Weak, Wimpy—and Wrong—Witness #2


Take the easy way out of actually saying something to the lost by wearing a shirt that glorifies the film “Napoleon Dynamite.”
(Used w/permission from our friends who expose stupid Christian trends at


  1. C’mon… it’s pretty clever if you ask me! And why not take advantage of the fact that people are gonna recognize the shirt and read it based simply off the fact that they know the movie! Brilliant!

    I’m of the mindset that EVERYTHING we do should be a witness (t-shirts, phone messages, bumperstickers, etc. AND of course we should preach it as well…)

    How many people won’t even don a shirt with a Christian message (you gotta start somewhere right?) or put a bumpersticker on their Mercedes or BMW (and ruin the resale value!!!!??? shocking!!!)???

    Set the T free!!!!

  2. Clever yes, but will someone wearing this shirt talk about the Savior… or be another silent witness?

  3. One would hope that it would be a great “open door” for a witnessing opportunity…

    I used to have a great one, back in the day (when heavy metal ruled the airwaves)…

    It was a black T with a pic of the earth and 2 lightning strikes coming down upon it, with the words “Jesus Christ: 2nd World Tour!” (in Gothic lettering) above and below the earth!

    Used to get comments all the time and an open door to share the gospel, simply by wearing it to the mall or whatever…

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