Why I’m Wearing Orange on St. Patrick’s Day


I’m not Irish yet I’m wearing orange for St. Patrick’s Day. Why?

I’m Protestant.

Orange is symbolic of Irish Protestants while green is symbolic of Irish Catholics. On the Irish flag, there is an orange stripe, a green stripe and a white stripe.

The green is for the Catholics, orange for the Protestants,  and white is for the hope of peace between the two. You can read more about this tradition here.

Now what about St. Patrick? He’s famous for running the snakes out of Ireland, right? Nope. He was an evangelist. (Read about him here.)

My friend Paul Latour, of The Word Street Journal, asked people about St. Patrick at a recent Canadian St. Patrick’s Day Parade. See what they said in this entertaining video below.

Last chance to download your St. Patrick’s Day tracts here.


  1. Steve,

    Yeah, because silencing discussion is the best way to show that you want to understand! LOL.

    perdita is quite right, you have shown no previous indication that you have any real intention of learning about evolution; so why would someone waste their time trying to explain it to you?


  2. Hi Karl,

    Yeah, I’d like that. How’s life in California these days?


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