What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #39


UPDATE 7/24/10: About 60+ students are still hanging in there after the halfway point!

WOW! Over 80 students signed up for our summer class (not all are pictured)! Revival? Possibly. A move of the Holy Spirit? Most definitely. Ahh, but how many will survive the entire 6 week course?

Every other week I’ll bring this post back to the top of the blog. Remember students, you get one bonus point for every three sentence adventure that you write about.

Even if you are not a student in my class I welcome you to share your own evangelistic adventure in the comments section.

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  1. I met new employees at the McDonald’s here in Lomita. I gave both of them a million $ bill. I told both of them to read the million $ question on the back of the bill. I hope and pray they will.

  2. Thursday, 29 July 2010: After work, I met up with my brother, Jerry Zell, and Luiz Rodriguez for our usual Thursday night discipleship group. We decided to go out and have dinner instead of meeting at Luiz’s home. We went to the Mediterranean Restaurant in Hermosa Beach for dinner (a new place and cultural at that). I gave a million dollar to the cashier/waitress before Jerry had the chance to. She gave me a kind of strange look and I told her that it was for her and it had a cool message on the back. I hope and pray God will open her heart to at least read the message.

  3. Out with Robert Sugino for breakfast, we double-teamed the staff at the Nickle Diner in downtown LA (near Skid Row). I gave out a few of the large 100 $ bills to the waitress and the bus-boy. I noticed a lady sitting next to us “eyeballing” the large 100 $ bills, so I gave her one. Later her friend showed up, and she got one too. Robert was busy handing out the million $ bills too.

  4. Thursday, 29 July 2010: After dinner in Hermosa Beach, Jerry Zell, Luiz Rodriguez, and my brother decided to walk around the block from where the restaurant was to where Jerry parked his car to sort of walk off the meal. While walking we came across a new store that sold salt water taffy, unique candies, and unique soda pops. I gave the cashier/owner a million dollars and he laughed and thanked me for it. I told him that his store is unique in the South Bay since they closed Marcie’s Ice Cream shop in Torrance some time ago that sold unique candies and sodas. The only one left that I know of is located in Long Beach. He was excited about what I told him and I said to check out the back of the bill. May God open his eyes and his heart to hear the good news.

  5. Later at a KFC* I gave the order taker a million $ bill. He took a little reluctantly. I told him to read the back, and the million $ question. Got home, the order was messed up – I called and spoke with him – he agreed to fix it the next time I go in. Tomorrow, I think I’ll ask him the million $ question, and use the W.D.J.D. method. May the Lord save him. (*Kentucky Fried Chicken)

  6. Friday, 30 July 2010: Had breakfast with Jerry Zell today at a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant is called the Nickel Diner. While ordering and waiting for our food, Jerry beat me out in handing out a hundred dollar bill to a lady next to our table. She tried to refuse but Jerry, God bless him, was persistent without being rude or obnoxious (like as if he’s not that way). He told her that the tract was for her because she kept on eyeing it. She acquiesced and Jerry told her that if she didn’t want it to give it to her children. Darn it, asleep at the wheel. As the food came and we started to enjoy our meal, another lady came to join one lady that Jerry had given the tract to. That lady needed some seasonings (i..e., black pepper) from our table and Jerry decided to offer some of my condiments as an alternative to what the restaurant has on the table. While that lady enjoyed the fresh black pepper from a portable grinder, I gave her a million dollars. That lady laughed and thank me for the bill (Jerry gave me a stern look). To top me he gave her the large hundred dollar bill. I in turn gave the original lady a million dollar, though she tried to refuse. I told her that it didn’t seem fair for her friend to have both tracts and her only having the one. She consented and I told her that she can give it away if she wanted to. Both ladies thanked us. I pray that we weren’t overbearing, but God will bless them both.

  7. Friday, 30 July 2010: One more thing to add to the adventure at the diner in downtown Los Angeles. I was able to give our waitress a million dollars to which I was surprised that Jerry didn’t hand one to her (I beat him out, yeah!!!). As she received the bill, she laughed and thanked me for it. I didn’t see Jerry’s expression regarding the exchange so I don’t know what he thought about it considering that he’s been at this restaurant a number of time within these two weeks. God bless her and the other ladies.

  8. Yesterday, I went to Huntington Beach, getting there a little ahead of the evangelism team. My first try at handing out a million $ bill turned out to be a member of Ray’s team. Oops. I hung around the first part of the pier watching what (I assume) was one of Ray’s team rather vehemently discussing with another person the Law of God. I handed out a few million $ bills, and moved further up the pier to see Ray Comfort surrounded by large crowd of people. Handed a few more million $ bills, and decided to get away from the crowds. I have always loved fishing, so talking to fishermen is like second nature to me. I handed out million $ bills to many fishermen, being snubbed by a few. I asked a couple the million dollar question, only to have them turn out to be Christians. Asked them to pass on the bills. Later down toward where Ray was i I had a rather disturbing discussion with a fellow team member and a young man. He (The young man, not the team member) was very difficult to nail down, changing the subject constantly. He wandered off. I sat in the shade for a while, offering million dollar bills to whoever was passing by – and probably handed out 50 or so. I went up & down the pier, but was getting snubbed. So a thought came to mind – I asked passerby’s to take a picture of me with the beach in the background. After they did, I said “Thanks a million!” and gave them a bill. No one refused. Went home a bit early to get a late lunch for my folks. All in all a blessed day.

  9. Today at Albertson’s market, I gave a million $ bill to the cashier and the box-girl. When I asked: “Have you got one of these yet?” They responded that they’ve seen many fake bills like these. I told them that this bill was special. I told them a very important question – aka the million $ question was on the back. They seemed uninterested, but I told them it was very important. They still had the bills in their hands as I left.

  10. Saturday at a local place to get take out for my folks and myself, I got into a good conversation with the owner’s son, Johnny. I gave him a million $ bill. He told me he is a Muslim. As he read the million $ question, he told me he really isn’t a very religious Muslim. I asked him what he thought. He said he really doesn’t think much about heaven or hell. I wanted to get out “Do you think you’re a good person?”, but didn’t. He and I discussed his religion a bit, then he got a call and had to go. They have good food – next time – I’ll be ready, and prayed up.

  11. On July 28, I had a meeting with an insurance broker who is a Korean. After the meeting, I handed him the million dollar and I told him to read the message. I feel I wanted to give everybody I talk to and see the million dollar. I feel God’s love for them. I thank God He is making it a a part of my daily activity.

    On Friday, July 30, I had a chance to join the evangelism group led by Eric. We handed almost everybody from the parking to those who are fishing, having picnic, just talking and walking. I had a chance to talk with Filipino ladies who are having a picnic. Was table to talk to their mom and share through the WDJD. She was listening and pondering the questions as she eats. She thank me for sharing the million dollar to her and the other 2 ladies.

    I was able to give also a tract to a Hispanic family. I spoke with the mother and shared WDJD and thank God, she was led to repent of her sins and pray to the God. Yes! Thank you Lord.

    Saturday was a W O W !!! I witnessed how exactly how Ray Comfort did the WDJD with the 4 Atheists. Instead of the Atheists proving their faith that there is no God, they were actually proving themselves wrong by answering the ten commandments questions asked by Ray. Another Atheist who was in the crowd can’t stop himself while Ray Comfort was asking questions to Ted, an Atheist, who said are you telling the people there is no God or you are just proving THERE IS ONE. I saw how man’s wisdom was a garbage as the Lord’s truth is revealed through the ten commandments. I learned a lot by listening on how the different evangelists do the WDJD. I actually had a business meeting that Saturday but deep in my heart I want to go to the adventure to see how to do the right way of evangelism. Praise the Lord, for giving me chance to go to Huntington Evangelism Adventure. It is an excellent, unforgettable experience of my life.

  12. Saturday, 31 July 2010: Somber time today. The burial/gravesite service of my father where we intern him. The service was held at the Green Hills Memorial Cemetery and Mortuary. This is a difficult time for my mother, brother, and I, yet those who attended humbled my brother and I and my mother was deeply grateful. Pastor Alan (representing Hope and himself and his family), Rabbi Faye, Bobbi Chalakeian, Lisa and Andy Anders, and others from Hope attended which surprised my mother. It is definitely a reminder to my brother and I to be diligent in sharing our faith while we observed the Buddhist ceremony. I was deeply proud of my brother when it came time to offer incense that he walked up to the portable altar and offer only the incense to honor our father, yet he did grab prayer beads nor bow down to the false idol of Buddha. I did the same thing in offering only the incense. I was deeply proud of all the Christians attending in that they did not participate. My mother understood why they did not participate and she was okay with it. It was enough for them to show up to the service. Afterwards we all sent to Fu Yuan Low for the wake/lunch. I was ashamed of myself for not giving a million dollar to the Buddhist monk before he left. I didn’t even give away any tracts to my relatives who were present at both the service and the luncheon. However, I was able to give a million dollar to the busboy at the restaurant. We had a wonderful time in fellowship and friendship with those who went with us at the luncheon. I do believe that because of the family called Hope, both my brother and I are able to go on with our lives knowing that God is with us and will comfort us.

  13. Saturday, 31 July 2010: Sometime after the burial/gravesite service and the wake/luncheon afterwards, I went out to put gas in my truck and went to work to clean up my area and to be alone with God. After leaving work, I went to have a simple dinner at a restaurant and I was able to give away two million dollar tracts there. Once I was finished and returned home, I decided to watch both the firefighter lesson and the WDJD lesson online at Way of The Master website. I was moved to press on and continue to at the least give out the tracts. May God forgive me for not being diligent.

  14. I met up with a gentleman who works at a grocery store I read the million $ bill to last week. We didn’t have much time to talk, but as he greeted me and we had some chit chat, I could tell that he was pondering the message on the million $ bill. I mentioned in passing that I really liked the cool weather, and couldn’t take the hot stuff. He actually blanched. Since our discussion last week was mainly about hell – and he said jokingly he was going there. I guess he took my remark about hot weather to be about hell. (God uses us – even when we don’t know it!)

    I will continue to seek out opportunities to talk to him (and his co-workers) in the future. I guess this proves that we should always be “on our toes”, ready for God to reach someone through us. I will continue to water this seed, and will be praying for others. Praise God!

  15. Sunday, 1 August 2010: Breakfast with Jerry and Steve Peck again. This time we went to Dad Miller’s Golf Course to eat at the restaurant there in Orange County. While there I was able to give both waitresses a million dollars (beat Jerry again, yes!!!). One seems to be a new hire and was being trained by the older waitress. The new hire laughed and said that the bill was neat and thanked me for it. The other waitress smiled and thanked me for the tract. I pray God would open their hearts to hear the message they read on the back.

  16. Monday, 2 August 2010: After work, I decided to go see a movie. However, Steve Peck contacted me and was wondering if I would join Jerry and him for dinner. I said okay. We went to Lazy Dog at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance. Art Taylor and Kim Jordan joined us at the restaurant. I was able to give both hostesses a million dollar tract (I beat Jerry again). I also gave a tract to our waitress. All three smiled and thanked me for the tracts. I specifically told them to read the important information on the back.

  17. Tuesday, 3 August 2010: After work, I wanted to go to Johnny Reb’s for dinner because of the special do over program they have. I purchased my meal a month ago and saved the receipt. If I were to return and order the exact same thing that I ordered a month ago, I will have the meal for free. As I was on my way to Long Beach, my mother called and said that she would like to join me for dinner. I told her that it would be great. So I turned the vehicle around and returned home to pick up my mother. I was able to get to Johnny Reb’s in Long Beach around 5:10 PM before the madhouse gets under way (usually does during the do over program). My mother had a wonderful time and I messed up in that I didn’t have any million dollar tracts on me or the hundred dollar tracts. I started to panic until I found the coffee tracts. I was able to give the trivia coffee tract to our waitress. I hope God would open her heart as she reads the tract.

  18. Wednesday, 4 August 2010: After work, I decided to go to McDonald’s (alright, that’s enough), for an early dinner before heading to Hope and Sharing Your Faith class. I gave the cashier a million dollars but she gave me a look of don’t bother me. I respected her since she was taking orders and I left. However, when I came to the window to pick up my meal, I gave the guy a million dollars and he laughed and thanked me. I pray that both would read the back side and God would open their hearts.

  19. Went to a Long Beach restaurant favorite of mine: Chuck’s coffee shop near the Belmont pool. I looked for a favorite waiter of mine, but he was off today. I gave my waitress a million $ bill, asked her if she had ever got one of these yet. She said she had seen many “joke” bills before. I told her this was different. This bill has a very important question on the back – the million dollar question.

    On the way out, (million $ bills sticking out of my short pocket) a couple of gentlemen saw the bills and said that I should be more careful with my money. I gave both of them a million $ bill. They said to me: “Oh, this is a Gospel tract! We’re both Christians!” They said that this is an especially important thing to be doing now, since we don’t have much time. The both thanked me and I left.

    I pondered what they said about not having much time while on the drive home. What were they talking about? Do they know something I don’t know? Well, anyway it just goes to show, that even if I forget the million $ bills sometimes, with them hanging out of my pocket – they get noticed – and it’s all too easy to hand one out.

  20. Thursday, 5 August 2010: After I got off from work, met with my brother, Mark, to have our usual dinner together (brotherly fellowship). We decided to dine at Outback Steakhouse. After dinner, before we left the restaurant, I gave a million dollar to our waitress (almost forgot). I had to flag another waitress to let her know that I needed to see her. She thought there was something wrong and she came by. I told her there was nothing wrong and that I only wanted to really tip her good with a million dollar tip. She looked surprised and laughed. She thanked me for the tract. My brother added that there is an important message on the back. I also gave the other waitress for helping me flag our waitress that served us. God bless them both.

  21. Friday, 6 August 2010: After work, I was on my way to Hope Chapel to serve the saints there (I’m the leader of the multimedia ministry). On my way to church, I was a bit peckish and decided to stop at a McDonald’s. When I paid for my meal at the drive-through, I gave a million dollar to the cashier at the first window. She smiled and thanked me for it. At the second window where I was to pick up my food, I gave another million dollar to that lady. She looked a little perturbed and mumbled thanks to me. I pray that God would cause her heart to look at the back and the Holy Spirit to convict the heart.

  22. Saturday, 7 August 2010: Had breakfast with Jerry at The Lighthouse in San Pedro. Gave a million dollar to our waitress (beat out Jerry again). She laughed and thanked me for it. May God open her heart.

  23. Saturday, 7 August 2010: Decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier to meet up with the Evangelism team. Got to the pier way ahead of the team. While waiting for them, I started to handout million dollar bill tracts on the corner where Colorado Ave./Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Ave. meet. I was able to handout some of the bills until I got a call from Pastor Steve saying that they have arrived safely and started to evangelize on the pier across from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant. I walked from the corner down to where the team was trying my best to hand out the tracts. However, majority of the people I encounter had tracts already (darn). I met up with the team and got to work handing out tracts and watching/listening to Pastor Steve start open air preaching. I was truly in awe of Pastor Steve’s fearlessness as he started to preach out and started asking questions of some folks that were dressed up. I was starting to enjoy myself but, unfortunately, I had to leave early to honor my commitment to Hope Chapel in my ministry I’m in charge of. At least I was able to experience the evangelism team and share a small portion of the action.

  24. Saturday, 7 August 2010: As I was leaving the Santa Monica Pier early, I started to hand out million dollar tracts as I walked back towards Colorado and Ocean. I went to the Lobster Restaurant where I parked my vehicle, I gave the valet a million dollar and the guy that drove my vehicle to me a million dollars. Both thanked me and I went on my way. It was after I stopped by a fast food restaurant that I realized I didn’t received my change from the valet parking (that was a $40 dollar lesson). Oh well, I guess sometimes we need to make sacrifices in order to save some for the kingdom. Jesus gave his own life, how can I complain and feel in some small way cheated. All I can do is pray for those at that restaurant that somehow their hearts would turn towards God. I now can understand what both Ray Comfort and Pastor Steve say when you go and give out tracts, I was dragging my feet when I started and I’m back at church clicking my heels, serving God with joy.

  25. Last Friday I met a new person at a local fast food place, while getting breakfast for my parents. I offered her a million $ bill. She accepted it graciously, and thanked me. I told her to read the million $ question on the back. I took my food and left.

  26. Later Friday, I picked up some take-out food. I offered the person at the counter a million $ bill, asking “have you got one of theses yet?” He said that he hadn’t, and accepted the bill. I mentioned to him that while this was a “joke” bill (i.e. not spendable), I told him there was a very important question on the back. I encouraged him to read it.

  27. Sunday, out for breakfast with Robert Sugino, while waiting to be seated – there were a lot of people also waiting as well. One gentleman was taking up a bench that obviously had enough room for two. I asked him if I could sit down. He smiled and said yes. I offered him a million $ bill, with the line: “Thanks a million!” He took it with a smile. Then all of his friends (maybe 5) wanted one as well.

    We talked about the bill shortly, before his conversation went back to his friends. Robert handed out a million $ bill to a man, and also read it to him. Good job Robert. I think I am going to get more tracts, and especially the “Illusion” ones. It seems if you can get someone interested – they will take the tract from you. Now, everywhere I go – I see opportunities. Praise the Lord!

  28. Going to a different place for breakfast this morn, I gave my waitress a million $ bill. She said “Thank you” as she took it. I explained to her that there was a million $ question on the back. She turned it over and began to read it.

  29. Sunday, 8 August 2010: Went to have breakfast with Jerry Zell in Venice. Ate at a restaurant called Maxell’s. While waiting to be seated, Jerry beat me out in handing out a million dollar tract to a group of African – American (to be politically correct, I guess). Nearby, a man with a young child in his arms was looking on at the exchange between Jerry and one of the black gentleman. I hand him a million dollars and he kind of was fumbling around, trying to hold the child, some papers, and one toy (Rubik’s cube) while I was trying to give him the tract. I asked him if it was all right if I can read what was on the back of the tract. He agreed so I read the message on the back. He looked like he didn’t care for the message but I gave all of his other children (two boys and one girl) a million dollars. His wife didn’t want it and he told his wife that it had religious significance. I didn’t get a chance to share anymore although I was able to talk a little with his older son about his toy to ease the parents and to show I mean them no harm, but was concerned for their salvation. They were seated before I got a chance to some more dialog. Oh well, God will draw them in according to His will. Thank You God for the small opportunity.

  30. Sunday, 8 August 2010: When we were at the restaurant in Venice called Maxwell’s, we were seated near the rear of the restaurant. I was able to give our waiter a million dollars and the waitress that knew Jerry a million dollars (I was surprised that Jerry didn’t give her a million dollar tract). Both laughed and thanked me for the tracts. I got to beat Jerry out again in handing out tracts.

  31. Monday, 9 August 2010: After work, I decided to go see a show at the Palos Verdes Plaza up on the hill again. As soon as I got my ticket, I gave a million dollar tract to the ticket taker. He looked at it, smiled, and thanked me for it. I pray God will open his heart.

  32. Monday, 9 August 2010: After entering the lobby area of the Regal Cinemas and after going to the restroom, I went to the concession stand to order my usual small popcorn without oil (they haven’t served real butter in popcorn since I worked in a movie theater back in the late 1970’s). After paying for my popcorn, I gave the cashier a million dollars. He laughed at it and thanked me for it. May God open his heart to the gospel message.

  33. Tuesday, 10 August 2010: After doing yard work for my mother (since my father is gone), went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Torrance off of Hawthorne Blvd., near the Cost Plus Imports. Jerry joined for the buffet there and I was able to give our waiter a million dollar tract (beat Jerry to the punch again). He smiled and thanked me for the tract. Not bad considering that the waiter was Asian and I usually find that most Asian don’t like to accept things like tracts on a regular basis. I made sure that the waiter gets a good tip so that I don’t detract from the gospel message.

  34. Wednesday, 11 August 2010: As usual, as I was going to Hope to attend Pastor Steve’s class, I stopped by the Taco Bell on Sepulveda Blvd., a bit north of Hope. I gave the cashier at the drive through a million dollars. He looked puzzled at it but thanked me none the less. I pray God will open his heart to the message.

  35. Today, I stopped by the Ocean View cafe for a great breakfast. I gave my server an “I.Q.” tract. He thanked me. I left a good tip.

  36. Started out the day by giving I.Q. tests to a family group sitting next to me (and Robert S.) at breakfast. They took them thankfully, but soon returned them to me. They said that they all went to Calvary Chapel. I asked which one, chatted a bit, and asked them to keep them – to give to someone else. No dice. I’m not sure if this was because of the use of the Law…. or what?

    Later at lunch, I gave a million $ bill to the cashier at a local fast food place. He accepted it but didn’t seem “all there.” Maybe that’s why the order got messed up.

    Later going to Albertsons, CVS, Target & Arby’s, I handed out a million $ bill to everyone I had contact with. Only got snubbed once at Albertsons. What humiliation! What horror!

    Oh, yeah – yesterday – Thursday – I gave out a million $ bill to the cashier at L&L BBQ – a Hawaiian place.

    Gotta keep goin’

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