E-vangie Tales #106: “Righteous Richard” Preaching at the DMV


Yesterday I wrote about “Holy Hubert.” Now meet a sold-out member of our evangelism team, “Righteous Richard” Chavarria. Here’s his story:

It’s been nine weeks since I started open-air preaching at the Torrance DMV on Wednesday mornings.
null I usually get there about 8:30 AM and sit in my car to pray, asking God to strengthen me, give courage and boldness, and use my preaching and His Word for His glory.
I then check with Caesar the security guard before handing out the Million-Dollar bill Gospel Tracts. Caesar is a friendly young man; I try to give him a different kind of tract each time I see him.

The Torrance DMV opens at 9AM on Wednesdays which is later than the usual time. Because folks don’t know this, I’m able to hand many tracts to people who have been standing there awhile—a captive audience!

An ID card strapped around my neck makes me look official. Actually, it’s a business card Gospel tract that says Director of Department of Annoyance…”
null …it comes in handy when the first person in line doesn’t want a tract. I ask them, “Will you be conducting business at the DMV today?” I then glance down at my ID card and say, “You’ll need one of these,” as I hand them a million dollars.

null It hasn’t failed me yet.

I walk down the line of about fifty people, say good morning, and hand out the millions; some people even rush forward to get one.

Next, I find a place where folks are standing, and start preaching the Ten Commandments, Judgment Day and Hell.
null I explain the Good News of Jesus dying on a cross, pleading with them to repent and trust in Jesus, to read their Bible daily, and obey what it says.
Sometimes people will even thank me.

Just last week, a woman named Arsenia approached me and said that she was having doubts about her faith. “I was praying this morning,” she explained, “and God told me to get up and to go to the DMV with my husband. As you preached, God seemed to reach out to me, encouraging me to persevere and to have courage.”

I’m encouraged by that,” I replied. “Thank you.” We prayed together and took a photo.
null Wow, talk about having church! We just needed some praise songs. No take that back… angels were singing… I just couldn’t hear them.

(Steve’s note:Richard told me that a year ago, he was working in the church parking ministry. He never, ever thought he would be doing something as crazy as this… then he heard “Hell’s Best Kept Secret,” and everything changed.)


  1. Hello Richard, I call him “The Warrior”, Because it takes a real warrior to do battle not only with the elements of the world, but more so the fear within ourselves to step out of our confort zone. greater is he who conqures himself than he who conquers a city” Richard is doing them both…Way to go man. You inspire me…
    PS: Steve, I think you found your protege…

    Love ya!
    Walter C

  2. You go, brother! Thanks, I needed some encouragement.

    Take care!


  3. Love the pic of all the people standing in line listening Rich. The perfect church, probobly 99.9% unsaved. This is what it’s all about. Awsome! Show the DMV the narrow road! You ROCK!

  4. Righteous Richard is a true evangelist at heart. His love for the lost drives him through the real fear that we all feel from time to time when witnessing to those hellbent on rebellion and destruction.

    He is an inspiration to me and to those on the J-Team. You’re in my prayers brother. Keep those angels singing!!

  5. Righeous Richard is such an encouragement to me – he is so gifted to be able to preach with compassion and zeal, yet in a non-offensive way – it’s truly inspiring hearing him preach – he is someone I really try to model my evangelistic efforts after…. if people are offended, it should only be by the gospel message, which is always going to offend some.

    What’s so great about the DMV preaching is you really get to reach a broad cross-section of people who may never hear the Gospel inside of a Church – people that not only would not go to Church, but maybe who you’d never see at a typical open-air plaform, like 3rd Street or HB pier.

    Keep on, Richard !

  6. hI Richard:
    I just preached for the first time at the Temecula DMV this morning. I had no idea at first that I needed a permit and thank God I was able to obtain one today.
    It’s good to hear of other brothers and sisters reaching out to the Lost. God bless you.

  7. This is a super way to witness ! Walmart is one of my favorite places to evangelize ! People thought I was a Walmarf employee last night for some reason. I walk around, looking for someone to give a tract to or witness to. One person asked if I worked there . So, today I have been thinking about ” Righeous Richard’s ” DMV preaching. I’m going to get an ID card to wear around my neck( I’ve seen Walmart managers wear them ). When somebody will ask me if I work there , I will ask ” No, but can I give you a gospel tract ? ” Then , If they will talk with me, I can witness ! This sounds like too much fun for a soul-winner ! Thanks

  8. Hi, Steve ! Before you post that comment, please let me know what you think. Thanks !

  9. One more comment ! The more I think about it, I think I’ll stick to what I’ve been doing at Walmart. It may be deceptive if I seem to work there. Security may notice me that way. I know one of the security guys at one local store. I usually approach someone with a tract available. Thanks. I would appreciate any feedback.

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