Campus Comfort…or Con?


On November 18th, 17 people entered the hallowed halls of USC to hand out a book written by an amazing fiction writer, Charles Darwin.

“The Origin of Species” is the work that first perpetrated the myth of evolution that is now taught as fact at schools and universities around the world.

Ray Comfort wrote a 50 page introduction explaining the Creationist’s perspective, Intelligent Design, and the Law and Gospel. Along the way he wrote a few truthful tidbits about Darwin’s misogyny, and the influence Darwinian thought had on Hitler’s Final Solution. (Click here to read the background.)

Atheists hated it.

Joey wrote (on Facebook):  They’re handing them out right outside the building I’m in as we speak… EVERYONE has one. It’s like an infection of lies and false knowledge.”

They also despised the fact that we arrived a day earlier on campus than expected. The original date to hand out nearly 170,000 of these books on 100 universities around the country was November 19.  After learning of organized atheist opposition, Ray Comfort changed the date to a day earlier, November 18—and didn’t tell anyone else, except for those on the book distribution teams.

Did I mention that atheists hated it?

Neal Strobl wrote (on Facebook): “It shows you that, in a free market of ideas, religion will always fail. Thus the religious must tip the scales in their favor to even stand a chance.”

Our orders from Command Central? Distribute 2,600 books to the students—and don’t get into any fights.  We obeyed.

In 2 1/2 hours we were done. All 2,600 books were gone. Wait. Make that 2,599 books. One was left in the van. They went like hotcakes free books!

The amazing thing was that there was virtually no opposition.

Bobby wrote (on Facebook): “Kirk and Ray and all these morons that are helping him in this futile cause are completely out of their minds….”

The Trojan Knights, a male Rah! Rah! group, were delighted to get a free Darwin book with a special introduction by Ray Comfort.

They even lead a cheer against UCLA—for us! Great sports, these guys. I’m sure the atheists would’ve hated it.

Brett wrote (on Facebook):  “Maybe we should start some organization to pass out copies of “The Dark Side of Christianity” on campuses. some sort of counter-balance.”

Three professors were delighted to get a freebie! One was a prof of politics, the others, of education. After reading the special forward, they might actually learn a thing or two.

Ryan wrote (on Facebook): “This is borderline sociopathic.”

I even got an on-camera interview with an evolutionary biology professor who was livid that we were doing this.  “I thought you guys were to be out here tomorrow,” he said before we filmed him. But, after thinking about the strategy of arriving a day earlier than the atheists expected he conceded, “That was pretty smart.”

One student asked, “Is this the book with the preface by the Nutcase?”

“Yes,” I replied.

I couldn’t lie. I’d be breaking the 9th Commandment.

Weemaryanne wrote (from my blog): “Tactical moves are for battlefields. We’re talking college campuses. You don’t educate by lying. And when you learned there was opposition, why you should have rejoiced! – teach the controversy, let the students hear both sides, remember? You people don’t even believe your own words. Nobody else should, either.”


I was interviewed in the first half hour on Ambassadors’ Alliance Radio along with many others who participated in this outreach. You can listen here.

We also started posting our success stories on the atheist opposition page. Read their comments, and our comments here.

And here’s the link on Facebook for Origin in Schools. It details all the newspaper articles and reports from this momentous day.

Of course, the atheists hate all this.

***Read my post on Articulate Atheism here.***


  1. Well done fellas!

    I am close to breaking the 10th commandment – I am envious you had 2,600 to distribute. But delighted for you that the giveaway was so successful. That’s more than FIVE TIMES the total shipped to the UK! I have managed to get a good proportion of these (150) and three of us will be giving these out next week – on the campus of one of the Britain’s most reputable universities.

    Our tactics will be slightly different from yours. We aim witness verbally to as many as we can manage, as well as giving out the books.

    Pray for us – that the relatively few we have will get into the right hands. And pray for the weather too – if it’s even a little like the weather you got, that would be great – but this is England!



  2. Umm Evolution as a concept has been around for thousands of years (heard of Aristotle?), Darwin didn’t invent it, his book was the first coherent explanation of how it happened. The Christian/Western Scientific Establishment assessed it accepted and it’s held ever since, updated as more information has been discovered.

    If your understanding of what Evolution actually is, is that wrong, ever consider that you might be wrong?

    Like a Guy over at Trish’s blog told me ‘Fish don’t have lungs!’, it’s like seriously if you understanding of the world you live in is that wrong, are you really in a position to argue science?

    The Big Bang Theory came from a Christian. I’d be surprised if you knew that. Christians are very active in the scientific community. Like Galileo they just don’t let religious dogma get in the way of using the brain that god gave them.

  3. Hi Steve,

    You use the word “hate” in a lot of instances where I think you might be using a bit too much hyperbole.

    For the record, I don’t hate you, what you write, what you preach… any of it.

  4. Thanks, Nohm. I do appreciate that.

    You do understand that it is hyperbole, meant for a little humor. Still, look at some of those red highlighted quotes. That ain’t exactly love….

  5. “….look at some of those red highlighted quotes. That ain’t exactly love….”

    You’re the one who highlighted ’em in red, [expletive]. If you dressed your grandmother’s corpse in a zoot suit and put a tommygun beside her in the coffin, then at her wake she might faintly resemble a Depression-era gangster. You could be honest – with yourself at least – and admit that nobody’s likely to believe she was a gangster except those who disliked her already. So, you’re the only one who believes that you’re hated. And since martyrdom requires at least one real enemy, yours will have to wait.

  6. Well done on campus, brother! Enjoyed reading and viewing this post. I’m hoping to have our report from Ottawa up within in a couple of days.

    Like McMurdo in England, we here in Canada did not have the number of books per campus to hand out as you did. But that did not make it less of a privilege to be a part of this project. It was a joy!

  7. Wow, Steve, how you can contain yourself and be so in control. This was great.

  8. Expletive is not an expletive, expletive. It’s an insult.

  9. What a privilege!!!

    We went to a part of Durham University (arguably the top institution besides Oxford and Cambridge). It was a beautiful, bright autumn day (heavy rain the day before and after!). The first to get a book was an Anthropology lecturer. She was bowled over at the offer of free books – loosely connected to her subject. So she said she’d send her first year class out to get copies. And so she did.

    The really good thing is that we didn’t get mobbed by students, just a steady trickle. So we were able to chat to a good few.

    A real joy. Praise the Lord!

  10. Mate, do you read what you write?

    You said;

    “After learning of organized atheist opposition, Ray Comfort changed the date to a day earlier, November 18—and didn’t tell anyone else, except for those on the book distribution teams”.

    and then, a couple of picture later, said;

    “The amazing thing was that there was virtually no opposition”.


    I think the main thing that atheists (and a number of my Christian friends as well) don’t like is that the introduction is full of lies and is piggy-backing on a great piece of historic, scientific literature.

    Hitler was a Creationist. Just sayin’

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