Sudden Death: Creek!


The bodies of a family reported missing in Kentucky were found in a car submerged in a creek, authorities said in Sparta. Foul play was not suspected. —L.A. Times 1/19/08


  1. Steve,

    This happened about 35 minutes away from where I live. Made news. How sad. Just slid off the road I guess. It was a sharp embankment so I guess no one could see it with the heavy snow and rain.

  2. A very sad situation.

    Things like this tug at the heart moreso when they happen close to home.

    I’m a city bus driver and just last weekend 3 teenage first year university students lost their lives when they found themselves racing through an intersection on a red light and into the path of one of our buses going through his right of way green.

    It was 2am and they had just left their “campus bar” (oxy-moron?) after a night of partying. This guy and two girls were out celebrating the fact that one of girl’s had just “turned legal” and was finally free to buy and drink alcohol. Legal drinking age here in the provicnce of Ontario is 19.

    Nineteen years old. Dead. And for what?

    Alcohol: the factor. Sin: the attractor.

    A very sad situation indeed.

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