What’s Your E-vangie Tale #23


Paul wrote that “…the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it.” (2 Tim. 4:17)

If you have a tale of how God used you to proclaim His message, tell it here!


  1. Gave a tract to a cashier.He was delighted.He started reading it out loud.

    Went to pick-up up my niece from Jr high school.Gave tracts to a couple of boys, they were excited.Told them to read the back.
    Gave tracts to a group of girls.They looked at it skeptically.Told them to read the back.
    Went to the market,gave tracts out.Gave a tract to a family,they looked at it w/ interest.Told them to read it.
    Gave tracts to the employees.They looked at it.Told them to read the back.
    Gave a tract to the person in front of me in line.She read it.Then she asked for another one.
    Went to Del Amo Mall w/ the group.Talked to a couple of young girls.Went thru the law&gospel w/ them.Told them to think about it seriously.
    Talked to a couple of young guys.Went thru the law&gospel w/ them.Told them to repent&trust in Jesus as Savior.
    Talked to a young guy.Went thru the law&gospel w/ him.Prayed that he would repent.
    Gave tracts to a couple of girls,while going thru the law&gospel,security guards were passing by,so I told them to read the back of the tract.
    Gave tracts to a group of boys.Looks like they are ready to get right w/ God.Prayed that they would be right w/ God.
    Talked to a couple.Went thru the law&gospel w/ them.Hope that they would get right w/ God.
    Talked to a couple.Went thru the law&gospel.They didn’t believe in God or hell.I said regardless, whether you believe or not God exists and there is a hell.So get right w/ God because he wants no one to perish but all come to repentance.
    Gave tracts to the guys in the parking lot.They looked w/ interest.Told them to read the back.
    Gave a tract to a girl.She hadnt gotten one.Told her to read the back.

  2. Went to pine ave in long beach to pass out tracts.Talked to a couple of men.Went thru the law&gospel.They say their Christians.Asked them if they are born again.They said yes.Asked when was the last time they read thier bible.
    Talked to a man.Went thru the law&gospel w/ him.Told him to read the bible and do what it says.
    Talked to a couple of teens.Went thru the law&gospel w/ them.Told them to read the bible.
    Talked to a lady standing outside a club.Went thru the law&gospel w/ her.Told her to read the word.
    As we were waiting for the rest of our group, this 20something old guy who was taller that 6ft and stocky screamed”ARE YOU GUYS PREACHING THE WORD OUT HERE?R U GUYS CHRISTIANS?DONT U HAVE ANYTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO,GO WATCH A MOVIE.He was w/ a group of 10.So I said “r u christians”?Then all of them at the same time of course say God does not exist and say something to mock God.At that time,one of them says,ignore them im a christian.I say “you are”?yes.I try to go thru the law but their friends say we gotta go now&get high.Then another friend comes up to me and apologizes for his friends behavior and says he’s christian.Another says hes agnostic,and shakes my hand and thanks me for sharing w/ them.
    I talked to one of the bodyguards at a club and went thru the law w/ him.He says “ask me if I have murdered”,I ask him.He says”Yes, and I just got out of jail for serving time for it”.So I continued w/ the message.Turns out he got right w/ God while in jail and reads the bible.
    Talked to a man,went thru the law&gospel w/ him.Told him to read the bible and do what it says.

  3. This is from Chrisine Ko:
    At the Redondo Beach Pier, Sonia and I met a young woman who admitted she hadn’t been to church in a while (she attends in Pasadena?) and had actually visited Hope Chapel many years earlier. I gave her a bill, which she later handed back to me, but she did take a Hope Chapel business card, so, hopefully she will come back to visit.

  4. Last Sat., I got to meet Ray Comfort at Huntington Beach. I am inspired and encouraged by his and his staff’s boldness to preach the gospel. We spoke to a man who was sitting, looking at the ocean and he did seem interested in the gospel and admitted he was concerned about going to hell. When I asked if he wanted to repent, he said, “Not now.” We thanked him for listening and left. I do hope and pray that I can learn to be a better and more courageous evangelist with words that flow.
    Today, I went to Coldstone’s creamery in P.V. with my kids and as I was paying, gave one to the cashiere, a young lady, who asked what the tract was. I explained it was a gospel tract and told her to read it. Sometimes, I think I should say more.

  5. Yesterday, I was at Disneyland and gave out 5 tracts. I was surprised how receptive and open people were to receiving the million dollar tracts and talking about it. I guess that’s what happens when you feel like you’re at “the happiest place on earth”.

  6. Today, I gave out one tract to a guy walking along the Redondo Beach Pier. I let him know there was a quiz on the back of it and he said he would read it.

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