Sudden Deaths: Weekend in Canada


Paul Latour lives in Canada and is a frequent commentator to this blog. In response to our Labor Day evangelism event at the Fiesta Hermosa (read all 6 parts so far, starting here), he put into very practical terms the urgency that is needed—using whatever means possible—in getting the Word out. Here are his comments:

In just our city region alone last Labor Day Weekend, 14 people died in traffic accidents. There was a story of 2 men who were killed when their car left the road and hit a tree. They were returning from a wedding rehearsal; one man was the groom-to-be and the other was his best man, his own brother.

Another story was of a woman who lost her father and brother in a similar incident involving a car and tree. Her other brother, the only one left in her family, was coming into town for the funeral, lost control of his car and was killed.

A 17-year-old boy also lost control of his car, smashed it into an embankment of sorts, and was killed. A “Good Samaritan” who was witness to the accident stopped his car to see if he could help, unaware that the young driver was already dead. As he crossed the highway he was struck by an oncoming vehicle and was killed.

That is only half of the total traffic related fatalities that weekend.

I think it safe to say that, like most, these people did not wake up that morning, brush their teeth as always, wash their face, look in the mirror and say: “Well, today is the last day of my life. Hmmph…”

It made me wonder if any of these people were church-going Christians who knew Christ. If not, it made me wonder if they ever had an opportunity to hear the gospel on the street, be it one-to-one, or open air before they suddenly, unexpectedly, departed for eternity.

Here is a sad statement: In all my life I have never been approached by anybody outside of a church who had the courage and compassion to ask me if I knew where I was going if I were to die that day and proceed to give me the gospel truth.

Thus, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” (Isaiah 52:7 + Rom 10:15)

Good news! Good news!! Where are my shoes?

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