What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #37


I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. (Philemon 6)

Our newest class of 15 (two aren’t pictured) are taking “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear.” Again I will ask this question: Who will persevere to the end?

Every other week I’ll bring this post back to the top of the blog. Remember students, you get one bonus point for every three sentence adventure that you write about.

Even if you are not a student in my class I welcome you to share your own evangelistic adventure in the comments section.

My teaching notes are now available online by clicking here. I can still mail you a hard copy for free. Send me an email at if you’d like them.


  1. I gave a million dollar bill to a server at In-N-Out and told her it had the million dollar question on it. She was very excited about it yet I was at a loss for words- I did not expect it. I pray that next time the Holy Spirit will give me the right words at the proper time.

  2. On a flight to Mexico City we started to hit a lot of turbulence on our way down. The woman next to me with her teenage daughter were quite frightened with it. They kept sighing and looking out the window. I was reading my Bible for most of the flight, and they were, at least the mother, limited english speakers. I had a Spanish Language tract with me, and was a bit apprehensive about giving it out, since there was no where to run if they got upset! The Lord provided an opportunity to give it to the mom, as she starting to look at it when I pulled it out an put it on my Bible- I gave it to her, and immediately she forgot about the turbulence, read it, and asked if it was for her, “Este para mi?” “Si,” I replied. “Gracias,” she replied. Praise God!!! Amen.

  3. In “De Efe,” la Ciudad de Mexico, there was a guy and a girl passing out Spanish language tracts- I was not sure exactly the message on them, but they at least talked about Jesus Christ and God the Father. They gave me one, and I gave them on of our Spanish tracts- I so wish I had hundreds of them to give out that day and while on my trip- there is a lot of Christianity, mostly Catholicism in the city, and this makes me wonder how many are truly saved, if God grants me the opportunity to return to la Ciudad de Mexico, De Efe, I will not disappoint Him again! Si Dios Queirre…

  4. In line at the courthouse yesterday, I gave a tract to a young parolee. He read it, then asked, “Excuse me sir, but do you think God made good and evil?” I replied, “From what I understand, God made everything good, and we brought evil into the world.” He shook his head in agreement or contemplation, then I said, “For I have broken all God’s laws, and must surely be the worst among us on earth.” I was very nervous about giving him a tract, given my outward judgments of him, yet surely, the righteousness he has if far greater than my own…. God is good, yet I disappointed again, since I did not give a tract to a friend of his that came up a few minutes later, a hood “veteran.” It would have been awesome to give him one too and ask them both the million dollar question- please pray that next time, and when I see the judge in October, that I will not disappoint again.

  5. I went to my old neighborhood coffee shop this morning, hoping to see the owner and talk coffee. He was in an accident several months ago and I have not seen him since he has been recovering. He was not there, and I learned he had to sell the shop, no doubt due to its closure during his recovery. I was filled with sadness and yet upset that there were new people there, in my wickedness I did not see any point in sitting down and staying, yet I did. In Christ’s righteousness I engaged in a coversation with an Ethiopian american man at the counter. We talked about history, school, Africa, tennagers and I was able to say I was a Christian in our talking. He said he was robbed at gunpoint last night, I said I was gladhe was still alive and gave him a tract. He read it and said it was powerful, and then I asked him the million dollar question and went through the WDJD script- his eyes were filled with conviction and the hope of atonement through Christ, he asked me my name and I told him. Praise God!! He did not die unforgiven last night! Glory to God the Father through Jesus Christ! Let us pray this seed will produce good fruit! Amen.

  6. While on the Bus, I notice a Lady that was having issues with the amount of money being paid for a transfer. I had seen her before and realized she must be struggling with bus fare. Before I got off the bus I gave her a track and some money for the next days bus fare.

  7. While waiting for the bus I saw a young man waiting. I thought he was waiting for the bus, but it must have been for a ride, since he did not get on the bus. I approached him and gave him a tract he said he had gotten one before but from his conversation it was evident that he had not read it.

  8. I went to the OreaWheat store to pickup some bread. As I was paying I gave the girl at the register a track. I asked her the million dollar question and she answered as we would expect. She was going to heaven because she was a good person. I was going to continue the conversion but I noticed many other people in line so I did not want to get her in trouble. I will return to the store and see if I can talk to her again.

  9. Again on the bus, I gave a lady a million dollar bill and asked her the million dollar question. She answered that she thought this earth was hell and also heaven. I was not expecting the answer. She was getting of the bus so I just asked to read the information on the bill. She said she would. I need to pray that she does…

  10. Went to McDonalds after class, gave the guy collecting the money a tract. As I drove forward I saw him begin to read it. Praise the Lord I will pray for him.

  11. I was at Chong’s chinese food and gave the worker a million dollar bill. He looked at it and started to read it. I prayed for him on my way out.

  12. I was at Ralphs and gave a woman a tract as she was loading up her car. She said she had already received one and didn’t want it. She was angry, so I just walked away and prayed for her.

  13. Went to McDonalds again a few days later and gave the girl at the drive up window a tract. I said did you get one of these. It’s the Million dollar question, when you get a chance read it.. She took it and smiled.

  14. In the morning on the way to work as I was walking to the bus stop. An older lady was walking behind me at a very fast pace. She spoke to me in Spanish and I answered. As she walked by me I gave her a Spanish tract.

  15. On my way home from Divorce Care, I stopped at Winerschnitzle to pick up some food for my son. I gave the girl who handed me the food a million dollar tract. She took it and began to read it.

  16. In the morning on my way to work I stopped at Walgreens to get some pictures developed for my grandson. The store was empty and as I walked out I stopped and gave the young man at the register a million dollar tract. He took it and laughed.

  17. While downtown I got in a fender bender in front of the court house. The man who hit my car had to leave to court and his cousin gave me all the info required… At first we were not in the best of terms since the blame was going back and forth, however God intervened and as I left the seen, I gave him a million dollar tract.. I think he thought it was money at first, but I explained it was a tract from my church.

  18. At El Camino at the Indian Powwow I gave a tract to a man as he was leaving and I was reentering the park… I just said did you get one of these yet? He said no and I gave him a tract.

  19. At the Powwow I spoke to a man and asked him the million dollar question. This was my first time sharing the gospel using the information learned at Sharing your Faith without fear class. I was a little nervous, but felt I needed to continue. The man was very nice but he was a jokester. As I spoke he kept making jokes.. I tried to say on point but was distracted at times.. All in all it was a good conversation for my first time. Anyway we were told to go an make mistake… so I did…

  20. On my way to work on the bus, a lady sat beside me and started a conversation. I talked to he or a few minute and notices my stop was approaching. I gave her a tract as I was exiting the bus and asked her to read it…

  21. I needed just a few things and decided to go to Costco in Hawthorne. The Costco in Hawthorne is usually not busy, so it is easy to go in and out quickly. As I left I gave the cashier a gospel tract and told her to read when she got a chance..

  22. Gave a tract to a girl at the cash register of Jack in the box. Handed it to her and she said thank you. I told he it was a gospel tract from my church.

  23. Went to see Ray Comfort at Huntington Beach Pier. I handed out may million dollar tracts and I was surprised by the people who did not want a tract. They just said no not even looking at me..

  24. While at the Huntington Pier I spoke to a girl and asked her the million dollar question. She answered yes because she show love and charity towards others. I asked questioned her on the some of the commandments but she did just drew away and said she knew about Jesus. I feel that I was not direct enough and did not take the conversation it the right direction..

  25. Again while at the pier I gave a million dollar bills to some young girls. They looked like they just got out of the water. They took them and said thank you.

  26. While listening to Steve do stop light preaching, I gave some tracks to some kid and then handed their father a track. I asked him the million dollar question as he rejected my tract. He said he was going to hell and when I asked him does that concern you he responded no. I asked him would did he care about his children and he said it would be up to them. I just responded make sure they read the million dollar tract.

  27. I also gave the large million dollars bills. Some of the younger boys, would come up to me and ask for the bills. I would ask them to make sure they read it…

  28. I took a walk around the vendor at the pier. I gave out tracts to some of the people who were looking at the merchandise.. So were receptive and others not.

  29. I went up to two men and a lady that were standing away from the crosswalk were Steve was preaching. I handed them each a million dollar tract and they were not sure they wanted to accept them, but I was a little more force full and they took them.

  30. I had an opportunity to watch Steve address the million dollar question to three brothers. One was in the military and the other two were visiting him, before he gets his orders. The boys thought they where Christians, but the did not really know why they would go to heaven. Steve took them through the law and gave them the gospel. I think they began to understand and I will pray for them.

  31. As Steve was doing stop light preaching he asked us to get on the box. At first it was a little scared, but I got on the box and said “Repent for the kingdom of God is near”. It felt good afterword, because I could give God all the glory.

  32. While I was at the Huntington Pier I realized that the way of the master method is hard for me to use. I seem to not be able to stay on tract. I need to pray for boldness and for strength to be obedient to God.

  33. I know God is working in my heart because from this experience, I am beginning to get a heart for the lost. I was very sadden by the amount of young boys about 13 -16 years old that do not believe in God. Not only to they not believe but the consider themselves atheist. They kept arguing and did not want to give up. I will also pray for these boys when they come to mind.

  34. While on my way to work, at the bus stop I saw a young man who I though was waiting for the bus. I gave him a million dollar bill and he took it and put it away. The bus came but he did not get on the bus.

  35. While riding on the bus that same morning a lady sat next to me with a little boy about 1 1/2 years old. He was very cute and active. She began to tell me he was autistic and she was taking him to the doctor. I want to have a conversation with he but my exit was next. I handed her a million dollar bill and asked her to read it when she got a chance.

  36. The next day at the bus stop I saw the same young man I had given the tract to the previous day. I wanted to start up a conversation but I felt myself struggling with what to say. I had to remind myself of the things we learned in class, about being obedient to the Lord and how that is more important. I asked him if he had read the tract I gave him. He answered yes, but it was obvious he had not. I asked him if he attended a church and he said no. I asked him a few other questions and the his ride showed up. I hope I see him again to get to the correct questions.

  37. I went to the grocery story to pick up some necessary items. The cashier was very friendly and said hi how are you today. I said fine and gave her a Good or Bad person test tract. She said thank you and took it.

  38. I had recently pulled my back and had not had a chance to leave my house all week due to my lack of range of motion. It is things like this that really make you appreciate the things you lose. So after being frustrated all week, I had decided to go outside to the backyard and stand while I took in some sun and read “One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven” by Mark Cahill. This was on a Friday, the day our trash is collected in our neighborhood. As I read I could here the trash truck approaching. I wobbled over to my purse in the patio pulled a large $100 gospel tract and waited for the truck to stop at my house. I could not open the large iron gate but I held my hand out and motioned for the trash man to come to the gate. I asked him if I could give him something and he said sure. I handed it over and explained it was a gospel tract. He smiled and said how he wished it was a real bill. We laughed but I told him that what it said was more valuable than money. He smiled and said “You are right.”
    I wish I could had had more time to speak but he had to be on his way to finish the route. I just prayed that a seed was planted and asked God to water it.

  39. Morningside High School (Inglewood) is not far from where I live. And every day HS students walk across my house to get home. Sometimes I find myself eating at my dinning room, looking out the window to see as cars and students pass by. As they pass by, I think of how little I really knew of the world at that age. I think how young they are and how they don’t realize how good they have it compared to the problems that are to come. Sure many are already going through them now but with time we know that plenty more are on the way.

    So I decided to take my dog and play fetch with her on the lawn in front of the house at the time the students walk by. As student passed by I passed out tracks. I would say, “Can I give you something?” I explained how it was a gospel tract. Not one said no, they all took a tract.

    That’s when I came across Alfredo, a Salvadorean/Mexican senior in HS, hoping to attend Berkeley. He asked what it was and I explained it was a gospel tract and asked him the million dollar question. We went through WDJD. His warm smile soon did get serious as we went though it. He was such a nice kid. As we got to the conclusion that he would go to hell, he explained how it was a coincidence that were talking about hell and heaven. He told me that he has a very zealous Christian friend who explained to him that he did not have to go to hell if he just accepted Jesus Christ, repented. I smiled and I told him his friend was correct but that we should go over it again to make sure he understood that it was not just a matter of accepting Jesus into your heart. I told him he was very blessed to have a friend that cared so much for him and shared with him gospel. He thanked me and went on his way. As I watched him leave I prayed for Alfredo and that God have
    mercy on him like he had had for me.

  40. It was a Thursday and I had Melissa my BFF meet me early at my house. We were to go to Pastor Steve’s class later that day but we wanted to go and evangelize before the class. I had told her how much fun I had at El Camino talking to students and passing out gospel tracts. She told me she comfortable passing out the tracts but had not had trouble with talking to people through the WDJD. We headed over to ECC but to our surprise the usually group from our church was not there. We agreed that it did not matter and that we should set-up shop anyway. Melissa was very nervous, afraid, she said she had not memorized the script. I calmed her nerves and just told her to relax. we went over to the benches and we began role playing, I encouraged her to be open minder and hearted. That it was God through us via the Holy Spirit who was going to do the talking. The bible says that the Holy Spirit will teach us what to say on the hour we need it. We prayed that God bring us people he wanted us to talk to and he basically did just that. As we sat there at the bench facing the square people would walk in front of us. As people walked by and made eye contact with us we would asked them to come over. Some of them we gave gospel tracts to and others we would go into the million dollar question with them. We had 3 people even sit down with us and go into full on conversations with the WJDJ. All three were professing Christians who did not show fruits of the spirit. They were not reading their bibles regularly, seldom went to church, did not evangelize etc.
    All three conversations went well all ending in invitations to Hope Chapel. Melissa realized it was not as scary as she imagined it and found it to be quite fun. We made friends that day. I prayed for all three. We hope we had watered those seeds that day.

  41. My sister and I had brunch today after church and as we left James Beach in Venice Beach I passed out tracts to people as we walked back to the car. I also have begun to also give tracts to anyone who waits on me. No one has ever said no. I usually get a smile.

  42. On day 2 of Pastor Steve’s class, I had stopped at a gas station and notice an older gentleman filling up behind me. We made eye contact and I smiled. As I finished pumping gas, I pulled a gospel tract out and walked over to handed it to him. He was already in his vehicle and I knocked on the window. He lowered it and I began my first ever WJDJ. I kept having to say “Well lets just say what if there was a heaven and hell,” the man explained that his daughter was catholic and lived in the area. He had not church in particular and I mentioned Hope Chapel down the street. He kept going off on tangents trying to explain to me what he believed, something about the universe and energy. I kept to the script, he was pleasant but noticed it made him uncomfortable. In the end we wished each other a good evening and I asked him to read the tract more carefully later on. I prayed for him as he drove off.

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