for those that are sick, as it is my personal experience that God comes to the heart at the perfect time/place for those that do not know him yet. My mother and father do not believe that he is the “Risen” and that it is only by giving our lives to the “Lord Jesus Christ” that we are saved. So, continue to bless your wife and pray as I will also continue to pray for those we know him and those that do not. Each day is a gift from Him. May God bless you today.

  5. We are all praying for Karen. Take good care of her.

  6. Thanks you all for praying. Still no additional news…

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