At Ray Comfort’s Headquarters


The first graduating class of 2010 had a special treat when the six week “Sharing Your Faith without Fear” evangelism training course ended: a personal visit with Ray Comfort and a tour of the Living Waters headquarters.

Chase DelRosario got faked out with a phony ketchup bottle…

…and the rest of the class got to eat popcorn and watch a preview of the first episode of Season 4, where Ray and his team preached in London.

It’s the best episode yet: fast-paced, exciting, humorous—there’s even a cameo with a certain evangelistic blogger!

Each episode is only $7.50. Get yours by clicking here. Watch a preview here.

It was a great privilege to enjoy all this from the hallowed inner sanctum of the Way of the Master Conference Room where such great ideas as The Darwin Book  Give-away are hatched.

I also got another interview with Ray concerning his latest hair-brained idea that is sure to frustrate even more atheists, especially Richard Dawkins. Tune in tomorrow to see it.


  1. That would be the Leather Jacket give away?

  2. Yeah, I’m sure Dawkins will be real “frustrated” with it. If it involves the usual creation science lies, then that may be the case.

    Or would the better word be, “amused”?

    You people must be real insecure in your faith if you’re constantly attacking Dawkins like this, eh?

    As if Dawkins was the “pope” or leader of atheism or something?

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