Videos: Preaching at the Emmys, Part 3


The Emmy Awards started, so everyone left, but there was still an organic congregation of about 100 people to preach to: the leftover crowd, ushers in their natty red suits, posses of LAPD, and assorted hangers-on. I found a wall to climb on and with a little humor to start my sermonette, I let ‘er rip. You can hear a heckler whining about something in the background, which meant God’s Word was doing it’s work. (Toward the end of the sermon the battery in the camera died, but our videographer kept it going with nary a hitch, to give the full flavor of the preaching.)

To see Alfy, our top of the class graduate from three months ago make his Emmy Awards street preaching debut, click here! (He actually gets interrupted by the LAPD).

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  1. ever since i heard this message back in 2005 and continue to glean from blogs like yours, i can honestly say that even though i have heard the Gospel message presented in this way many times, it always brings me to tears.

    – –
    ‘ U

  2. Nice work boss.

    I used to watch shows like the Emmies and Oscars with baited breath before God regenerated my heart. Today I cannot bring myself to waste of moment watching self glorifying, golden calf bowing, idol loving, millionaire actors being awarded, worshipped and adored by the world for just doing their job. It is all so plastic.

    Good to see that, at the very least, some fans were there to receive and hear the Word of God. As you mentioned, that would be the last thing they thought they would get at a star gazing event.

    I pray for their salvation and their hearts of stone to be melted into hearts of flesh. Then, maybe their eyes would be open to see the God-hating emptiness and futility in the glitz and glamor of Follywood. (Not a typo.)

    You guys worked hard and well amongst the obstacles.

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