Destinations: Hollywood Anti-War Protest


What’s it like to preach the Gospel to leftist radicals reliving their glory days of the long ago 60’s? Just what you’d expect—only more so.

Last year the anti-war protesters got so irritated at our preaching the Gospel of Peace they literally threw one of our speakers to the ground. Watch the SHOCKING 17 second video for yourself:

These people were against everything a conservative Christian believes in. They are so far left they protested Obama as being too conservative. Nevertheless, watch the creative way in which I was able to get CHRISTIAN Gospel tracts into the hands of these socialists:

Read the whole report from last year by clicking here and see how I performed the “9-11 Limbo.” Observe the obnoxious Sign-Guys and a  “Die-In” on Hollywood Blvd.; there’s also an interview with “The Who Would Jesus Bomb” guy,” and a video overview of the whole protest. Then witness how the whole lot of peace-niks really weren’t so peaceful after all. Below, watch a very strange interview with “Reverend Wrong.”

Want to join us for this year’s protest? Meet at Hope Chapel at 10AM to carpool. Leave your Jesus clothes at home, but wear your riot gear!

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