EV Tips: GO AND MAKE _________!!!


The motto of every evangelism class that I teach is:

“Go and make _______!!!”

Fill in the last word. Disciples, right?


Go and make mistakes!

Jesus said to “Go!” but He didn’t tell us how, per se; so we need to be bold, adventurous, risk-takers.

Go ahead, make that foolish error that offends someone.

Tell someone too harshly that they are going to Hell. Shake your finger in someone’s face. Get in the flesh once or twice.

Heck, turn the volume of your bullhorn up real loud. Accidentally.

The only way we learn and get better at something is to try. You can’t be a Barry Bonds without striking out. Tiger Woods duffed many. And I’m sure that Beckham didn’t bend it with out biffing it one or two times.

You have my permission to muck it up, screw it up, and just plain blow it when sharing the Gospel. You will get better, I promise.

Spurgeon said to “Do something! Do something! Do something!”

Don’t listen to those misguided anti-evangelists who promote “Do nothing! Do nothing! Do nothing!”

I’m proud of you.

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