Professor Darwin of USC


I interviewed Craig Stanford, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at USC, on the day that we handed out Darwin’s “Origin of Species” at the University of California. I was not able to give the good professor any good news because he abruptly walked away, frustrated.

This video gives a great overview of the brainwashing that is rampant in America’s universities. Sad.


  1. Why do most creationist put-downs exhibit projection? Brainwashing?

    If you truly want to make history, and likely a large amount of cash, show scientifically that the theory of evolution is flawed. Please, do this. Science actually wants you show where our understanding of the natural world is flawed – you’d become famous. You’d do more for Creationism than Ray Comfort could hope for in his wildest dreams.

    With that said, you and I both know that you wont even try. You have nothing more to offer than faith.

    Be glad that science requires more than faith to establish “truth”.

  2. Why do you keep ignoring the 30,000 edited copies that Ray first printed, it’s amazing how they just vanished away….

  3. You folks are ignorant and cultish. Clearly skewing words and having minimal followers. Dr. Stanford is completely right and I’m sorry you will be shocked when there is no heaven.

  4. He ignored the question, “do you have a conscience?” with the question, “show me evidence”… Evidence of a conscience??? Violation of the law was enough to show him, that’s why he had to go.

    I would have added, “do you love your mother?” and when he said “yes” I’d of said, “prove it”.

  5. He proved that there is no one higher that you can curse by and what happens when you worship creation without acknowledging the creator. A way seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. I love the fact that you delivered the gospel gently to him. Awesome to think how God chooses us, then changes us through his son and the spirit when we were just like this professor. Wow. I hope he begins to reason with God.

  6. Denis,

    There’s no such thing as a god.

  7. Yeah just knew the preacher was on a preset script, and didn’t want to play the game.

  8. Thanks for posting this film. Craig Stanford comes across as a reasonable and conscientious fellow, and you come across as, well, a deluded fool. Sorry, but if you want to debate scientists, you will have to be better prepared with facts.

  9. While the preacher dude could have done better. There were massive holes in the professors’ logic and he mis-represented the creationist view all over the place.

    Like the line (I might have it slightly wrong): “You choose not to believe the reality of evolution.”

    LOL talk about a strawman.

    Of course, if you can’t think for yourself you’d miss it.

  10. The scientific method is a widely accepted process in which a falsifiable hypothesis or hypotheses are repeatedly tested and rejected or accepted. Abandon circular questions and pointless nonscientific rhetoric, you will not convert a scientist this way. Focus your efforts on falsifying the Theory of Evolution, then your arguments will show some validity. This interview exemplifies why scientists are often quick to disregard creationists’ arguments, as the interviewer posed no scientific questions about religion and evolution. He managed to fluster Dr. Stanford with useless questions about morality, which proved nothing except Craig can be baited into a ridiculous discussion. Disprove evolution scientifically, because there is no hope in endeavoring to convert a scientist otherwise.

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