Fruitless Attempts and Father Steve



(Ray is a student in our latest evangelism class. Each student’s homework is to hand out one Million Dollar bill Gospel tract each day of the class. Here are two sad and humorous encounters he experienced.)

I made two attempts to give out a Million dollar gospel tract:

Attempt #1- A pastor: He politely declined saying he was given two and said that they were still sitting on his desk from a year ago. The pastor told me how bad church attendance was and that they can’t seem to get anyone new. I thought it was sad that here was a perfect opportunity the pastor was given to restore enthusiasm among his struggling congregation to evangelize for Christ, yet he wasn’t using it.
Attempt #2- The lady at the water store reading a bible:I asked her if she had received a million dollar bill yet and she said, “Yes! Every week a priest comes in and hands me a bunch!” I asked if that pastor’s name happened to be Steve; sure enough it was! Well, I tried Steve… but you got to her first.

(Steve’s note: I’m not a priest…)


  1. What is a water store? Is it a California thing? Should Christians really be frequenting such a place? 🙂

  2. L.A. water doesn’t taste very good. So we go to water stores w/5gallon jugs, carry them back to our cars full, unload them, and lug them to our homes where we clean off the bottle and put it atop a dispenser.

    Like they do in Africa.

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