What’s Your E-vangie Tale #21 and Evangelism Schedule


Paul wrote, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16) If you have been unashamed to share your faith this week, write down your own tale here.
This Saturday we will go to the Redondo Beach Pier with our preaching dummy Eutychus’ Sis. For details click here.


  1. I am a municipal bus driver for the City of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. In our captial, as in any other, are embassies. The ambassadors of these embassies live in mansions in a ritzy section of the city where my bus route takes me through. Ambassadors, of course, do not take city buses to get around but some of their servant staff do.

    One recent Saturday night while parked on a street in this section of the city, I had a few of minutes to wait before starting my run. As I do before each run I walk to the back of the bus and check for any lost and/or forgotten items left by riders on the run before.

    Just as I was about to do that, two ladies (servant staff from a nearby embassy) boarded my bus to make their way home after their shift. They sat together in a seat halfway down the length of the bus. I then proceeded to the back of the bus do my intended check and the ladies looked up at me with concern.

    “Did we not pay enough for the bus fare?” one of them asked.

    With a smile I confirmed that they did and then explained I was just checking for possible lost items on the bus before we left.

    I continued my quick check past them and one of them quipped…and I quote…”Well, if you happen to find a million dollar bill, just give it to me and I will take good care of it.” Her friend joined in the laughter.

    I could NOT believe my ears! Immediately returning up the aisle, and without them seeing me, I pulled out from my chest pocket a Canadian million dollar bill gospel tract (which I always have on me at the ready) and said “Hey!! Look what I found!” I slapped the million dollar bill in the wishful thinker’s hand. Her eyes popped out of her head and she just screamed!! She then broke out laughing and asked…””What IS this?”

    I told her I was a Christian and that it was actually a gospel tract that I give out when sharing the gospel with people. I gave another to her co-worker friend who could not believe the funny coincidence.

    With no time left to take them through the “Good Person” test and all, I told them to check out the Living Waters Canada website and take it from there. They appreciated the tract, the suggestion and the humor behind how they ended up going home (somewhat) millionaires. God is amazing!

  2. That is great, Paul! Great Tale!

  3. This is from Carol Nicholson:

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    August 17th, 2007 at 1:52 pm e
    Went evangelizing at the RB pier. Gave million dollar to a group of 4 Moslems. They admitted they failed the ten commandments test, but maintained that they were good people, and do not harm others. They were not sure if they are going to heaven, claiming that God is the only one who knows. They said they believe Jesus was a prophet, and a good man who will return. They said we believe in the same God, so I shared with them the gospel, and the purpose for the cross. They said people have lied, and it was Judas who actually died on the cross- not Jesus. I reiterated the purpose of a sinfree God to pay the wages of sin, and even explained to them the nature of Judas’s death. They then tried to prove the validity of their bible, and disprove the christian bibles- like why do we have so many versions, who wrote it etc. I told them Moses wrote much of the Old Testament. They liked that, because they believe in Moses. Then I told them that much of the New Testament was written by Jesus’ deciples who were also eye witnesses to His resurrection, and the book of James was written by His very own brother.
    It ended on a pleasant note. They thanked me for talking to them. I asked them to please promise me that they would promise me they would got on their knees that night, pray to God to reveal to them that Jesus is God, and he died to save them; because the bible says “HE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEKS ME WILL FIND ME, IF HE SEEKS WITH HIS WHOLE HEART”. They said they pray 5 times per day. I told them I believe them, but the prayer must be specific, for God to reveal Himself to them. They said they would.

  4. Carol Nicholson Says:

    Moved to “What’s your e-vangie tale #20.

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