1. Steve, I’ve visited the website of A Little Leaven. At first I thought they were pretty funny posts. After a while though, I started to see a trend. The posts are all really negative. Some of the items listed are far fetched. They seem to spend lots of time finding things to enter so everyone can laugh at and respond with sarcasm etc. I guess I don’t see the point of dwelling on the negative all the time. I could see doing an expose on something than giving some positive info on the subject. Instead it seems to be all negative. This site, however, gives a ton of positive instruction and occasion exposes things. I am a WOTM junkie, and through the course I’ve found that we are to expose the lost persons sin to that lost person. I wonder if ALittleLeaven finds the people responsible for the garbage they posts and expose their error? If they do not, I don’t thing they should be exposing others sins to the world without going to them first. The Bible says if you have ought against a brother go to him. What do you think Steve???

  2. I would agree with you concerning the pictures; they are negative, but they do show how far the church has fallen. He has theological part on his blog, though, that does confront the heresies that he exposes.

    Thanks for the nice compliments. I want this site to be an encouragement!

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