Shamu Salvation


On November 1st, my littlest daughter, Laurel, celebrated her 6th birthday at SeaWorld in San Diego.

We have taken full advantage of the family pass we purchased at the beginning of the year, this being our fourth visit. We always bring our Million Dollar bill Gospel tracts, never knowing how God will use them—and us—as we hand ’em out. Everytime we take a step of faith—even if it’s a small step, like handing out tracts—we get blessed, big time! Maybe this little pictorial will encourage you to “stick your toe in the Jordan” and see what God will do as you trust Him:

Upon entering an amusement park its always a good idea to have the kids pose with a silly character…

…then of course, hand him a Gospel tract.

I’m positive that Pete the Penguin is a pagan; there was something a little fishy about his theology.

And wow! A rare picture of my beautiful wife (who’s camera-shy), posing with our daughters while feeding a dolphin.
We were very suspicious of Flipper’s faith: We caught him reading “The Porpoise-Driven Life.”

A stop at a little shop yielded an opportunity to brighten the day of two bored employees who had nothing better to do than read a detailed description of their sin before God.
null The tract they are reading is a test that asks if they are good enough to get to Heaven. It’s very detailed and leaves people with no doubt of where they are going when they die. (I will provide more details of this gem in the future. We’ve handed out about 50,000 of these so far at our church. It’s a free download; Click here to get one.)

A strange “coincidence” occurred next. A family visiting Southern California from the San Francisco area had hit all the theme parks within a 100 mile radius and were burned out. They had yet to see San Diego’s Wild Animal Park, but couldn’t bear the thought of having to endure another day’s outing. “Would you like these passes?” they asked us. We snatched them up (a two hundred dollar value!) and immediately made plans for the following Monday to visit more unsaved animals.
null We rewarded the family with millions, of course. Hopefully they’ll spread the Good News when they leave their hearts in San Diego.

And then there was the famous Shamu show called “Believe.” They get the audience all riled up by having everyone chant native-like:
The waters swirled…

My girls were ready, well-prepared in the splash zone…
The mighty waters rushed…

“SHA-MU! SHA-MU! SHA-MU!” The crowd was encouraged to raise their hands overhead in a whale-tail way and just belieeeeeve! Mass whale-dolatry!

null THUD!

The biggest splash of the day came when we gave this grandmother and her grand kids millions of dollars.
“I can’t believe it! she exclaimed. “Just before you gave me these, my youngest grandson (in the orange) made a wish: He wished for a million dollars!”

Just belieeeeeeve!

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