Destinations: St. Patrick’s Day Parade/New Tract

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This Saturday we are going loco local and offering everyone a chance for their own pot o’ gold at the Hermosa Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The pot o’ gold being, of course, salvation in Jesus Christ, and then the opportunity to dance on streets that are golden!

Meet at Hope Chapel at 9:30AM; we’ll walk on down together. Wear green. Please, no Jesus clothing.

Last year, “Righteous” Richard Chavarria experienced a huge disappointment that happens to all evangelism leaders eventually. Click here to see the tragedy.

To help you with your own St. Patrick’s Day excursions, here’s a special tract for you to download and hand out in your local pubs. (Don’t know how to share your faith in dives? Then read “Pastor Bar Hop” here.)



Click here to download the St. Paddy’s Day tract.

One Comment

  1. good timing and thanks for the St. Paddy’s Day download.

    i’m heading to my local farmer’s market this weekend w/a GNN prayer stop station set up…yeah!

    why don’t you download these tracts and help distribute them to your local pubs. you never know how you might help some poor soul get saved!

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