Your Thoughts: Disneyland Disaster?


Dear Readers,

I want you to answer the question I will ask in a moment. First, let me set it up.

I went with my family to Disneyland for my youngest daughter Laurel’s 8th birthday.

There were tens of thousands of people at this amusement park, tens of thousands of unsaved people! Yet I handed out only about 25 Gospel tracts.

Question: Why was I content with handing out so few tracts? (I’ll give you my answer on Friday.)

(Note: In case you are wondering where my wife is in all these articles, she prefers to stay in the background.)

In the meantime, read this important article on how to pass the time in line next time you visit a theme park.


  1. Because you were devoting yourself to some much needed family time? Or you open-air preached there so far more people heard the Gospel than would have received the Gospel had you passed out tracts between rides?

    I am going to go with the former, rather than the latter. 🙂

  2. God does not ask you to fill a quota of witnessing events. What does your Father require of you? He delights in your faithfulness… speak faithfully when He leads you to witness and remain silent faithfully when He leads you to silence.

    Enjoy you time with your precious family. Blessings upon you all!

  3. “Why was I content with handing out so few tracts?”

    Because you’re finally burning out, couldn’t care less about people’s souls, dropping the faith, gonna sell your family and spend the rest of your life drinking beer while catching rays on the beach until you shrivel up and die?

  4. I have 2 guesses:

    1) You had told DD and Laurel you would give them a certain amount of money if they handed out a certain number of tracts and you didn’t want to take away any of their potential tract receivers by also handing out tracts.

    2) As you were standing in line to go on rides, you preached to each “organic congregations” also waiting in line with you.

  5. Why would you feel content? I’ve never heard or seen you use this word, in any of your posts. I suppose you knew you could not possibly hand everyone a tract or preach to everyone at Disneyland, so you passed out a few as you went about happily spending the day with your family celebrating Laurel Ann’s Birthday. Kind of like, the rest of us do, albeit, not 25.

    That’s what I try to do on days that I’m not with my brothers and sister on our evangelism outtings. Happily as I go; I reach out to folks with a tract and on most days, God opens up witnessing opportunities to talk about eternal things.

    Imagine the Eternal God giving me the privilege to talk about eternal things; amazing.

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