Author John Shore Responds!


In yesterday’s column of “Famous Lost Words” I featured an author, John Shore, saying in an interview that Christians don’t need to evangelize; they just need to live their lives and God will do the rest.
null Well, imagine my surprise! The author himself responded, starting a nice heated debate.

null Mr. Shore has taken issue with a few bloggers who have not read his book, but have critiqued it negatively. He wrote:
“C’mon, now: You know better than to criticize something you haven’t read. That’s just … wrong. : – )” And: “How in the world can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you’re too lazy to even bother READING a book you dare to then criticize? It’s so deeply …. well, lame.”

Everyone has offered to read his book if he provided a “sample” copy for free. So far, Mr. Shore has not taken us up on our suggestion.

Is it indeed wrong to criticize a book without reading it when an author has already declared the irrational content in a public interview? Do I need to read every Jehovah’s Witness book to come to the conclusion that they are misguided? Wait. JW’s share their faith. Bad example.

Mr. Shore also sent me a link to his website further detailing his rather, um, strange, Emergent positions. Here are some samples: “Simply love the nonbeliever in your life. Christ will take it from there… When it comes to the relationship between you and a nonbeliever–and especially with a nonbeliever to whom you’re necessarily close–be patient. Wait. Never stop waiting. Have no agenda.”

Read the “Heresy Watchdog” website set up in his honor here.

Read his take on this passive, do-nothing approach to evangelism here.


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