ST. FRANCIS… A SISSY? By Ray Comfort


As a counterpoint to John Shore’s seeker friendly-don’t evangelize-book (which I haven’t read and probably won’t), I thought it appropriate to post this article by a true and faithful witness…
..who doesn’t question God’s command to “Go!”:

One hundred and fifty thousand children had been on the brink of starving to death, but thanks to the kind gift of a very generous billionaire, every child now had enough food to keep him alive. That gift had arrived in the form of one big check. The horror was now over. It was finished. It was just a matter of distributing the food using the few relief workers we had. Without them to get the food to the children, there would have been many more deaths.Some days later, a frantic worker burst into the camp and cried, “Some of the relief workers have stopped distributing food. Masses of children are dying!”

Why would the workers stop when there was plenty of food? It didn’t make sense. The distraught man said, “It’s because one of them held up a sign that said, ‘Feed the starving children. Where necessary, use food.’ That has caused some of the workers to simply befriend the starving children without giving them food. It’s insane!”(Click here to read more.)


  1. Amen, Ray!! I love this article, yet I love all of them.

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