Ann Coulter Silenced!!!


Can you believe Ann Coulter—that firebrand of the Right and scourge of the Left—who makes a living from creating needless controversy and writing books, didn’t have a word to say when challenged on air?

That’s right. For an amazing six seconds, Ann was stumped. Where did this take place? At The Way of the Master Radio show. Host Todd Friel told Ann that she was wrong in her assessment of what it means to be a Christian then… dead air. I laughed so darn hard; you will, too. Listen to this 60 second sound bite. It’s classic! Click here to listen to this very short clip.


  1. I listen to WOMR daily. (It’s the only way the dishes get done at home.)

    Regarding the Friel/Coulter piece:

    I had never before heard such deafening silence! I had to clap my hands together to see if I had just lost my hearing! That was Todd’s most amazing verbal KO punch ever! How incredible and ironic that Coulter’s numbing silence spoke more for and about her than she ever could have expressed in words.

  2. Whew! Glad you’re back, Paul.

  3. LOL! That was truly funny.

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