1. This is from Cyndee, who has written an E-vangie Tale everyday since the evangelism class started (she gets a point for every one she pens).

    In the elevator at work, on my way downstairs to the
    cafe, I tried to give a young man a million dollar bill
    but he refused. I just put it next to my wallet in my
    hand and continued on my way. At the cafe, after
    placing my order and preparing to pay, the cashier noticed
    the bill and commented about it. I had even forgotten
    it was there. I gave it to him and he got a good
    chuckle. As I was leaving, he said to me, “Thanks for the

  2. Check it out: At a healthy fast food place I paid for my take-out order and then put a million dollar bill in the tip jar and gave one to the cashier. Another employee saw it and I gave one to him also. “I know this,” he said. “I’ve been getting these in my tip jar. Explain this to me.” We went to the side and no other other customers were around. He thought he was 60% good, 40% bad. I asked him about 3 of the 10 commandments. He readily admitted his sin. Then said he was a Christian and he believed in Jesus. I asked if he was born-again; he said he’s in the process. We must have had a 10 min. conversation at least. I wrote on the million dollar bill our church location, service times, when my husband & I regularly attend & gave my number offering to meet him there so he wouldn’t be alone the first time. I urged him to take to heart the things we discussed and reminded him that no one knows the day they will die — their own Judgment Day. He told me of his gunshot wounds and the lead in his body, and how messed up the world is. Pray for this young man! He is searching.

  3. The evangie class was at the south bay Galleria mall, and pastor Steve gave us all 50 million bills each to pass out in less than an hour. We scrambled… and got the job done. After finishing our MISSION, we all met in front of a fast food joint in the mall, where pastor Steve was praying for a girl in the crowded mall, and the girl was weeping. God was there, and it was awsome. I mentioned to Steve that before we leave we should take the elevator down [we were on the 3rd floor] and open air preach to a full elevator. He agree’d. These glass elevators are big, holding up to 15 people. 6 of us got in and then we held the doors open until the elevator was full. When the doors shut, Steve adressed the elevator out loud and everyone was quietly at attention. He gave the short sermon on the Law, Hell, and the gift Christ for about 40 seconds and three floors, till the doors opened and everyone walked out all with million bills in hand and smiles. It was the coolest little elevator church service ever!!

    When everyone said their goodbye’s, I couldn’t help myself. I went back to the elevator and had elevator church a second time round. Only half full, I gave the short sermon for three floors and handed them million bills.

  4. Spider-man 3 premiered yesterday, so I thought I’d go and give out million dollar bills dressed up as Spider-man. I went to the theater and was able to give out about 300 mdbs. I was even able to give 150 to a group of Christians who wanted to give them out inside the theater. I’ll have to email you some pictures, if I can find them.

  5. Definately send the pics! We went on Friday night as well… the story will be next week!

  6. Cool Spidey-tale!

    I gave a million dollar bill to the dry cleaning lady. She was in such a ho-hum mood until she saw it. It’s amazing how people react. Similar thing happened with the clerk at Macy’s.

  7. Gave everyone million bills at San Pedro Taco Bell yesterday. Their new Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme is so good.

  8. Was at Costco and someone got in line behind me with a huge flat screen TV. I gave him a million dollar bill and said, “You’re going to need some help paying for that.” He was surprised then laughed and examined the bill. A few moments later, his mom joined him and he showed it to her, she asked where he got it and I turned back around and gave one to her also. Also gave one to the cashier and to the employee at the exit.

  9. This evening after dinner I went to a nearby strip mall and gave out 18 million dollar bills. A Monday night, it was very quiet even though it was nice and warm out. Most people were sitting at tables finishing a meal or just relaxing. At one table a gentleman engaged me and I was able to do WDJD. (my 2nd for the week!) It was good experience, and I know where I need to practice. The man was very polite and listened out of courtesy but not afraid of hell or death. I wished him a good night and continued on.

  10. The attendants at McDonalds drive thru in the morning and the Burger King drive thru at night got million bills at the window. Been doing this for awhile now. The drive thru evangie. lol.

  11. Yesterday as I was in the elevator at work, a man in a suit boarded after me. He made no eye contact and his posture was closed. I offered a friendly greeting, he smiled a little and I whipped out a million dollar bill and asked if he’d seen it. He took it reluctanctly, seemed puzzled and said he had not and was handing it back to me when the elevator door opened on my floor. “You can keep it,” I said as I got out and the doors closed behind me.

  12. Today at lunch I broke down and went to Fatburger. Gave the cashier a million dollar tip, he asked what it was, I answered it was the million dollar question and stated it. Other customers in line behind me, I felt I couldn’t stop and engage him. As I waited for my order the line dwindled down, and I was surprised that he came around from the counter to talk to me! He said that in answer to the question, he was ok and had asked God for forgiveness. I asked if he was born again. He answered no, then relayed a very interesting “experience” he had. It was kind of a long story and I knew we had much more to talk about. The customer line grew long and he had to get back to work so I asked if he worked there full time, and said I’d be back to visit with him again. I didn’t get his name, so please, pray for the Fatburger man!

  13. This is my first blog! Long overdue I know, but with good reason. I just took my last final at Biola last night and am now looking forward graduation later this year. I’ve been saving up my experiences with the intent of posting them, and now have some available brain space to focus on evangelizing now.

    I had the pleasure of teaching my New Testament class about evangelizing techniques when the topic came up during our discussions about the Apostle Paul. The point was raised that Christians lack the zeal that was in evidence in ancient times when persecution was rampant. We came to discover that persecution drives the spread of the Gospel, contrary to what one would assume. When I pulled out my million dollar bill my professor stopped me to make sure that everyone was paying attention because he was familiar with Ray Comfort’s ministry. I was then able to demonstrate our technique of taking someone through God’s Law and dispelling their belief that they are on their way to heaven because they’re a good person. I handed out 25 bills to my class that night, and they were captivated by the process.

  14. Me again! I remember an experience I had with Steve at the Norm’s restaurant in Torrance. Through my studies and participation in the class I came to the realization that bible tracts work not because I had anything at all to do with it, but because God uses them for his divine purpose. Who am I to argue with the fact that more than 50% of people that come to faith do so because of some type of printed material! So I’ve been dropping off bills wherever I go. I was at the local San Sai in El Segundo recently, picking up some sushi, and a homeless young woman was sitting at one of the tables asking for money with very little success. So before I got out of my car I took out two $1 bills and wrapped them around a million dollar bill. When I approached her I just handed her the bills because she was not inclined to ask me for anything. As I walked away I looked back to see that she was ecstatic to receive the $2, but when she looked at the million dollar bill she gasped. When she read what it she was convicted. Later, she came into the restaurant to try out her sob story that she was just robbed. In mid sentence she recognized me, turned around and bolted out the door. I wonder if she was convicted by the tall tale she started to tell? Hmmmmm.

  15. Guess who! Coming home late one night from the library at Biola, I stopped to get some gas. I saw two “articulate black men” head for the register simultaneously as I used the machine outside. When they both returned I greeted them with a million dollar bill and said “Have you brothers gotten one of these bills yet? They said no, and proceeded to read them while I said there’s an interesting question on the back. One of them said, “That’s the Ultimate Question!” Both men thanked me, but one of the men was parked behind me so we continued to talk about God. He was obviously an active Christian because he was saying how his church should be out doing something like this. He made some relevant references to scripture, then as I pulled off he shouted, “Keep on doing your thang, bro!” I told you they were articulate!

  16. I sang with The Strangers a while back at a Presbyterian church in the Valley. The event was attended by a lot of young people so they were more receptive to the novelty of a million dollar bill. After handing several out, I was able to engage one youth in a few questions about the Law and Heaven. Sadly, he stuck to his guns about going to Heaven because he was a good person. The name Jesus never crossed his mind or his lips.

  17. I was led to leave a scripture on facebook the other evening. John 5:24 Truly, Truly, I say to you, He who hears my word, and believes him who sent me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgement, but has passed out of death into life. I logged in the next day at around noon and found this comment attached. Have you truly lost your ever lovin’ mind? We all know you are saved and all that crap, but really. Come on. Stop evangelizing on a public forum. We really dont care! Post something more interesting then your so called savior’s daily output of detritus.

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