Class of Summer ’07


The latest evangelism class at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach, graduated Wednesday night. We started out with 72 students the first week and ended up with nearly 50 finishers!
null As a rule, there is a 50% drop out rate by the end of the 6 week course. I figured out the reason why there is such a drastic drop-out rate after teaching 9 classes over the last 1 1/2 years:

If you take a doctrines class, at the end of the class you take a test and are a little smarter in your theological understanding. When you enroll in a course on prayer, at the end you are expected to pray. But when you take an evangelism class, you have to evangelize! Most people are terrified to do that, or don’t think that they can, or are convinced that they don’t have to or, or, or… so they drop out.

Our valedictorian, the top-o’-the-the-class, was Richard Hidalgo. (I spared no expense in achieving the dark, moody, sepia tone effect in these photos.)
His wife, Dora, was a previous valedictorian. With their two daughters, Makayla and Celina, (who are also evangelists), they are an awesome example of what God can do with an obedient family. Read one of their adventures here.

If you are interested in this free curriculum, leave a comment and I will email you for your mailing address.


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